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How to be a successful Entrepreneur?

by Rohit Dubey
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2 answers

RE: How to be a successful Entrepreneur?

Sarah Johan
Sarah Johan

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RE: How to be a successful Entrepreneur?

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Surabhi Dewra
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Here are a few tips for up and coming and coming startup owners:

  • Gain knowledge and Learn from others.

A mentor early on in the business provides budding entrepreneurs with the experience and tricks of the trade which proves fruitful later.  Startup owners must learn to avoid the errors that others may have made before. It’s vital for entrepreneurs to improve their methods and technology with the changing times.

They should also constantly enrich their worldview by reading books, reports, newspapers and other supplements on business. Networks can be built by becoming a member of business related federations.  Executives understand that they need to constantly improve upon their efforts and know how in order to grow in the industry. For the same, they enroll themselves in courses, seminars, and workshops.

  • Plan meticulously

One need chalks out a plan which includes all the aspects of one’s business and its successful functioning. The plan should be followed thoroughly and implemented effectively. Planning is an essential activity since it requires in depth research and minute analysis. Having a roadmap aids in fulfillment of goals both long term as well as short term. One must possess a clear vision regarding the objectives they wish to achieve. Make use of checklists to successfully finish daily tasks.

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  • Creation of one’s crew

One needs to form a team of skilled individuals who would take the business to new heights.  The squad includes those who contribute positively to the enterprise be it family members, friends, employees etc. Tasks which one isn’t good at should be delegated to trained recruits. This ensures optimum performance on the part of both parties. One might think hiring additional workers would be unprofitable. But the returns on this investment would be immense. These freelancing individuals can be effectively hired through virtual job platforms. The staff should be hired on the basis of their character as one can skill can be imported but it isn’t the same for values.

  • Customers are the top priority

Customers are the ones who determine the fate of a business. The marketing strategies and advertisements, company policies, payment options etc. are formulated keeping in mind the consumer base of the products and services. Maintaining cordial relationships with customers is of utmost importance since at times it is by word of mouth that a startup gains credibility.Making assumptions about the desires of the customers is a careless move. Customers need to be consulted regarding their wants.

  • Craft a good and strong Reputation

An admirable standing in the world of business can be attained only by delivering on one’s promises consistently with little deviation. Earning customers trust by offering exemplary service regularly without fail helps build a stable and respectable reputation and goodwill. It can’t be bought with money.

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  • Regular breaks

One must take some time off from working nonstop to recharge. Breaks are found to boost productivity. A daily schedule should be interspersed with enough number of breaks and there must be off days in the calendar of entrepreneurs. Exercise and sleep ensure that one is ready to take over the challenges of the day. 

  • Work smart

Instead of mindlessly toiling and working laboriously, entrepreneurs should maximize their performance but work smartly. This means that instead of devoting long hours to monotonous difficult work one should distribute it to someone more equipped to do the tasks so that the entrepreneur can focus on much more important agendas that are cut out for him/her.

  • Hard work always pays

Startups owners must be willing to put in a lot of effort for their business to take off. They ought to be relentless. They should be driven to expand their operations and for the same, they should put their back into their work.

  • Maintain a positive attitude

An entrepreneur should persevere and keep a bright outlook even if their business isn’t doing very well. A negative mindset and lack of humility are a bane for one’s reputation.

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  • Be passionate about what you do

Working unenthusiastically for one’s enterprise will reflect negatively on the business’ performance. If one doesn’t find joy in what they do, they are likely to fail. One must truly believe in the concept of their business and its output. Steve Jobs the founder of the company Apple, believed that the only way one would lead a satisfied life is by doing the work they enjoy.  Not only one would gain financially but one would also earn personal satisfaction and stability. Many entrepreneurs end up losing their zeal and motivation if they don’t truly believe in their endeavors. They shouldn’t listen to the skeptics and wholeheartedly have faith in themselves and their work.

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RE: How to be a successful Entrepreneur?

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