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What are the top Mass Communication Institutes in India?

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RE: What are the top Mass Communication Institutes in India?

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Firstly it’s important to understand the meaning of ‘mass communication’. It generally represents the social media, television, news, radio, newspaper, research and reporting.

Importance of mass communication in our society –

Well, it does play a vital role in today’s time. Almost every age group of people tend to use a medium of mass communication in one or another way. For example Radio, Televisions etc. It can be also called a part of our daily routine. But this actually helps us to stay in contact with everything, and we remain updated as to what all is happening around the world. Taking interest in the issues like politics, international relations makes us feel aware. In today’s world, without communication, nothing can function properly.

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Here’s a list of top colleges for mass communication in India –

Asian College of Journalism, Chennai (

The Asian College of Journalism is situated in Chennai is one of the popular journalism schools offering post graduate diploma courses.


In the 10-month post graduate diploma offered by The Asian College of Commerce, which offers specialization in 4 types of courses which include – radio, television, print and new media. There is trimester system, for the first trimester basics are taught to the students about broadcasting, printing, and the web. For the second trimester, students can choose their medium for specialization. For the third, the students are offered 16 types of fields in which they wish to continue their career.


It is a 3-level process which includes –

  • Selection - where the applications are sorted and a list of selected candidates is made.
  • Test – of General Knowledge and English. An essay is also given to be written.
  • The last Interview: where the selected candidates are called for final selection.



Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi (
The Indian Institute of Mass Communication, situated in the national capital is one the oldest media institutions, governed and funded by the Government of India. All sorts of training are provided with top class teachers and also students are pushed into research work in mass communication. In New Delhi, this is the main headquarter of IIMC but also it has 5 more branches which include – Aizwal, Amravati, Dhenkanal, Jammu, and Kottayam. The Indian Institute of Mass Communication in Delhi is in the lead when it comes to the infrastructure and the faculty of the campus.

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There are a variety of programs offered which includes a photo, print, radio, television - journalism and also communication research advertising and communication development.

Post Graduate Diplomas are also offered in Radio and Television Journalism and Advertising and Journalism for National as well as regional languages like Odia, Malayalam, Marathi.


  • Submit the application form on the respective college website.
  • There’s an All India Entrance Examination
  • Then comes the Group discussion and Interview.


Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Banglore (

The Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media situated in Bangalore, which is an also a postgraduate journalism school made by a collaboration of The George Foundation and Adi ChunchangiriMahaSamasthana. Given the rank 1 among all the colleges for Journalism in India it has a unique curriculum and offers post graduate diplomas in Print, Web and Television Journalism.


  • For graduates, a diploma is offered in Multimedia, print, and broadcasting. Eligibility criteria is a 10+2 examination degree.
  • For Post Graduates, a diploma is offered in Multimedia, print, and broadcasting. Eligibility criteria is a Graduation degree.


  • Admission is first by submitting the admission form on the website that is given.
  • Followed by an online test conducted by the college itself.
  • At last, there is a telephonic interview.

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At last the broadcasting, media, publishing etc. field has gone to great heights. With new technologies being invented every day, mass communication has become an essential necessity in these days. Time is saved by the normal long-time methods. Every stratum becomes aware of the world and gets connected to their family and friends in every part of the world. The journalists honored and well respected and the pay scale is way good. Always be honest in your work and never ever do anything wrong in any politician or business man’s influence because they tend to bribe the weak to keep them on their side. So that’s where you need to stand apart from the fake media and always give the right and correct news to the public.


For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!



RE: What are the top Mass Communication Institutes in India?

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