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I am in 11 class now and I want to chose a subject I want to become a CS so which subject comerse with computer or comerse with maths

I am in 11 th class now and I will chose a subject which is helpful me to become a CS so is commere with maths is helpful me or commerse with computer please suggest me

by Urvashi Pawar
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RE: I am in 11 class now and I want to chose a subject I want to become a CS so which subject comerse with computer or comerse with maths

Prathamesh Kapote
Prathamesh Kapote
Verified Career Expert
Founder And Director At Canvas Career
  • Nasik

It sounds great that you have fixed your goal to go for CS(Company Secretary). In corporate companies there are 3 sectors that deal with different issues of the comapnies and tries to resolve them. The respective 3 departments are :-
1. CA (Chartered Accountant)
2.CS(Company Secretary)
3. CWA (Cost and Works Account)

These three departments deals with different issues and works in the Corporate and have different type of work and issues to be handled.
The people working in the respective departments have an expertise in their respective area with professional qualification and knowledge.

You can have a brief idea about these 3 sectors as follows:
1. CA (Chartered Accountant) - CA is a professional person who specializes in auditing,taxation and accounting. He handles the works related to his field (mentioned field) in Corporates,Companies(Small, Medium,Large),Banks,Co-operative Societies etc.

2.CS(Company Secretary)- CS is a Professional who specializes in administration and legal issues of the company.Companies having paid up capital is of RS.50 Lakhs according to companies act are required to appoint CS.

3. CWA (Cost and Works Account)- CWA is a professional who specializes in cost and works account of the production/manufacturing of the company.

Answering to your question which subject to be opted in FYJC and SYJC (11th and 12th) you can opt. any of the mentioned subject (Maths / Computers) as CS course deals with Legal side of the Company so you will be dealing more with the theory subjects related to law like Tax Law, Labour law, Company law etc.

I am providing you the subjects that you will be studying in your CS course,you will get an idea about the subjects and than you can decide:

CS Foundation Course Subjects:
1.English and Business Communication
2.Economics and Statistics
3. Financial Accounting
4.Elements of Business Law and Management

CS Executive:
Module 1
1.General and Commercial Law
2. Company Account and Cost and Management Accounting

3.tax Laws

Module 2
1.Company Law
2.Economic and Labour Law
3.Securities law and Compliance's

CS Professional Programm:
Module 1
1. Company Secretarial Practice
2.Drafting, Appearances and Pleadings
Module 2
1. Financial,Treasury and Forex management
2.Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency
Module 3
1.Strategic Management,Alliances and International Trade
2Advance Tax laws and practice.
Module 4
Due Diligence and Corporate compliance Management.
2.Governance,Business Ethics and Sustainability

The above subjects you will be studying in your whole CS course. Maths can help you for some subjects like Statistics etc. while Computers can help in your IT Training as per ICSI. As you can see CS more deals with Law so after your 12th if you choose a 5 years Law course that will be adding fuel to your career because law + CS are good combination. For the time being you can choose any subject from Maths/Computers as per your area of interest. There is no Subject criteria to go for CS course.

For further info you can visit :https://www.icsi.edu

Thank you and wish you good luck for your future career :)

Prathamesh K.

RE: I am in 11 class now and I want to chose a subject I want to become a CS so which subject comerse with computer or comerse with maths

Rahul Shinde
Rahul Shinde
Verified Career Expert
Career Consultant at Pinnacle School of Business Management
  • Thane


Greeting's for the day!!!

Everybody has some career goals in mind. Something they are thinking of doing or becoming. Fo commerce students, there are many avenues where they can build up a good career in future. Company Secretary course is one such course which can be taken as a profession.

It is a good choice to pursue "Company Secretary" along with Graduation. You can choose Maths or Computer as a subject in your HSC. With any chosen field, you can be able to apply for CS.

Stages to Become Compnay Secretary:
The student who would like to join the course after 10+2 pass or equivalent has to undergo three stages to pursue the Company Secretary Course. i.e.
1. Foundation Programme
2. Executive Programme
3. Professional Programme.

The student who would like to join the course after passing the graduation has to undergo two stages of company secretaryship. i.e.
1. Executive Programme
2. Professional Programme.

- Foundation Programme which is of 8 months duration can be pursued by 10+2 pass or equivalent students of Arts, Science or Commerce Stream (Excluding Fina Arts)
- Executive Programme can be pursued by a Graduates of all stream except Fina Arts
- Professional Programmer can be pursued only after clearing the Executive Prgramme of CS Course.

Roles and Reponsibilities:
1. An expert in Company, Corporates and Security Laws
2. A vital link between the company and its Boards of Directors, Shareholders, Government and Regularity Authorities.
3. A Conscience seeker of the company
4. A compliance officer of the company
5. Corporate Planner and Strategic Manager

Scope of the CS:
The CS has wide scope in the industries now a days.
A qualified Company Secretary has openings in industry and also has scope for practising as an Independent Professional.

CS courses offers lucrative career options. After successfully completing this course, you can get into multi national companies for jobs. CS acts as a compliance officer who may provide legal advises in area of Corporate Laws, Capital Market, Corporate Governance, etc.

Job opportunities exists in both private and public sector companies. Some of the areas where you havechances of jobs are SEBI, Stock Exchange Markets, etc. A qualified CS can also practise independently. Many government companies may also employ CS such as AAI, ONGC, State Infrastructure Developmen tCorporations, etc.

Opportunities exists in Banks. some of the other ares where in one can work are government financial institutions, bureau of public enterprises, accounts branch of government law service.

Further doubts or queries feel free to contact.


RE: I am in 11 class now and I want to chose a subject I want to become a CS so which subject comerse with computer or comerse with maths

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Dear Aspirant,

At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter if you choose maths or computers, if you are inclined towards the Company Secretary course. The compulsory subjects like Law, Secretarial Practice, Taxation Laws, are the base for Company Secretary profession.

So don't worry and choose anything which you like as a subject.

Best wishes

RE: I am in 11 class now and I want to chose a subject I want to become a CS so which subject comerse with computer or comerse with maths

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