I want a best B.A in psychology collage for my graduation

M a citizen of delhi and I scored 71% marks in my 12th boards. So am not getting admission in Delhi University. So which collage will be best for me regarding my course all over India. M searching for a collage/university which can provide me base for career till the end of my graduation. Or it may provide me some internship or placement till my last year.

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3 answers

RE: I want a best B.A in psychology collage for my graduation

Halima Sadiya
Halima Sadiya
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Welcome to the world of psychology.., It feels great to see your orientation towards Psychology as a career. You have scored a respectable percentage and there are many choices open up for you. After all being success full as apsychologist depends on practical knowledge rather than marks. The following are best colleges in Delhi offering B.A. Psychology.

1) Amity Institute of Psychology and Allied Sciences, Noida -- It offers regular courses in Applied Psychology, Counselling Psychology , Behavioural Sciences and conducts training programs and workshops for professionals.

2) Daulat Ram College , Delhi -- It imparts psychology degree at various fields such as general, social , psychometrics etc.

3) B.R. Ambedkar College , New Delhi -- It offers B. Tech. in Psychological Sciences and honors program in Applied psychology.

4) Jamia Milia Islamia University, Delhi -- Offers programs at Bachelors , masters and doctorate level.

5) Zakir Hussain College, New Delhi -- It offershttps://ask.careerguide.com/t/after-b-tech-in-electronic-and-communication-can-i-join-the-masters-program-in-clinical-psychology/8407/2 as well.

6) Jesus and Mary College -- B.A. in Psychogy honors.

7) Mata Sundri college for women -- B.A. in Psychology honors.

8) Lady Shri ram college for women -- B.A. in Psychology honors.

9) Kamala Nehru College and Keshav mahavidyalaya -- B.A. in Psychology Honors

10) Shri Aurobindo College (Evening) , New Delhi -- B.A. in Psychology honors.

The study of psychology equips students with the skills to pursue careers and research in the field of human resources, social work, education advertising, hospitals etc. to name a few. All you need is strong theoretical grounding and skills to deal with human experience. But for that you need Masters and other advanced diplomas. just with bachelors you can start as an intern in any clinical or applied settings. Psychology is a professional course and not a technical degree, you need a lot of experience to flourish in this field , as you are going to deal with humans, the most complex and dynamic of all the living beings in this world. Colleges do have special cell for career guidance that successfully helps students by providing valuable information regarding various career oppurtunities that opens up with the completion of course. when it comes to placement or internships , your outgoing nature and portfolio of activities and experience will definitely help you.

Work hard and see what the world of psychology has stored in for you.. Miracles.. Believe me.. I'm saying it out of my 10 years of experience with field.

Good Luck..

RE: I want a best B.A in psychology collage for my graduation

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
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Dear aspiran,

Thank you for approaching counsellors at CareerGuide. I can very well understand your situation. All i can say is please dont worry and empty your todays energy then tomo you will be even more shackled and will not have energy to stand up. Your results are out and can you change anything about it now? You have 71% in hand already and that is definitely a very good score. It is a first class too. Unless your score below 60% you dont have to worry actually. Then why feel tensed about this?

I can understand that you are keen in getting admitted at Delhi university but your marks are not letting you to get so right? If not Delhi then try for other universities. You are also keen on internships and final year placements. If this is necessary as part of your college life for you then you should be ready to be flexible and choose to study at private universities too.
1. Amity university: Try getting an admission at Amity university. They have excellent internship opportunities for students in final year and their placement cell is also well known for finding placement services for students post graduation. This university is also well reputed nationally and internationally. So Amity university takes my first choice. They have campus close to your place and i am sure this will prove you some good too.
2. Lovely professional university: LPU is a recently established private university and has also got a very good name in education market. They have excellent faculty and study facilities especially for Psychology department. They also have tie us with local companies for small internships and projects and their placement cell is also very active for graduation jobs. My second choice would be to definitely study here.
Apart from this you may consider applying for Madras university, University of Calcutta, Pune university, Mumbai university as well. I am sure you will be definitely be able to get a place in either Madras university or Bangalore university through outside states quota. The colleges under these university are also very good for jobs and internships and studying either of here will prove useful to you. All you need is to be flexible and be prepared to move out of Delhi if you get admission at other good universities. All the best.

RE: I want a best B.A in psychology collage for my graduation

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
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Thank you for choosing CareerGuide and writing to us. I appreciate your desire to study Psychology. First of all please do not be worried that a 71% score in 12th level is very low. As said, any mark above 60% is definitely valuable and treated as a first class pass. This well qualifies you for a good college actually. I can understand that Delhi University is a little bit competitive and requires a very high percentage, but there is no harm in giving a try for Delhi University right? I can understand that you want to study in and around Delhi and also prefers to study at Delhi University the most. Why dont you give a try applying to the colleges under Delhi University? Sometimes, by luck what if you may get a place? I know a friend's sister who scored 76% in her 12th ICSE and is now studying at Delhi University. Added to this, if you are not from the OC class, then you have high chances of being selected at. So please give a try and there is no harm with it.

Next, you should also be flexible to move around India to study. Studying at a different state will not only give you an opportunity to study at top colleges through outside state quota, it also adds a rich student experience. You can live in a new state and get to understand their cultures. Added to this, post graduation you can also work in that state or move to Delhi back. When students leave home place and move forward to other places, they learn to be independent and also be flexible in migration. These skills will help you in a long run especially in career.

So start looking for top 15 colleges in India for BA/ BSc Psychology and try getting into either one of them. I can list down the rank of colleges for Psychology in India.
  1. University of Delhi
  2. Presidency college Calcutta
  3. St Xaviers Mumbai
  4. Amity institute of psychology and allied sciences
  5. Sophia college Mumbai
  6. SNDT College womens university Mumbai
  7. Government college of psychology and educational guidance Jabalpur
  8. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Gorakhpur University Uttar Pradesh
  9. Banaras Hindu university
  10. University of Madras
  11. Bangalore University
  12. Padmashree Dr D.Y. Patil arts and science college
  13. University of Pune
  14. University of Mysore
  15. Lovely professional university LPU

Try for an admission in all of these 15 colleges and I am sure you will hit among five of them at least. If you get placed in any one located in Delhi, then sign up with it.

RE: I want a best B.A in psychology collage for my graduation

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