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Can mba is good for a science student... can a sciemce student do and cracke CAT?

As Anand wadadekar Sir laughad at my query..I was upset abt that.. bt now I want to clear my doughts abt my caree I have given my 12 sci board xams this year... Can completing after 12th sci is good... n can I crake CAT after doing after 12th science .....

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RE: Can mba is good for a science student... can a sciemce student do and cracke CAT?

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Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. I am sorry to hear that you got upset with one of our counsellor's comments. Please do not mistake over it. I can certainly offer you advice on your query. I can very well understand that you are an MBA aspirant and you have already well thought what you need to do at your Bachelors degree level. Nice to see that you have understood what deems to be necessary on the long run.So lets start like this. What do you want to become in life? What do you want to study in life? I think you are keen in doing an MBA by cracking CAT right? Amazing. Yes, please do everything to get this dream come true.

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1.  Can MBA is Good for a Science Student

2.  Can a Science Student do B.Com

3.  Future Scope of B.Com

4.  How to Cracke CAT?

5.  Future Scope Of CAT Exam

Coming to your first question, an MBA is good for Science student? Yes, an MBA is actually good for any student with any subject background. An MBA is only required when someone works at a company for at least 2-3 years and are aspiring for promotions or managerial positions. Apart from this some students also prefer to have an MBA because this degree can also offer a hike in their annual pay. Therefore, an MBA could be studied by any student, whether it is Science, Computer science or commerce groups.

Can Science Student do MBA, On to your next question, can a Science student do BCom? Yes, a Science student can definitely do BCom. Almost 50% of the colleges in India doesn't demand that BCom aspirants should be compulsorily from commerce group . Students from Science, computer science can also do BCom. Doing a BCom will actually put you on the management and commerce pathway and if you are not happy to study science any more then you can very well opt for BCom. I would also like to advice you on the BBA course. BBA course is a 100% management course without any commerce concentration. Studying a BBA is more ideal than a BCom, if you are aspiring to do MBA in future.

Finally, can you crack CAT? Why not? Absolutely yes. There is a simple tip that I can give you to crack CAT with a very top score. Start preparing yourself on CAT materials on your own in the first and second year of your college days. Get an admission at a CAT coaching centre during your final year of college degree . Spend at least 6 months to one year at the coaching class and work on as many as past question papers. The more you practice the more you will feel confident in attempting CAT exam. Remember the proverb? Practice makes perfect.

Although generally it is advisable for people to gain at least a few years of work experience and then take an MBA, there are students who prefer to do a management degree as soon as they complete their first degree. In such cases I would advice you to consider the PGPM - Post graduate program in Management course offered by the IIM'S. These program admission also requires CAT score and they offer you excellent pay upon starting work.

Finally yes, you can do BCom though you are a science student, you can do MBA / PGPM after bachelors and also crack CAT if you can put a lot of effort in being successful at the exam. My best wishes to you.

Can MBA is Good for a Science Student

Can Science Student do MBA Yes, MBA can be a good option for science students who wish to pursue a career in management or business. Many top MBA programs accept students from diverse academic backgrounds, including science, engineering, humanities, and commerce.

As for whether a science student can do B.Com and crack the CAT exam, it is certainly possible. However, it would depend on the individual's interest, aptitude, and preparation for the CAT exam . B.Com is a popular undergraduate course for students interested in commerce and accounting. However, CAT is an aptitude test that assesses a candidate's aptitude in areas such as quantitative ability, verbal ability, and logical reasoning. Thus, while B.Com may help with some aspects of the CAT exam, it is not a prerequisite for cracking the exam.

In summary, science students can certainly consider pursuing an MBA degree and can also choose to do B.Com and prepare for CAT if they are interested in pursuing a career in management. However, success in the CAT exam will depend on the individual's aptitude, preparation, and dedication.

Can a Science Student do B.Com

Yes, a science student can certainly do a B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) degree . B.Com is a popular undergraduate course for students interested in commerce and accounting. While science and commerce are two distinct fields, pursuing a B.Com degree can provide science students with a broad understanding of business concepts and practices, which can be useful for a variety of careers in areas such as finance, accounting, and management. Can Science Student do MBA.

It's important to note that some universities may have specific admission requirements for B.Com courses, which may include a minimum percentage in certain subjects in high school. Therefore, science students interested in pursuing a B.Com degree should check the admission requirements of the universities they are interested in and ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria.

In summary, science students can pursue a B.Com degree if they are interested in commerce and accounting, and it may open up a variety of career opportunities in the business world. Can Science Student do MBA.

Future Scope of B.Com

B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) is a popular undergraduate course that provides students with a strong foundation in commerce, accounting, finance, and business management. Here are some potential future scope of B.Com:

Opportunities in the finance industry: B.Com graduates can explore a range of opportunities in the finance industry, such as investment banking, financial analysis, risk management, and wealth management. The finance industry is constantly evolving, and B.Com graduates with the right skills and knowledge can expect to find exciting and challenging career opportunities.

Emerging areas of commerce: The commerce sector is expanding and evolving, and new areas of specialization are emerging, such as e-commerce, digital marketing , and entrepreneurship. B.Com graduates who keep themselves updated with the latest trends and technology in the field can explore new and exciting career opportunities.

Increased use of technology: Technology is transforming the commerce sector, and B.Com graduates who are proficient in digital skills such as data analytics, programming, and cloud computing can expect to be in high demand in the future.

Career opportunities in government and non-profit organizations: B.Com graduates can also explore career opportunities in government and non-profit organizations in areas such as taxation, auditing, and financial management.

Pursuing higher education: B.Com graduates can pursue higher education , such as an MBA or a specialized Master's degree in finance, accounting, or business management, to enhance their skills and career prospects.

Can Science Student do MBA , In summary, B.Com graduates can expect to have a range of career opportunities in the commerce sector, finance industry, government, and non-profit organizations. By keeping themselves updated with the latest trends and technology, they can stay ahead of the curve and explore new and exciting career opportunities in the future.

How to Cracke CAT?

Cracking the CAT (Common Admission Test) requires a combination of preparation, hard work, and strategy. Here are some tips that can help you prepare effectively for the exam:

Understand the exam pattern and syllabus: The CAT exam consists of three sections - Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Ability. Get familiar with the exam pattern and syllabus to know what to expect.

Create a study plan: Make a detailed study plan that covers all the topics in the syllabus and allocate time for each topic based on your strengths and weaknesses . Also, ensure that you have enough time for revision and taking mock tests.

Practice regularly: Practice is essential for cracking the CAT. Solve as many practice questions and mock tests as possible to improve your speed and accuracy.

Improve your time management skills: Time management is crucial for the CAT exam. Practice solving questions under time pressure and learn to manage your time effectively during the exam.

Focus on your strengths: Identify your strengths and weaknesses and focus on improving your strengths first. This will help you gain confidence and score better in the exam.

Read extensively: Reading newspapers, magazines, and books can help improve your reading speed and comprehension skills , which are essential for the Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension section of the CAT.

Stay calm and positive: Finally, stay calm and positive during the exam. Don't panic if you come across difficult questions and focus on the questions that you can answer correctly.

Can Science Student do MBA, In summary, cracking the CAT requires a systematic and focused approach, regular practice, and a positive attitude. With the right preparation and mindset, you can crack the CAT and get into a top MBA program.

Future Scope Of CAT Exam

The CAT (Common Admission Test) exam is a widely recognized and respected exam for admission into MBA programs in India. The exam has been conducted by the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) since 1990 and is considered one of the most competitive MBA entrance exams in the country. Here are some future scope of CAT exam:

Growing demand for MBA programs: With the changing business landscape, the demand for MBA programs is increasing, and the CAT exam is likely to remain a popular choice for students seeking admission to top MBA programs in India.

Emergence of new business areas: The business world is constantly evolving, and new areas of specialization are emerging. The CAT exam is likely to adapt to these changes and include new areas of study in the exam syllabus to cater to the changing needs of the industry.

Increasing use of technology: The use of technology in education and exams is increasing, and the CAT exam is no exception. With the growth of online education and digital learning platforms, the CAT exam may see more use of technology in the future.

Globalization of MBA programs: Indian MBA programs are increasingly becoming more globally focused, and the CAT exam may see more emphasis on international business concepts and practices in the future.

Greater emphasis on diversity: MBA programs are becoming more diverse, with students from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and cultures. The CAT exam may see greater emphasis on diversity and inclusivity in the selection process to ensure that the student body is representative of the wider society.

In summary, the CAT exam is likely to remain a popular choice for MBA aspirants in India, and it may evolve to cater to the changing needs of the industry and the education sector Can Science Student do MBA.

RE: Can mba is good for a science student... can a sciemce student do and cracke CAT?

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