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How to prepare for IAS exam in the last 50 days and what are the standard study resources?

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RE: How to prepare for IAS exam in the last 50 days and what are the standard study resources?

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As the Preliminary Test of the CSE-IAS Exam is in the offing, this question bears importance for a reason. The countdown has been started as the dates are passing with a ticking clock. The 50 days to go with the serious aspirants gearing up to face the Preliminary Test, the environment has been charged with a new vigour. In India, becoming an IAS officer has been a long cherished dream of the youth and the parents equally. The IAS has become a new definition and an alternative to power for the authority these officers have.

The IAS exam that is Civil Service Exam (CSE) is conducted by UPSC - Union Public Service Commission every year. UPSC oversees the whole process of the exam and presents government the final list of the candidates who have been selected for various all India and group A & B central governments services. Once you get selected for IAS, your journey to serve the nation with pride starts.

Right Resources would Win You The Race

The resources matter the most and your success depends on what you read and refer in terms of study material and the extracurricular resources. The candidates who are selective will have the edge over others who go randomly. This exam is basically about what not to read and how to be selective as the market and the internet are flooded with the resources where the chances are you may end up wasting your time referring substandard resources. Sometimes aspirants refer multiple resources and many times they would be investing their time on the less important part of the content. This type preparation only consumes time and money and produces nothing. I just am giving you the list of some standard reference books/materials.

Standard Reference Material for UPSC CSE-IAS Exam

As you have already applied for the Civil Service Exam and gonna appear for the coming Preliminary test, I assume you know the syllabus for the exam. So, basically, the exam will evaluate for the following general studies subjects and one optional subject from the UPSC provided a list of subjects which range from humanities, science, engineering, to the medical subjects. The standard reference sources are also given following the subjects. The list given bellow contains multiple resources and you must choose only one for the specific topic. And never miss reading NCERT textbooks from standard 6th to 12th.

  • Indian History: Books by Bipan Chandra, Rajiv Ahir of Spectrum Publications, Sekhar Bandyopadhyay, Satish Chandra and NCERT Books
  • World History: Books by B.V.Rao, Norman Lowe and Arjun Dev and NCERT Books
  • Indian Culture and Heritage: Books by Spectrum publication, Nitin Singhania and NCERT Books
  • Indian and World Geography: Books by Majid Hussain, Spectrum Publication, G.C.Leong and NCERT Books
  • Indian Economic Development: Books by Ramesh Singh, Wizard Publication, daily newspaper and NCERT Books
  • Indian Polity and Constitution: Books by M.Laxmikanth, D.D.Basu, daily newspaper and NCERT Books
  • Science and Technology: Book by Spectrum publications, daily newspaper and NCERT Books
  • Indian Society and Socio-Economic Development: Books by Ram Ahuja, Nadeem Hussain, S.C.Dubey, Economic Survey by Vision IAS, daily newspaper and NCERT Books
  • Environment, Ecology, Biodiversity, Climate Change and Disaster Management: Book by Shankar IAS, any University level textbook, daily newspaper and NCERT Books
  • National Security: Book by Bajpai and pant and daily newspaper
  • International Relations: Books by Pushpesh Pant, V.N.Khanna and daily newspaper
  • Current Affairs on National and International Happenings: Daily Newspaper (The Hindu/Indian Express), Vision IAS/GK Today monthly current affairs booklets, Monthly Magazines (CS Chronicles/Wizard)
  • Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude: Lexicon by CS Chronicle, daily newspaper, etc.

(Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude, National Security, International Relations, World History are not part of the Preliminary Exam. These topics are studied only for Mains Exam)

A 50 Days Strategy for Upcoming IAS PT 2017

If you fail to plan then you plan to fail” – aptly quoted by anonymous! Planning is the most important part of any task without which the success may not be guaranteed. When it comes to the civil services exam then the planning should be provided due importance. Ask any IAS topper about the things which got them a success then you would hear from them nothing but the planning they made successfully. A quality study with a proper planning would bring you success for sure.

  • Apply 35/15 Rule: From now onwards try to finish the static syllabus and current affairs in 35 days and keep aside 15 days in hand for fast track revision. I assume you have studied the all syllabic content and have had a hand on current affairs from a daily newspaper. So in these 35 days, you are about to study all the content which you have studied earlier. You can also try reading in detail for your weak areas. But in last 15 days you will only be revising the studied syllabus and not any new one.
  • Allot 5 Days for Each Subject: Allot 5 days for each subject and cover those seven topics given in the preliminary syllabus in 35 days. If you have already made brief notes then it's time to revise them.
  • Study for CSAT, The Second Paper Of PT: You can specify the separate time for aptitude paper study on a daily basis if you really are in need to study it in detail otherwise make it the subject of study as a relaxing exercise. When you study for the static syllabus whole day, you may get bored and at this very time, you can practice aptitude questions to get relaxed.
  • Study/Revise Current Affairs Periodically: Study for current affairs periodically say once in a week for a day or daily 2 hours minimum. Read the important content from the exam point of view.
  • Take Mock Test Periodically: Evaluation is must by which you would know what are your weak and strong points.
  • Quality Study Matters Than The Study Hours: A quality study is more important than merely sitting for hours. Obviously, you are needed to sit for a longer time on a daily basis for a longer period still instead of counting hours; you should complete the predetermined topics at a time and go for the next. The incomplete preparation of the topic may produce no result.

The above was brief about how one can manage these last 50 days and what resources can be referred while preparing for the most sought after IAS exam. I would suggest waste no time and gear up with full dedications. Honest efforts always pay back!

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: How to prepare for IAS exam in the last 50 days and what are the standard study resources?

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