I am interested in PCMB combination. Is PCMB combination too tough for me?

I have appeared for class 10th this time. I want to go for PCMB combination in class 11th. I am very good in Biology and Chemistry. I am good in Physics also except the numerical part. But Maths is not so good for me. I want to give a serious try for medical entrance. But in case I am not able to qualify I want to keep other options open. Please advise.

by Akshita
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4 answers

RE: I am interested in PCMB combination. Is PCMB combination too tough for me?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend
You look so composed and your thought processed is also going in a planned way. Only one thing is lacking that is your firm beleive which must be prevalent to decide one thing at a time.
As you said your physics, chemistry, maths and biology are suitable combination for you and must be understanding the role of mathematics for your biological or medical study. Math is required at elementery level, fundamental level which helps you to understand the biology in a synchrony with tools and technics, after getting into the applied biological sciences where you pursue medical science or basic applied sciences maths will be important to explain some crucial data which must be analysed and represented in significant form. Not only maths though physics and computer are equally important for the research in medical sciences and basic sciences.
Never take these combinations as burden r ather try to understand them and enjoy the derivatives of any hypothesis related to biological happenings.



A successful scientist, doctor (medical practioner), professor, or scientist understands the significance of each subject to solve any problem in sciences.
Though you are self motivated and familiar with the screening process at 11th level so your 10th result will be evident to opt the career which will start to take a shape right from 12th.

Now we must discuss the available options in biological sciences. As you know after 12th PMET (CBSE), AFMC (Air Force), CMC-Vallore, GIPMER, state level of entrance test and manyu more at private level. These gateways are available for the eligible candidtes those are qualifying with serious effort and comitment to crack it, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE ---IF YOU ARE TOUGH AND STRONG WHILE ATTEMPTING.

Similarly biotechnology is well known techno based study which is being obtained at b.tech-m.tech level even in b.sc -msc level. If you think of this subject then not bad ---though you must understand the subject with your futuristic approach develop the stretegies with a matured thought process never attempt anything with pre-matured thinking or emotional or any irrelevent reference which is commonly taken at mass scale and consequently student undergoes the regression mode.

Try to implement if it looks relevent for you---

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RE: I am interested in PCMB combination. Is PCMB combination too tough for me?

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur


Thank you so much for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. In a minute reading up your question, I went nostalgic. To be honest, whatever you had written in here, I experienced the same after my 10th class. I loved Biology, Physics and Chemistry but never had so much liking for Math. I couldn't give up on Biology and that alone well inspired me to apply for the PCMB group. With my case, I was confident in not having a career in softwares and that ruled out PCCM group out of my options. Next, I din't like Commerce and Business maths either and similarly Commerce group was ruled out of my options. All the way, I was keen in having a science related career and that led me to study PCMB. I want you to ask the same questions yourself. Do you desire a career in science or software or being an Accountant? You will have some clarity after these questions.
If you have passion for Biology, please don't give it up. It will take you to heights. I see you want to give a shot for medical entrance. You can certainly prepare yourself for it right from 11th standard. Not all students, get attracted to Biology subject. Some are reluctant with drawing and some are unhappy with biological laboratory experiments. Very few students have genuine interest in Biology and I am glad you are one too. My simple advice, study only those subjects that you love from your heart. It will lead to some path of ultimate success in future but never ever choose subjects because related professions may give you high salary package. A career success well depends on how the individual develops through every phase of life. But to lay a strong foundation, a genuine interest in the subject is highly essential.
In my case, I did PCMB and was attracted to Biotechnology industry. I was sure of not taking up a medical career. So I choose to study a BTech Biotechnology instead. I say the same to you. If you have genuine interest for medical, I am sure you will push yourself well for mathematics and get a good score. In case, you aren't getting into medical, you can consider BDS, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Biotechnology. These four are professional courses. You may also consider doing a three year BSc degree like Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Nutrition. In my opinion, Psychology is an interesting field
. In case you don't get into medical but still desire for a hospital career; you may consider studying BSc Psychology. You can choose to be a Clinical Psychologist and work at hospitals dealing with patients. For this, you should do an MSc Clinical Psychology after your BSc Psychology. In my experience new Interests evolve and the existing interest fluctuates as your career grows. I am sure you will also get shaped up as you pursue different courses and get placed in a variety of careers.
So, I would advice you to seriously and sincerely consider PCMB. You love three subjects out of four in this group. You could manage with the one that falls out of your interest. I am sure you will work some way out to pull up with maths at least to get an overall high score for medical entrance. A nice tip here: I always studied Math as the first subject of study as soon as I got home from school. It is the time your body and mind gets flooded with energy and I use these initial hours to do math. If I do math late night, I am sure to sleep on my notebooks and screw up my scores. Try moving into a nice place to read boring subjects. As I found math always boring, to push myself, I chose to sit on terrace or in my house garden to gather some energy from the environment. These are some ways to spice up your mood while studying boring subjects. Sitting in an external environment will also keep your body and mind active despite dealing with a boring subject. This energy will eventually stimulate your interest level for maths.
I would also suggest you to consider going for math coaching class and medical entrance coaching class right from the first month you start your 11th class. I am sure you will hit your scores high overall if you are courageous and dedicated. I am attaching a picture to give you a big picture of Biology related careers. Please take a look at it. I am sure you will find it interesting.
My best wishes to you.Please feel free to write back if you require further assistance.

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RE: I am interested in PCMB combination. Is PCMB combination too tough for me?

Dr Rupa Talukdar
Dr Rupa Talukdar
Verified Career Expert
Chief Executive Counsellor at Mind's Eye-
  • Kolkata

Hello, Student!
Just now you completed Xth exam-it is the best time to know better the science subjects-as the science you read in Secondary level is from our daily life as we need to have basic knowledge of everything related to our daily life -so we need to read our History as well as our world's geography.
But after secondary level everyone should need to be more serious about their own life to lead an independent life.
Sit quietly, don't be influenced by others-think intensely-it is your life and also your profession-so what you really want-this should be very transparent.
Without Maths science is not possible-but pure science and bio science is quite different-if you like to deal with bio-science it is better to grow with bio-combination-Biology, Chemistry, psychology/nutrition-after that you can study

  • Nutrition
  • Dietician
  • Medical technology
  • Food technology
  • Opthalmology
  • Degree course with Hons/MSc/Phd
  • Micro Biology
  • Bio-technology.
  • Clinical Psychologist etc.-may be you woud'n be a doctor but you can deal like a doctor with your own batch of clients as the above subjects have many scope to do. But in HS level Maths is not very tough-if you passionately like to be involved in Medcal Science-you need to practise Maths regularly- this I think anybody can do if s/he has likeness in Maths-so final choice is yours-I can tell you only the truth.

Life has many chances -just avail it-be confident and try to take other chance.

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RE: I am interested in PCMB combination. Is PCMB combination too tough for me?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Counselor / Subject Matter Expert in Microbiology
  • Meerut

Dear Aspirant, you have asked a very practical question. I know many students who were in this dilemma. I was just like you, I loved biology since my early schooling but mathematics was not a good friend of mine. Though I always scored good marks, even though I did not pick up mathematics after school and I went along with my pet subject "Biology".

Now I am a Microbiologist (did MSc and PhD in Microbiology), working as academician in a reputed University.

SInce you have doubt about your medical entrance, my first advice to you is, try with whole heart. If you believe in you, then you can easily make it. Try to go through previous years question papers, if possible also get some coaching. This will give you some practical tips, how to crack the medical entrance exam.

Now lets see other side, in case you cannot make it. Then there many more options to be a successful person in career. After 10+2, you stick to biology and in graduation, you should take any one or two subject, such as, botany, zoology, microbiology, biotechnology, biochemistry, genetics. There are also other options (it depends upon you interest) such environmental science, forensic science, Biomedical science, agricultural science and veterinery science.

There is separate exam for agriculture, biomedical, forensic and veterinery sciences. The agricultural graduate has lot of scopes in government organization. He is elegible to apply for the post of Agriculture Development Officer (ADO). After doing masters in agricultural subject like (agronomy, plant breeding, nematology, entomology, forestry, plant breeding and genetics) you will have more chances of career growth in private as well as in multinational companies. The doctoral degree in these subjects will open doors for you in academic field in agricultural and other institutes.

A veterinary doctor (graduate in Veterinary science) can open his clinic, and technically he is eligible for the post of Veterinary Doctor in government organization. The post graduate and doctoral degree in this field makes a career better.

Now a days, there is lot of scope of biomedical science and environmental science both in acdemic sector as well as in private sector in India and also abroad.

This is you now, who has to decide to pursue the career, in case you cannot make in medical entrance. But my best wishes is for you to clear Medical entrance exam.

Good Luck....

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RE: I am interested in PCMB combination. Is PCMB combination too tough for me?

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