Hello sir,  under your article you have mentioned CBM (Program in Certified Bank Manager). I couldn't find any such certifications, could you help me in the concerned?

Doing a PhD itself explains you are taking up a curve from reading theoretical subject to going practical in research. I am a PhD in Management and I hope my perspectives will help you with your inquiry. There are many candidates approaching me to understand what it is like doing a PhD and how to research, select topics for their PhD, how to write research proposal, how to collect data and so on. Here I will brief you on these aspects of doing the PhD. You have mentioned your desire to studying PhD in [Marketing management][1]. So in this case I believe you should be eligible to apply for

Hello Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. I am sorry to hear that you got upset with one of our counsellor's comments. Please do not mistake over it. I can certainly offer you advice on your query. I can very well understand that you are an MBA aspirant and you have already well thought what you need to do at your Bachelors degree level. Nice to see that you have understood what deems to be necessary on the long run. So lets start like this. What do you want to become in life? What do you want to study in life? I think you are keen in doing an MBA by cracking

It is certainly common to have these sort of confusions for most of the freshers passing out of their MBA degree. This is a crucial stage for the fresher with a professional degree in hand like the MBA. So stepping out on the right platform is very much essential to embark on your post MBA career. This is why experts always advice students on having some work experience before starting with the MBA degree. However there are some roles that could help you easily land up at the right place. Here are they for you,1. Business and development:As a marketing fresher you can start from a business dev

Dear Rakesh, thank you for posting your question on this forum. Reading on your question, I understand you have a four year experience in the BPO backend operations. You may be aware what [BPO][1] ventures or equips a person into. You would have developed strong customer service skills through your BPO exp. The other skills you may have developed are effective business communication skills, negotiating skills, effective delivery skills and customer management skills. (Please remember effective customer service and customer management are entirely different but go hand in hand) However you

Marketing management was long ago sticked only to sale of one company's products. It was stereotyped to think as such and the same misconception continues even in the present times. But people who has had some industrial experience in marketing for over a period of years, or for someone who have had some educational experience in Marketing from top tier premium business schools, they would tell you whats all on offer with marketing management other than the typical sales job that we generally think of.Lucrative jobs for a marketing professional:1. Sales and business development:You can start w