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I m 10 th fail plz help me what can I do?

plz help me i m verey confus about my career plz help me

by Akash Anil pathare
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3 answers

RE: I m 10 th fail plz help me what can I do?

Dr Rupa Talukdar
Dr Rupa Talukdar
Verified Career Expert
Chief Executive Counsellor at Mind's Eye-
  • Kolkata

Failure in life is a natural phenomena, depression after each failure is also quite normal-so you don't be depressed for that; instead of that you should get ready to analyze the causes of your failure-it is clear that either you were not serious or may be you can not cope up. But you need to try again seriously-if you think being in regular Class X is tough for you get admission in NIOS Board-that will become easier for you.

Now this time you should be

  1. more serious
  2. open to ask while you find it difficult
  3. show desire to take the help of teachers in your weaker subjects
  4. regular in maintaining routine
  5. write down the study after going through
  6. sit for mock exam time to time
  7. start group study

May be you do not like to study more so after class X get admission in hands' on training course- Vocational Course-it has less study more training.

RE: I m 10 th fail plz help me what can I do?

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
Verified Career Expert
PhD Management And Organizational Psychologist
  • Hosur


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Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. Your responsibility towards future is the only reason that has motivated you to talk to counsellors at Mera career guide. So you are almost on the path to do something now. Failure happens to most of the people and it is a part of life. But never lose your heart on a failure and that is only the ultimate failure. Try to make things right even after a failure and I am sure you will achieve something one day.

The first thing you need to do is to pass 10th class. I suggest you take up some tutorial coaching class and be serious with your studies. Evaluate yourself why you failed in your 10th class and in what subjects? Is taht because you dint put enough time to study your examinations or is it because you had some other problems with studying like personal, health conditions? You need to think well on what made you to get low marks in 10th class and this time you need to ensure that you are not going to face the same obstacles. For example, if you are weak in a particular subject then you need to make sure that you put in extra care for that subject. Try reappearing for the subjects for a second attempt. If you are asked to retake the whole 10th subjects then please courageous to take it. If you work hard for one year then you will get a stable life with many years. If you dont take a second attempt chance then you may not be able to study any thing further at a degree level.

Any degree in India requires you to have passed 10th and 12th class. If you aspire studying a BA/ BSc/ Diploma/ Engineering in future it is must for you to pass 10th class as this is the basic requirement.

You can do some of the following after completing 10th class,
  1. Study a Diploma after 10th class directly. You can choose to study Diploma in Mechanical/ electrical/ food science/ electronics/ fashion technology/ Interior designing/ textile designing/ Computer science/ arts and crafts and many more.
  2. Else after 10th, you can complete 12th class and then proceed to any degree like the BA/ BSc/ BCom

I also recommend you to learn some courses related to computer science like Desktop applications, web designing, app designing, multimedia and many more. To do a Diploma in these subjects a minimum 10th pass is essential. Alternatively if you are interested in medicine route then you can choose to study Diploma in lab technician course. Life is so much to learn, explore and achieve but the base is a pass in 10th class. I advice you to take it seriously this time and try any of the options that suit you from above.

All the very best.

RE: I m 10 th fail plz help me what can I do?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

Thank you very much for contacting CareerGuide.com. I must encourage you for your future career waiting for your sincere effort, rejuvinated temperamenrt and your commitment. Never say like this I am 10 fail though it is the hard fact so being honest in rude manner will low your moral value rahter i will suggest you to quote it like this--" I could not pass my 10th becuase of certain problems (whatever problems you have faced in due course of examination) while appearing in exam. Let see we are saying the same thing with the honesty and clarity but it reflects your positivity to give a serious trial so that one can understand your mind state and will be glad to know that you are not to quit rather you have realised the gaps between your preperation and the required ingredient for that exam.

Try to prepare yourself as per the requirement of course do not be overpossesive for the examination. Examination is a platform and fascilitate you for the best performance so never develop examophobia though enjoy the opertunity with your best performance. Let me tell you that performance reflects your back preperation which is very important to understand. Better you drop the exam it is better than taking a chance which never work out at any cost. As you have commited the mistake by taking chance and ultimately you developed the negativity about your credibility and self beleif.

In my opinion you need self motivation and beleif and conquire the indepth knowledge with the help of regular study, avoid seasonal study during exam which is not a good sign for a student. Regular tudy gives yout he academic nich which is possible only with the academic temperament and internal inheritance of academic sustinability. Discussion at future level sis not required here you need to read the entire books with deep interest, and commitment only then you can claim the understanding and maturity in terms of success.
Do not try to be a man of success rather try to be a man of value said and experienced by Sir Einstien who has dedicated the quote for youngester to open the eye at right time oterwise there is no U-turn in life.

Focus on your study you will be informed everthing at right time.


RE: I m 10 th fail plz help me what can I do?

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