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Hi, I have completed M.Sc Biotechnology. Could you please tell me the job opportunities after P.hD?

by Aswathy Prakash
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RE: Hi, I have completed M.Sc Biotechnology. Could you please tell me the job opportunities after P.hD?

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Hi Aswathy,

Job opportunity after Ph.D. would lead you towards either academics Or Research profiles. Along with your Masters, try to appear for UGC-NET qualification. Also you can apply for various JRF positions with it.

I would suggest you to prepare for GATE and complete your further education which can be M.Tech. Or Ph.D. from IIT. Other than that, In India, you will earn peanuts in this field of life sciences. 

You may also apply for your Ph.D. from Scandinavian countries like Norway, Denmark and Sweden Or in Germany. It will give you a better edge over others. 

Best wishes,


RE: Hi, I have completed M.Sc Biotechnology. Could you please tell me the job opportunities after P.hD?

Amish Jain
Amish Jain

Hello Aswathy,

There are various job opportunity for the Bio technologist. you can make various field related to drugs & medicines, food processing, Waste management can make career in the following fields:

  • Drug and pharmaceutical research
  • Public funded laboratories
  • Chemicals
  • Environment control
  • Waste management
  • Energy
  • Food processing
  • Bio-processing industries

The Bio technology is used in wast no. of fields like:

  • Agriculture
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Environment Conservation
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Health Care
  • Medicine
  • Industrial Research & development etc.

Apart from above option, if you want to go for the lectureship or have interest in research field then you should go for the CSIR NET Exam.

The CSIR NET exam is a national level exam which is held for the science stream candidates twice a year. The CSIR net Exam is conducted for the five subjects i.e. Physical science, Chemical science, Earth science, Life science and Mathematical science.

After clearing the exam you can be assistant professor in any university or can get a chance of the junior research fellowship award for the research in national level laboratories.

You can get more information about the CSIR award for Research in national laboratories or assistant professor posts. Keep visiting the official website to get latest information and updates.

I hope it will help you a little. All the best for the future ahead.

RE: Hi, I have completed M.Sc Biotechnology. Could you please tell me the job opportunities after P.hD?

ankush tripathi
ankush tripathi

I would initially allude you to the American Society for Microbiology page to take a gander at the non-scholastic employment postings, so you can get a thought for what microbiologists are being requested. Also, Microbiology Careers is useful as well.

Human services

Microbiology PhD beneficiaries can end up Clinical Microbiologist and run a Clinical Microbiology Lab. They manage distinguishing bacterial, viral, contagious and parasitic contaminations which forestalls pestilences and impacts the clinical administration of patients. Assumes a focal job in the discovery of new irresistible operators.

They work intimately with clinicians and medicinal services experts to decide the strategy for examining, affirms the reason for diseases in people and creatures and what antimicrobial specialists might be powerful for treatment. They additionally work to avoid and control of irresistible human illnesses and other wellbeing dangers caused by pathogenic microorganisms.


As a ton of biotechnology utilizes microorganisms (and getting a PhD in Microbiology by and large makes you science educated), there is an interest for individuals with these aptitudes to go into fields like Patent law and Technology exchange.


While there is huge cover with what scholastic microbiologists think about and government-working microbiologists, those in the administration frequently manage inquiries of bioterrorism and research encompassing microbiology as pertinent to the military and general wellbeing. Outside of the exploration setting, numerous researchers go into authoritative jobs, for example, allow the board .


From pharmaceutical, biotechnological, dairy to blending organizations, microbiologists are regularly utilized to do investigate, quality control, create advancement and also oversee offices.


A foundation in Microbiology gives you a strong establishment to show science, either at the secondary school (being an instructor) or school level (being an extra staff)


With the extension of logical distributing, a few employments have opened up for writers with a solid foundation in science.


RE: Hi, I have completed M.Sc Biotechnology. Could you please tell me the job opportunities after P.hD?

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