I need some Guidence onver this that what should I do in this situation or will I ever get the job or not please let me know?

>> Hello there .. I am going to complete my ENGG by JUNE 2014 from ECE field and I have very less knowledge in my Field the other bad reality is for me is that It took 9 years of time to complete the engg the reason is that I had very less internal marks in one subject due to that I had to give it 16 times try to clear that paper. during this time I had to face the 5 years of loss as I am from VTU UNIVERSITY .. also Please dont think that I was a very unfocused or had not interest in my studies .. would like to inform you that I always very studious and I was fully aware of my condition even I was completely aware that How much money my father had spended on me .. keep the faith every time I studied well and I gave exam and as I needed the 45 marks to clear that particular exam but I always got the 43 or 42 marks but couldnt make it out till my 16th attempt and than I cleared IT ... also I always has dreamt about becoming a Certified NETWORK ENGINEER in CISCO (my dream company ) but as the 5 year of time I faced very hard financial and Physcological situation in my career and Life which gave me excruciating mental pain and sadness ... even today my parents supports me but still somewhere I have not made them proud and all my interest has gone to study though still it is 6 month of engg is remaining ...... even during the bad time I always had one thing in my mind that No MATTER WHAT PAIN I AM GOING THROUGH BUT I WONT LOOSE FAITH AND SELF CONFIDENCE IN ME .. I STARTED THE SELF HEALING PROCESS BY TALKING TO THE BEST PERSON IN THE WORLD THAT WAS MY INNER SELF. and some where along the line I met some great persons and friends who still believed in me that I am going to do somthing great in my life ... and that I am going to prove it for sure but still I have comletely lost the intrest in which I was very interested that is NETWORKING but now I want to work in IT industry with some different field ..and currently I have been thinking and thinking and still not sure where to and what to do or which course I should do .... But lately I have given a thought to do the EMBEDDED in C programming which I am still not aware that also I have no knowledge about that How much I am good in analytical or reasoning or verbal or logical thinking pattern question which is the 1st process of an IT company in INDIA ... also I have given a thought about going some other county where I can make good money as freasher rather than in INDIA as I am loosing the age other side where in family they are pushing me to get JOB ASAP and

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RE: I need some Guidence onver this that what should I do in this situation or will I ever get the job or not please let me know?

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Hello Student,

Looking at your query, I can really feel the pain and stress you are under going but still trying to keep the struggle on by attempts after attempts. You never knelt down before the situation and tried the best you can. I am really surprised by the fact that you have taken 16 attempts , it shows how resilient you are and I am also thank full to god that he has blessed you with great and supportive parents. It's good that you are seeking professional career guidance and advice, its better late than never , and we will help you with our expert advise and counseling and hope you will benefit definitely. And also special thanks for describing your situation in detail.

You are entangled in a very rigid situation and now you need to take a strong step to come out of it. It happens to many of us that there are wide disparities between our career dreams and practical reality ...., career should be shaped by following an exact assessment of ones own talents, skill sets, interest areas, personality traits and aptitudes rather than by dreams and what others say.

First, try to finish your graduation this year and apply for job. Don't wait for purely IT sector jobs rather enter into BPO, KPO, OR ITES jobs or what ever comes , as you need a job desperately. Your focused attitude, strong resilience and others will help you to face the stress and keep the job going on the mean time try to update you skill setand then go for a MBA program in distance mode after three to four years of experience. There are very good programs offered by many premiere institutesacross country and the job prospects are also bright after that. Management is a field where you can boom with your personality attributes.

You need few face to face or live counseling sessions ,so talk to a counselor and take advice to tide over the negative situation and the impact it has left in your memory. It will also help you analyze your situation better and act accordingly. Read the resources on great persons of history who failed several times but succeeded due to their persistent efforts.I wishYou will get a very good career and will make your parents proud one day.

Hope this helps and makes you feel inspired& motivated for a better future.

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