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How can one progress in career in 5 years by becoming a Biologist?

Can you guide me on this

by Nikunj Patney
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RE: How can one progress in career in 5 years by becoming a Biologist?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

This kind of query makes you very calculative irrespective of any particular interest, seems to be ambitious it is good sign for a successful person. Progress in any field including Biology require hard labor, dedication, competence, commitment and defined milestones in life.

Giving five years or ten years in life to achieve this can not make you anything which could be fatal at the end. Take my opinion do not set such kind of goal use the second of your life in grooming your career, to achieve anything one has to understand the compatibility with opted subject what you understand with clarity and if you are pursuing for the sake of others satisfaction, due to social status then only god can help you, in this case subject and candidate bot can become victims of misunderstanding and the people start to criticize the subject which is very common now a days, I hear such comment "now biology/biotech get saturated" it is a bogus remark by any misfit.

Try to set the goal as per the routine interest in the subject which you understand and having a great ease to explain something out of that eventually that subject seems to be very close to you it is a natural phenomenon, everybody can not become the scientist of all disciplines.

You have to enjoy each day, month, year then age to enjoy a particular subject only then other will count your effort and product, if you yourself giving time constrain and having interested to calculate own work volume then it will be a mediocre approach.

I do not know your academic background that is why I should give you certain guidelines to be a biologist :

1. 12th pass with biology if you are spending five years in study then you can obtain B.Tech/M.Tech or MSc eligible for junior scientist/technician

2. after msc/mtech you spend five years you can obtain Ph.D and then become senior scientist/ professor in any public sector/ private sector

3. after Ph.D spending five years in post doc or research scientist will bring you at senior scientific level

As far as monitory gain is concerned it is quite variable you have to see the salary package and other benefits available online job portal. Overall your threshold will decide your after five years !!!!


RE: How can one progress in career in 5 years by becoming a Biologist?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
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Dear friend, you have not mentioned your academic background, are you a holding a masters degree of a doctoral degree. As per your question, there are two meaning of progress in career, one is academically or scientifically and second is from monetry point of view. I will tell you both ways.
A biologist (or offshoots of biological subjects such as microbiology, biotechnology, biochemistry, botany, zoology and others) has lots of opportunities in government of private sectors both in India and abraod.
In India a biologist can join a college, university or research institute, here he or she would work as academecian or research scientist. You may progress by getting higher position or promotion. Usually a biologist gets entry as lecturer, assistant professor, technical officer or scientist.
You can progress academically by beaing a good teacher and researcher. If you want to progress in your career, you have to proove yourself. This you can do by guiding M.Sc, M.Phil, M.Tech and PhD students. You have to write projects to funding agencies and win the projects. By guiding students and winning research projects, you will find some new findings. These findings you will publish in form of research papers.

Another way you can improve your mettle by writing review articales and book chapters. You can also write books, related to your subject. You may also invite chapters or review articles and publish them as edited books. The meaning of my lines are that you have to be fruitful. These published material and student guidance will increase your Academic Performance Indicator (API). This will help you to make you eligible to apply for senior positions and promotion.
In terms of money, you can look for jobs in private sector or multinational companies. It is obvious that companies pay more compared to a government sector. But remeber one thing, if some one is paying you two three lakhs per month, then in return he will expect something from you. You will retun interms of your knowledge, planning, hard work and some level of stress.
You may also try for biologist job in middle east and western hemisphere. There you will be paid a handsome amount and if working in university or institute, you will also grow academically.
With all my best wishes...

RE: How can one progress in career in 5 years by becoming a Biologist?

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