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How effective is Mass Communication as a professional course?

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: How effective is Mass Communication as a professional course?

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Mass Communication comprises of the exchange of the information which can be regarding any individual, or any entity and to communicate the information to the audience at a particular time.

Firstly, it’s important to understand the meaning of ‘mass communication’. It generally represents the social media, television, news, radio, newspaper, research and reporting.

Importance of mass communication in our society –

Well, it does play a vital role in today’s time. Almost every age group of people tend to use a medium of mass communication in one or another way. For example Radio, Televisions etc. It can be also called a part of our daily routine. But this actually helps us to stay in contact with everything, and we remain updated as to what all is happening around the world. Taking interest in the issues like politics, international relations makes us feel aware. In today’s world, without communication, nothing can function properly.

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What this field wants:

A person who has the determination, strength to work hard, the power to break the stereotypes plus a creative mind to explore more opportunities, you’re fit for the job because this is what this field demands. There are plenty of job opportunities like if you wish to go in the broadcasting department, advertising, you wish to become an editor and the most popular these days the online journalism.    

Every field requires success, and this is a hard fact everybody needs success in terms of money but also there are some people who require success morality wise. Having a good public image both corporate wise and social wise is very important. Providing the audience with only the correct and elaborate news because that’s what all the moral success is about.






During the course, within the session breaks, you can go for internships in the top firms. After the completion, of course, you can apply for the top news channel where in the starting you’re taken as reporters/correspondents and later on within few, you get to host Tv shows. Even the salary gets twice within the span of five years. Having command over your language whether its Hindi or English, you can reach heights in your career.

Every year, the number of channels is increasing, this gives plenty of opportunities for the freshmen joining this field.

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Things to keep in mind:

  • Job opportunities – Depending upon your interest, you can choose your own job because this profession has plenty of job opportunities like you can become a journalist, editor, correspondent, direction, it also opens opportunities in the film industry. To summarize, work hard, gates are open for you.
  • Pay – The starting salary of a mass communication graduate goes from INR 12K – INR 25K. Doing a mass communication degree from a well-reputed college does certainly gives you benefits like exposure, confidence and well, the tag says everything.
  • Negatives – Well, every job has its own negative’s and these in this job include having no personal time because you have to be committed every time and forth. Breaking news doesn't decide the time and come, it’s more of a spontaneous job. Sometimes you have to work all day out, some news demand closure and another common man opinion. IF YOU CHOOSE THIS, KEEP IN MIND EVERYDAY’S GONNA BE A CHALLENGE.
  • Top companies to apply to – There’s a huge network of the Zee TV, Times of India, BBC, CNN, Republic, The Tribune, Hindustan Times, The Hindu, Viacom.


At last the broadcasting, media, publishing etc. field has gone to great heights. With new technologies being invented every day, mass communication has become an essential necessity in these days. Time is saved by the normal long-time methods. Every stratum becomes aware of the world and gets connected to their family and friends in every part of the world. The journalists honored and well respected and the pay scale is way good. Always be honest in your work and never ever do anything wrong in any politician or business man’s influence because they tend to bribe the weak to keep them on their side. So that’s where you need to stand apart from the fake media and always give the right and correct news to the public.


For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!


RE: How effective is Mass Communication as a professional course?

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