Dear student, Firstly, congratulations for achieving good marks in your 12th exams. Your interest in Psychology is appreciable, given the lack of awareness of [the scope of this field][1].With this percentage, it is possible for you to get admission in a good college under DU. Generall the 1st list cut-offs for some of the colleges are high but with many options to go to, you will get a good college.Under DU, the following colleges offer [a BA Hons in Psychology][2]Daulat Ram College at Maurice NagarIndraprastha College for Women at Shan Nath MargJesus and Mary College at ChanakyapuriKesh

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Typical day of psychologists vary individual to individual according to their specialization. For example, school counselor will have different routine than industrial psychologist. Those psychologist who teach would have different schedule than those who have their private practice. Depending upon specialization, in general, psychologists deal with clients, engage in assessment and psychotherapy, training, teaching and research. Hope I have answered your queries. Best Wishes for your career, Apurva Kumar Pandya

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Dear career aspirant, Welcome to [meracareerguide][1]We understand you and guide you to a proper career according to your aptitude.I am very glad to answer this question. Being [a PhD in psychology][2], I helped a lot of psychology students achieve mile stones in their research. As you already know, psychology is study of human behavior. Studying human behavior in different scenarios is termed applied psychology. General psychology is the basic which studies human behavior broadly. Applied psychology includes clinical psychology, educational psychology, organizational psychology, fo

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Hello Thank you for choosing [CareerGuide][1] and writing to us. I appreciate your desire to study Psychology. First of all please do not be worried that a 71% score in 12th level is very low. As said, any mark above 60% is definitely valuable and treated as a first class pass. This well qualifies you for a good college actually. I can understand that [Delhi University][2] is a little bit competitive and requires a very high percentage, but there is no harm in giving a try for Delhi University right? I can understand that you want to study in and around Delhi and also prefers to study at

Dear career aspirant, Welcome to [meracareerguide][1]We guide you to a perfect career according to your abiltiesI am really glad to answer this question. Being [a PhD in Psychology][2] and career guide I take special interest in resume preparation. Resume is supposed to be a self assessment, true attributes and aspirations of the aspirant and there fore should never consist false statements. I hope you already know the difference between biodata and resume. If you search internet, you shall come across numerous types of resumes at various designs. You can take guidelines from those and pre

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Hello Dear Aspirant, Welcome to career Thanks for visiting us and writing us your career query. Psychology deals with the Human Mind,its Behaviour patterns and the processes. Its one of the most interesting field to study and make a career. In recent years it has got a great importance and scope. Psychology is a part of Philosophy. One who aspires to make a career in the field of Psychology can make a career by opting for the Psychology course like BA/Bsc after 12th std. A student after completing its degree in psychology can work in the various sectors depending on their area o

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Hi, If we are to give the importance and assign a great role in student’s education and the Career thereafter, it is nobody else but the parents itself will be at the helm of affairs and who have potential to drive and shape the life of their wards or children. It is a well-known fact that there is no single move by students in terms of Education and Career which has not been impressed by the parents. But, for sure, we have ample and a lot of such examples that Parents always perform a lion’s share in the development of their wards. For any Confusion Regarding Career Paths –

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I am the only one speaking in the recording. Worst counseling

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Hello Richa,  Interesting set of qualification and can be used either individually or as a combination. Depending on the area of specialization with psychology, you can opt for a job in that area or in general you could work as a school counselor. With a degree in education, you can work in a school or college and work as a curricullum administrator whereby you would set the curriculum as per the rules of the education board. Combining both, knowledge of psychology and education, you can opt to work in the education department and help setting rules that would be applicable in all  e

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Hello Nischay,  You wish to be an actor. Great. Please note to be an actor, either you are from the film background, ie you have a godfather in the industry or you are from the theatre background. Another possibility is to join the acting school like anupam kher acting school etc. But please note there are many like you in that school and other acting schools. So why would you be chosen. Apart from acting skills, important is being an all rounder, good physique, dancing skills etc.  If possible and really interested join theatre groups. One can get easily noticed. But at the end of t

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Hello There, Good question asked. Please note Graduation (BA) in Psychology has no scope except working as a data entry candidate. Depending on your specialization at MA, you can find employment in: Hospitals / Clinics / polyclinics Schools NGO Private institutes Corporates Working with Psychiatrist Working on your own Hope this helps Wish you good luck...

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Hello There,  Interesting question asked.  The basic difference is in the name itself. When speaking of B.Sc it includes science related subjects like biology and physics. Doing a B.Sc in psychology helps a student opt for specializations that require a science background like criminal psychology and forensic psychology. Whereas BA in psychology stresses more on the link between human nature and mind, not going indepth in terms of explaining it scientifically. It stresses more on therapy and testing. Here student can opt for clinical, counseling, social  and industrial psycholog

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FIVE questions that will help you find your dream career. Starting as a kid everybody wanted to be a doctor or an engineer but goals of people change with time.  Some people work to earn money but some work to gain happiness as to some happiness is more important than money. Some wish to become doctors, engineers, fashion designers, dancers, and singers and so on. Some people go to work daily but are not enjoying their work, not because of the pay or their superior or subordinate but for the work they are doing is not what they see as their dream career. Some people never get to know thei

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Hello there,  Firstly congratulations on your score. Secondly whyy are you doubting your potentials?. Are you not sure of your skills of pursuing your dreams.?. Only suggestion I would give you here is to convert your dream into your passion. Once it becomes a passion you would do anyyhing to achieve it. Please note that to work as a psychologist minimum you need is a masters degree. Wish you good luck...

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Psychology is the study of human behavior and mental processes. Psychologists study a person’s reactions, emotions, and behavior, and apply their understanding of that behavior to treat the associated behavioral problems. Psychology is not about reading minds. It is a discipline that is defined as “the study of human and animal behavior.” You need to have a genuine interest in human behavior . You could choose BA (Hons) in psychology, a BSc in psychology or a BA in psychology. Do remember that a BA degree is normally not enough and many end up doing a master’s after com

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I have done above mentioned course from School Of Open Learning.  Please tell me should I go for improvement exams which is a risk or go for further studies and please also mention the course or option i should go for as my career opportunity. Thank You.

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Hello Deepti,  You said you are an engineer. Then how come suddenly developed an interest in Psychology. Two totally different streams with no similiarity  at all. Why did you pursue diploma in engineering? And instead of pursuing a degree course you opted for psychology?. Sounds weird. Before you leap think well. Its a long term matter.   Anyways please note that since you are not a graduate but only a diploma holder, you would have to first pursue graduation in Psychology which is a 3 years course based on your 12th score. You can follow this with a masters industrial psycholo

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Hello Trishala,  How come after pursuing a management degree you suddenly developed an interest in psychology. Though in management, some concepts about psychology are taught; but mind you concepts in managements are different and the work of a psychologists is different. Think and research before you choose a course. Please note most of the university providing a masters degree (MA) prefers psychology graduates and or graduates who have studied a paper in psychology. Other university like IGNOU, provides masters in psychology to any graduates. Check the university for more information. A

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Hi there,  Interesting to see you wish to pursue a course from TISS a reputed university. Please note answer to your querry can be solved in 2 ways only. One, check the website for admission criteria. If not mentioned, call the college and speak with the admission concerned person. Second, visit the campus if its possible and get first hand information. Please note as per the website its mentioned a graduate from a recognised university. Based on this, you seem eligible. But still I would suggest call and be completely sure. Hope this helps. Wish you good luck...

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Today, there is extreme competition in everything. Right from getting a coveted seat, getting a decent job to exchanging old notes for new! This article addresses the first two issues and conveniently ignores the third in the previous statement. Sorry to let you down; not my core area; you see! Let me take you to our independence movement. To Mahatma Gandhi and his role in it. How did he turn from Mohandas K Gandhi to Mahatma Gandhi? I hope, you are not thinking of currency notes at the mere mention of “Father of the Nation”! Well, jokes apart; let’s get cracking. Gandhi was

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Dear Aspirant,   Thank you for writing in to us at We are happy to help. No there is no age limit to become a clinical psychologist in India, however you need to have appropriate education for the same. All the best.

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Hello there,  Generally answer to these questions are readily available on the websites of the colleges. If not, then you could call and enquire or if the college is nearby visit the college and enquire. Please note as such the criteria in any college to pursue a masters degree is being a graduate with minimum 50% from a recognised university. As such I see you fit into the above criteria and hence should be eligible. But better to be dead sure by making an enquiry with the college authorities only. Hope this helps. Wish you good luck....

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Dear Aspirant, Thank you for writing in to us at We are happy to help. You can join any college giving bachelors in psychology degree course. The list of few of the colleges are: 1 Bangalore University Bangalore Karnataka  2 Little Flower Institute of Social Sciences and Health  Kozhikode Kerala 3 Tripura University Agartala Tripura 4 Amity Institute of Psychology and Allied Sciences Noida Uttar Pradesh 5 Banaras Hindu University Varanasi Uttar Pradesh 6 Barkatullah Vishwavidyalaya  Bhopal 

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Hello Hiranya,  I am wondering how come pursuing a management course, you suddenly developed an interest in Psychology. Which year in BBA are you currently in. If final then you complete your graduation. After that you could apply for a masters or a pg diploma in guidance and counseling. Please note there are institutes like IGNOU that provide counseling programs in correspondent mode. Please do not opt for any certificate courses from private institutes.  In- case you have just started your BBA studies, then if possible shift to BA  Psychology and then continue with an MA cours

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