I Am Confused In Biotechologyb Have Technology Becoz I Have Not Opted Maths As My Subject

Can I Get A Name Of Colleges That Offer These Courses Without Maths

by Rathika.additi
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3 answers

RE: I Am Confused In Biotechologyb Have Technology Becoz I Have Not Opted Maths As My Subject

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Student

Let me make it clear that Biotechnology degree is conferred as per its name and definition suggests and the course has been designed after reviewing by reverent and learned academicians of national and international institutions and regulatory bodies like AICTE and UGC in India.

So if you are registered in Biotechnology at B.Sc or B.tech level then you must clear the subject which are pre-requisites of course and you have not read it at 12th level, it is mathematics due to your biology background. Now come to the colleges what you want to find without maths no college can offer biotechnology without maths at basic or elementary level it ill be non-ethical if one compromises with the basic needs as you know here in biotechnology courses are designed with mathematical approach which leads you to the instrumental and analytical or bio statistics or biophysics which require the elementary knowledge of maths.

I am surprised that you have joined biotech program withoput having a look of course structure though these baskets are quite available online in the colleges websites, and if they differ with their claim and propositions in terms of academic credential then you must challenge it after admission. Be sure that you are joining a course program with your due consent and you are responsible for that.

You try to understand that this basic math is not a tough nut for a student who ants to continue the biotechnology in serious manner which is going to support your career with many folds, though you have joined it by default and therefore no one can help you without your faate in changing the course from biotech to biosciences.

As you see the listed colleges of DU from website, other private college wherein there is a provision to change the program under swaping module even you can ask the academic affair department in your own college which can help you in this regard rather exploring outside and again you will be wasting time and money both.

In true sense if you want to be benefited with your current program then start consulting your math and biotech teacher and take extra caution and guidance with the relevant library support.

Hope i have given you the genuine advise---


Dr. Manoj

RE: I Am Confused In Biotechologyb Have Technology Becoz I Have Not Opted Maths As My Subject

Sonia Agrawal
Sonia Agrawal

Dear student It is not required to have maths subject for BSC BIO TECHNOLOGY as it needs to have subjects like physics, chemistry and biology but for B.Tech BIO TECHNOLOGY maths is needed as it is required to have basic idea and clear foundation in maths for the stream and is compulsory in some colleges.

As you do not want maths in your course and want to do bio tech than I would suggest to go for BSC bio technology which is best suitable for you.

It is also in demand and in bachelor degree itself you can start. Courses offered are like:

  • Bachelor of science in bio tech

  • Bachelor of science in medical bio tech

  • Bachelor of science in applied bio tech

  • Bachelor of sience in food bio tech

Again you asked about the colleges offering Bio technology without maths, the colleges having BSC BIO TECHNOLOGY courses are as mentioned below:

  • All India institute of medical science, new Delhi(AIIMS)

  • Jamia Milia ISlamia University

  • Gulbarga University, gulbarga

  • Amity university of Bio technology, New Delhi

  • Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune

  • Banasthali Vidyapeeth P.O. banasthali vidyapeeth

  • Patna University

  • University of calicul

  • ACTS Degree college Andhra

  • Adity maha vidyalaya Delhi

Bio technology is a very good choice and have scopes in market also in jobs perspective, after completion of the course if you are not selected in the campus interviews than you can go for off campus interviews and can easily find jobs too. Walk ins and other options are also there to find.

Most of the pharma company now a days appointing bio tech students in various positions in companies.

Again after gaining experience in work in the same field you can move up in ladder and career path, which will lead you to success and one step ahead of others.

Do come back in case any further dounts you have and need clarity on it.

All the best for your bright future and success in career path

thank you

RE: I Am Confused In Biotechologyb Have Technology Becoz I Have Not Opted Maths As My Subject

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru

Dear aspirant


Thank you for approaching counsellors at CareerGuide.com. You have mentioned that you have not opted maths at 12th level right? Then this alone very well determines that you cannot apply for BTech biotechnology degree. BTech Biotechnology students will definitely study maths throughout first year that is both in semester one and semester two.

Apart from this BTEch biotech students will also have either Statistics or Biostatistics at year two in either third sem or fourth sem depending on the college syllabus. If you have not studied maths in 12th level then this will put you to struggle to study maths at college level. For this reason it is not advisable to choose BTech Biotechnology degree.

Moreover colleges admitting students themselves will not allow students to be admitted on their BTech program if you have not studied maths. Apart from this, most of the colleges run entrance test, either their own test or national or state level engineering entrance test and maths will be a part of the entrance test. Maths will comprise at lest 40% of the entrance test paper and colleges will check if you have individually passed maths section that is gaining more than 20 out of 40. The questions in the maths section will be framed from 12th standard maths book and if you have not studied maths this will again put you to struggle.

With all these i can sincerely advice you to opt for BSc Biotechnology. You will not have maths in first year, although very few colleges have started adding maths in first sem alone more recently. For example, University of Pune has Mathematics and statistical methods of analysis in their first year syllabus for BSc Biotech students. It is a 100% core theory paper and students are compulsorily to take this paper. This requires you to carefully select universities that doesn't include maths at all. Likewise i cannot promise that certain universities will not offer Maths for BSc students as in recent years universities are in revision to include maths even at BSc levels. But dont worry that universities offering BSc Biotech will be still happy to take students with non maths background as they will very well understand that PCB students common destinations are BSc and not BTech. This will no way affect your BSc admissions. If you still aspire doing a BTech in future, finish BSc and then through lateral entry you can join BTech directly in second year. But frankly speaking there is not much difference between BSc and BTech level. BSc alone is highly sufficient to get a job. All the best.

RE: I Am Confused In Biotechologyb Have Technology Becoz I Have Not Opted Maths As My Subject

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