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How can career counsellors be important for professionals facing mid-career crisis?

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: How can career counsellors be important for professionals facing mid-career crisis?

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Have you ever complained to your friends that you have lost interest in your job? Have your ever thought that you were not a right fit for the work that you are doing? I meet many friends of mine on daily basis most of whom are doing jobs in multinational companies. Since they spend a majority of their weeks’ time at work, they are mostly involved with their stories at work even on off days. Mostly, I listen to stories such as- ‘I don’t like this job but I have no other option’, ‘I want to do something more meaningful in my life’ etc. And this is not a story of one or two persons, in fact, this has become a thought of many people at work. These people mostly have an experience of more than 2 years and they have a pretty good profile but still, they are not satisfied with what they are doing. This also leads to their not up to the mark performance and they often end up in dissatisfaction. So, what they can do at this stage? Is it possible for them to take a risk of changing their jobs and start working in a new field? Would not it impact their growth?

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Is higher studies a good option for all the professionals?

There are so many questions that arise in people’s mind when they are not satisfied with their jobs. Not all have the courage to leave everything that they have built over the years and have a new beginning. It’s also difficult to gain your professional confidence again after you go through a depressing environment. At this point of time, professionals may receive help from career counsellors who have expertise and knowledge of different fields. For many people changing their jobs or higher studies pave the way but it is mostly expensive and is not a cup of cake for everybody. Also, there is no guarantee that your problems will disappear after this, they may resurface in a new job. Many students come to us who seek to do MBA after some years of corporate experience thinking that it will give them a way to reach the managerial position easily and they will break the monotony of their current professional life. But, is it the right path for everybody who is facing a crisis at a job?

No, not at all. Not all working professionals are appropriate for MBA or any other further studies. They need to first introspect and analyze their own skills, along with a big question that how they can bring harmony to their career life. The Higher study is not a good option when a person does not like his current field. This will only lead to another higher responsibility job which would be even more difficult to handle. There are different ways how career counselling can help professional at this stage:

  • Personality Assessment:

Career counselling can help professionals with the help of psychometric tests specifically designed for them. These personality tests are based on scientific and well-proven theories which help them to get to know about their traits and virtues. This can help them to know their strengths and weaknesses. This kind of test can be used by those in the position of responsibility to ascertain of they possess personality traits required to hold that position. If not, then they can instead of looking for other routes, can work on developing these traits and reduce their stress at work.


  • Career Motivation

Professionals can seek career counsellors’ help to gain motivation at work. The career counsellors can help them to know an appropriate path to achieve the skills that they might be lacking at. Career counsellors can help the professional to know about short term courses or diploma courses which can enhance the skills as well as their employability. This can on one side increase the opportunities for the said professional in other companies and they can also gain confidence which they have lost through the way.


  • Suggestion of right career and how to pursue them

There are many professionals who are stuck in the wrong career and are eager to do something that can suit their talents and skills. With the help of psychometric test, career counsellors can help the professional in mapping their skills with a right profession. The job does not end here; career counsellor plays an important role in exploring a perfect route to the new career keeping in mind that the said professional does not lose his experience. This seems to be a little tricky and is really difficult for an unprofessional. However, a career counsellor who is having an expertise in the different field can be really helpful at this stage.

Professionals facing a mid-career crisis have a rather difficult situation to handle when they want to change their career. Thus, it is highly important to first understand their skills and assess if they can find a way out in the current field. Lack of personality traits as has been mentioned above is one of the strongest reasons for these issues been faced by professionals. So, career counsellors need to consider the best option which can provide an optimum growth to the professional, career harmony, job satisfaction and calculated risk option.

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RE: How can career counsellors be important for professionals facing mid-career crisis?

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