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How can a student plan his career development plan?

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RE: How can a student plan his career development plan?

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Career development is often confused by students as well as parents. It is considered to be a one-time process when students have to select their career field in 11th grade. However, experts argue that career development is an ongoing process and students as well a professional need support at different stages of their career development. This has been defined as a continuous process of gaining knowledge and information while improving skills so as to establish a strong career path. These days it has become more necessary to support students in their career development plan since due to increasing competition, students often start following other students in order to succeed. Many students get tempted by the trends that have been set by certain students in their schools and colleges and they often jump into a career without thinking whether it will be good for them or not. Students often fail to get the motivation to explore their own skills and talents and just keep following what others are doing.


Why is career development plan needed?

Currently, it has been observed that students have lost focus in developing their career, instead, they get attracted to the careers where they find easy growth. Many times, teachers and parents are the major influencers for the students to select a career and students themselves mostly have no idea what they want to do in their career life. Some have hobbies but they are not very sure whether it is right to make it their career or not and eventually end up with what their parents and teachers select for them. This is also one of the reasons behind increasing drop-outs among the students. Students don’t find any motivation for their career and find it a waste of time. With increasing competition, it further becomes difficult for the students to survive when they are not the right fit in their selected career stream. This makes it important to have a plan for career development and take an expert help in preparing it. A student should be motivated enough to pursue a career for which he/ she is suitable as well.

Now the question arises why do all the students need to focus individually what career option they need to select. It has to be noted that once a student selects a career, he has to first complete his studies in the same field. Students can get through with the education even if they don’t like the subjects much but at the time of starting to work, it will be difficult for them to spend 40 hours a week in a field which is not appropriate for them. It has become a kind of trend these days, that many students do engineering, then jobs and after working for around 2-3 years, explore other areas where they can find satisfaction and which they can make as their alternative career option. This is not at all an easy way to get the things done. Instead of wasting crucial years of youth, a student should have a career development plan from the beginning.

Career decision-making process involves following stages:

  • Discovering yourself: For your career development, you can take help of career counselling. You can take a psychometric test which will help you to map your inherent skills and talents with the right career options which you can consider. Instead of blindly following what others are doing, it is necessary that a student understands his strengths and weaknesses and according to that opt for a career option.


  • Exploring options: This is the step when a student needs to explore the career options that he has shortlisted according to his caliber. A student can see how much hard work is required in what field and how he can actually cope up with the pressure coming with the career option. Also, he needs to identify the career scope of the selected career field. A student can gain as much information at this stage for his career development, a career counselor can be of great help to the student in creating a proper plan. In addition, he can suggest what skills the student needs to develop before entering into a career field.


  • Making a decision: After exploring all the career options and their respective future scope, a student needs to make a decision. He needs to identify a career option which can fulfill his aspirations as well as secure his future. The student should consider the strengths that were revealed in the first stage and select a career where he will be able to use his strengths.


  • Taking action: A student finally needs to take an action. This step is different from taking a decision in the way that at this stage, a student needs to start preparing for the career he aspires to do in future. For school going students, they can take additional coaching for the subjects which are not their strength. For graduates and professionals, this can be a stage where they improve their skills through certain training or courses.


  • Evaluating a decision: Finally, the decision needs to be evaluated by the student himself. Once he starts preparing for the career, he gets to know whether his progressing in the right direction or not. If not, he should not delay in re-considering his selected career option. And if he finds it satisfying, then he should continue working hard to achieve his goals.


Preparing a career development is not an easy task but a very important one for anybody who wants to grow in their career. Along with a career plan, a student definitely needs self-confidence, commitment, and sincerity. This can bring success to the student in his career life.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: How can a student plan his career development plan?

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