How to write a good resume?

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RE: How to write a good resume?

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A strong resume - a strong you! Resumes are the face of the interview, they are more than a piece of paper, and they hold all the necessary information to create an impact over the interviewer or the shortlisting committee in order to get a better selection. In order to have a better influence during an interview or any other event, it is important to have a good resume.

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There are a few points that had to keep in the context in order to create an effective resume which are as following:

  1. Correctness: Each and every resume should be grammatically correct. No logical or semantic error should be there. Even a single mistake puts a bad impression and hence they should be ignored. It is important to use short sentence and correct facts in order to ignore these types of errors.
  2. Uniqueness: It is important to be unique and be out of the box in order to separate yourself from the rest. Always mention the best part about you and present it well in order to create a better impact and secure a good position.
  3. Accurate: Always remember the points that are mentioned in the resume are correct and are not fake. If you are actually know something then only mention it in your resume. Do not mention any irrelevant facts. If something is mentioned in your resume and cannot be proved during the interview, it will always leave you vulnerable and hence left a bad impression.
  4. Proof-reading: Proof-reading is important as this phase involves the verification and correction checking of the each and every content of the resume. A perfect proof-read involves the accurate checking and re-reading of the resume from a viewer’s point of you. And hence it draws a better perception and image of the person reading the resume.
  5. Only important things and keywords: Always remember to mention the raw facts in your resume and not every detail. This is so because including every information will lead the interviewer left with nothing to talk about and hence turning out to be a bad thing. Also mentioning less information will make the details less interesting and can be ignored and hence only important facts with very fewer details should be mentioned.
  6. Points over paragraphs: Always prefer points over the paragraph. Make the information mentioned in your resume concrete and strong. Try ignoring big paragraphs since points are separable from the actual content and keep each information readable.
  7. Good part at first: Always remember to mention the important detail at first. This is because of the reason that reading will begin from the top and hence the important and better information will make things interesting for the reader and keeps you in a strong place and hence leading you into a stronger zone during the interview or any other professional meeting.
  8. Order by most recent: At the time, mentioning raw facts, always try to sort the facts in order to most recent first, which keeps your resume in better shape as everything looks well organized and well sorted. Apart from that, as per psychologist, the most last activity you have done gives the best idea about you most, as the person you are most relatable to. This helps in recognizing you and your characteristics better.
  9. Serious tone: Always keep the tone of your resume dead serious, since it keeps you more professional and helps to draw your professionalism most. Also, a serious tone can help you to keep everything get noticed well.
  10. Achievements section: Always have an achievements section, and the content in the achievement sections should be relevant for your professional persona. If possible show some volunteer work and skills followed by certificates that keep you best fit for the organization.
  11. Please don’t include a photograph: Never include your photograph in your resume. This is resume and not bio data, hence only relevant information and your professional profile should be mentioned here only. Apart from the photograph, ditch the word RESUME and start with your name at the top.
  12. Always mention your social links: It is important to mention your social presence and present it well. Always keep all the contact details at the most visible spot, this helps to find the contacting information easy as possible and helps to separate you from every other thing.
  13. Not more than two pages: Always remember an effective resume is the short one. Short in a number of pages not in the quantity of content. If possible made a single page resume and not more than two pages. In order to make a one-page resume, you can use columns or tables rather than full page content.

Skills rather than hobbies: It is important to mention your skills. Always mention the part you are actually good at and can prove it well. This helps in order to make you more valuable for an organization and shows all the important details. On the other hand, hobbies can are not really required if you are not applying for an artistic job and hence making the section not useful for you. If you applying for an artistic job or for a creative job, hobbies help you to draw a better image of you but not in the case of desk job where more professionalism is required. 

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: How to write a good resume?

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