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I Am Very Confused To Select Which Stream Is Best For Me. My Interest Is In Computer Field But Can't Decide Which Stream PCM-Cs Or Comm?

Well To Be Honest If I Think Now Which Stream To Take It Confuses Me A Lot,I Like To Study Physics But Not Biology And Chemistry And I'M Also Not Very Good In Maths As Well. Sometimes I Think That I Should Take Commerce. With Ip(Without Maths) But I Saw On Internet That Bca (Bachelor Of Computer Application) Cannot Be Done Without Maths,Then I Think That I Must Take Pcm With Cs ...I'M Confused Help Me Please???

by Omar Zafar
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3 answers

RE: I Am Very Confused To Select Which Stream Is Best For Me. My Interest Is In Computer Field But Can't Decide Which Stream PCM-Cs Or Comm?

Sonia Agrawal
Sonia Agrawal

Hello dear student....

First of all thank you for coming to with your doubt and asking it to us it is always our pleasure to answer your queries and help and guide you in the best way we could. here you will be guide to the best suitable career path for you.

seeing you liking of subjects is physics and not good in biology chemistry and maths as well, than commerce is the only way to go. After completing your ten plus two in commerce line go for graduation in computer science so many colleges and institutes are there which offer BCA bachelor of computer application to commerce student nothing to worry at all,and for MCA master of computer application you should complete your graduation as it is a master degree which can be perused after graduation degree only.

But keep in mind always do side by side some computer courses like C. C++ etc, which will help you in future while doing your graduation in computers.many institutes may conduct entrance exam for thr admission in such courses, so be careful and see the complete selection and admission process and procedure before applying in any college.

Five year integrated course is also there for MCA after 12th that is best for you.but score minimum 50% marks in your twelve exams which is a must requirement and if possible take maths and computer as subjects which will give you more scope and relevancy in future.

Hope you got the answer of your question and now you are clear about your choices of line and subjects as well and now you can plan about your career path in a better way than before, just remember one thing be focus in what ever you do give your best and success will touch your feet.

All the best for your bright future and have a successful career path in life

Thank you

RE: I Am Very Confused To Select Which Stream Is Best For Me. My Interest Is In Computer Field But Can't Decide Which Stream PCM-Cs Or Comm?

Priyamvada Agarwal
Priyamvada Agarwal
Verified Career Expert
Education Consultant & Trainer
  • Kolkata


You are really very confused, because for a minute your question confused me and i didnt know what exactly you wanted to know.

But now i am able to understand your situation, and nothing to worry this is a common situation among all students your age group.

You are currently a PCM student with Biology as an extra subject and you dont like chemistry and biology, and are not good in Maths. Relax Physics, is enough to help you achieve a succesful future.

I also understood that you are interested in Computers also, so that teams so now from 2 subejcts we need to select any 1 for your future.

Lets talk about each subject indivitually -

PHYSICS - A diversified subject from which you can make an excellent career. You can pursue Physics and in the future either become a Physicist or a Professor of Physics.

COMPUTERS - A very interesting and upcoming creative field, which again has many openings but you are restricted from one of the openings that is Computer Engineering, but nothing to get disheartant about you havent lost something major. You can easily pursue Computer Applications with maths, but i would recommend that instead of doing a traditional subject which has been going for ages now why not look at something ew and upcoming in the field of computers like web designing; software development; gaming and programming etc etc.

I suggest dnt get confused sit down with a relaxed mind and thing where and how do you see yourself 5-6 years later. Discuss with parents; talk to different institutions providing these course; check their accredentials; understand the course work and lastly find the placement scenerio post course completion.

Best Wishes and Good luck for the future.

RE: I Am Very Confused To Select Which Stream Is Best For Me. My Interest Is In Computer Field But Can't Decide Which Stream PCM-Cs Or Comm?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend
Thank you for contacting You seem to be highly confused which indicates you do not have any academic goal in clear cut manner either it happens due to overfeeding or lack of individual pereption regarding future career. This is my prime job to diagnose you and give you the hard facts so that you can workout with your sincere effort. Never take your negative point as a defeat rather give a positive shape and convert it into the maningful inputs. So be ready to follow the points below stated fo your purpose:

1.Be analytical: First of all set the standard criteria to measure your stength, interest, and suitability rather being influenced by other opinion regarding your personal goal. First answer the question - on what basis you are claiming that Computer science is your interest where you lagging behind in maths and the combination of Physics, chemistry and maths is also not your comfort. Then how come computer science and commerce have inspired you? It means you have concluded the matter based on superficial facts that attracts you for the sake of doing so that you can meet the criteria for any relevent job? Wish I read your psyco in appropriate manner where you are not unique it is happening at mass scale in India, entire generation is confused due the tough fight in competition and number of oportunity is quite less as compare to qualitative number of aspirants.

2. Fundamental screening: As I stated earlier that your interest is hidden in your transcipts try to visulaize it by revisiting the subjects at school level. Please read the books of ncert from 8th to 12th and then analyze the facts related to suitability.
3. Future perspective: First of all omit the preoccupied thought that math is not your cup of tea where you have not given a trial even you do not want to read math. Let me tell you that academic curricula is divised and designed by the academician with the consideration of future prospective so that students will given ample visibility in terms of opotunity. So do not think that you are to decide a new combination and course stucture for a job where you are comfortable without any preperation.

I hope you will understand the facts in current scenario and must be giving relook fo your career.


RE: I Am Very Confused To Select Which Stream Is Best For Me. My Interest Is In Computer Field But Can't Decide Which Stream PCM-Cs Or Comm?

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