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I have done MCA from RGPV bhopal in 2011, now I want to do Ph.D. Please give me suggestion and information about the way of Ph.D and topics of Ph.D

Sir, i have done MCA from rgpv bhopal in 2011, now i want to do PhD. Please give me suggestion and information about the way of PhD and topic of PhD.

by Navdeep Pandey
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3 answers

RE: I have done MCA from RGPV bhopal in 2011, now I want to do Ph.D. Please give me suggestion and information about the way of Ph.D and topics of Ph.D

Rahul Shinde
Rahul Shinde
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Career Consultant at Pinnacle School of Business Management
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Thank you for choosing!!!

Greeting's for the day!!!

As you have completed your MCA which is a Post -Graduate Degree on the basis of which you are eligible to apply for PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) Course.

The requirement of PhD has been fulfilled by you so you apply for any of the University for PhD. Howvere, the duration is totally depends upon in which country you wanted to pursue the same.

At the earliest, you can be able to complete the PhD in 2 Years time, in which you need to prepare your Thesis (Project Study). After enrollment of the Course, you have been assigned with the Guide to help you for your Thesis work. And you can accordingly select the topic for Thesis.

Its a Total Research work, and you need to prepare your thesis on pure Research Work which requires actual efforts.

Also before enrolling for any of the Indian University for PhD, kindly check on their Approvals like (UGC-University Grant Comission (, AICTE -All Indian Council of Technical Education (, DEC-Distance Education Council ( ). These Approvals make a real impact on Phd Degree Validity.

On successful completion of the course, you can be able you use "Dr" as a Prefix to you Name.

Further doubts or queries feel free to contact.


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RE: I have done MCA from RGPV bhopal in 2011, now I want to do Ph.D. Please give me suggestion and information about the way of Ph.D and topics of Ph.D

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
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Thanks for contacting us at!!! in seeking education/career guidance.

I understand you have done a post graduation in Masters of Computer Applications (MCA) from India and wanted to do a PhD abroad, preferably in Newzealand? Do not worry. I am here to guide you. I am a professional counsellor practicing in this field since 23 years and lately advising students on study abroad opportunities since three years.

There are many aspects you need to consider before you start doing a PhD. May I ask you if you were in a full time employment since 2011 after your MCA? I ask you this because, constructing a PhD topic is very important based on your either educational interest or work interest. You first need to explore from yourself what interests you to do a PhD and how are you ging to finance your degree. Please understand it takes three years to complete a PhD and not less than that. It is an University requirement for students to graduate with a PhD, only if they study for 36 months (3 years) full time. Now follow these steps before you decide doing a PhD there.

  1. Decide on the topic you want to research. This cannot be taught to you as the nature of research idea should be your own personal interest and come from yourself. There are many branches in computer applications and you need to check yourself, what subject you liked the most while studying your MCA degree. Finding a topic is very important for a PhD research and you should also justify why you want to explore that area. Almost most of the universities will expect you to write a research proposal on the area you want to research. Read journals on computer applications research and find the area that interests you and you like to explore.
2. Find the reputation of universities and contact the professors in the school department. Ask them if they are happy to supervise your research degree. Send them your cv and research proposal along with the email. After the supervisors consent you are ready to send PhD application.
3. Now write IELTS test exam ( in India as this is a requirement for international students to prove they can read, write, listen and speak in English clearly.
4. Arrange your reference letters. You need to send reference letter from your professor who taught you at MCA level. they should recommend you as an ideal candidate for doing a PhD in Newzealand.
5. Also write a personal statement describing your educational background, personal interests in doing this Phd, abilities and ambitions.
6. You can send your applications by directly applying online on the university website now. To say some reputed universities are Auckland (, WellingtonOtago (, Waikato (, Victoria (, , Canterbury. Check if these universities have scholarship availability. If they have scholarship, give a shot. Else you need to arrange funds to support your degree for three years.

Please contact back if you have any further questions. Happy to help. Good luck.

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RE: I have done MCA from RGPV bhopal in 2011, now I want to do Ph.D. Please give me suggestion and information about the way of Ph.D and topics of Ph.D

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
Verified Career Expert
PhD Management And Organizational Psychologist
  • Hosur


Thanks for visiting us at!!!

Good to hear on your interest in studying a PhD. May I know what were your prior qualifications to MCA and the respective percentages in it? There is a set of rules that every canddiate needs to follow up if they want to apply for a PhD study. I shall explain to you the procedure here.

Basic eligibility criteria:To study a PhD in any subject, Indian studnets need to follow a 10+2+3+2 route or 10+2+4+2 route, which explains you need to study 10th,12th, a three year bachelors degree or a four year bachelors degree and subsequently a masters degree, which is again either a three year program or a four year program. Therefore with your case, please check if you have completed 10, 12, a bachelors degree in regular and have also obtained a minimum of first class percentage in each of these education level. As you have completed a three year MCA degree, this keeps you well qualified to apply for a PhD.

Competitive exams required:Now you need to prepare and qualify a national level exam known as UGC NET. This exam is the basic eligibility criteria apart from the education route mentioned above. So ideally you are required to pass UGC NET in Computer science subject. With this UGC NET you can apply for a PhD.

PhD in?Now you need to select on what program you want to do your PhD in. I am not sure what your Bcahelors is, but as you have completed a masters in Computer Application, I propose you should be eligible to study a PhD in computer science applications subject. Not every university in India might have PhD in computer applications but they might have PhD in Computer science, and you can tailor your PhD research topic to applications if you would like.

PhD research topic:In India, I dont think so you need to be read with a PhD topic or a research proposal while you are sending your study application. However, all PhD students will have an interview and in that you may be asked, what are you interested in and what are of Computer science you want to research in your PhD. To answer this, you may have to think of some ideas on where you are interested in doing your PhD. To give you a tip, you can explain your MCA project and also wish to develop it further for a PhD level. Alternatively if you are interested in researching some other topic, you need to read plenty of journals and articles in that area, gain understanding of current happenings in the industry, understand what has been researched and what has been not researched yet. So when you identify a topic that you believe needs further exploration, you can quote this as your intended PhD topic. To be honest, only foreign universities expect a 15 page research proposal but Indian universities usually dont. But it is good to have some pre conceived idea on where you wanted to do a PhD.

Universities: If you like to do a PhD in IIT, then you need to have qualified GATE with a very good percentage and rank. If you want to study else where then you need to have cleared UGC NET ( score. IIT Kharagpur (, IIT Delhi ( and IIT Kanpur ( are very famous for computer science research and along with it BITS Pilani ( is equally well to do university for research in computer science.

I hope I have clarified your questions and if there is anything else please contact us back. Good luck.

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RE: I have done MCA from RGPV bhopal in 2011, now I want to do Ph.D. Please give me suggestion and information about the way of Ph.D and topics of Ph.D

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