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I want my job in medical in science so my dream will come true ? So which courses are best for me after doing +2 medical for good future in

I want to be a good job in the line of medical and I this line the fee were low and the position were high

by Simmi Verma
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4 answers

RE: I want my job in medical in science so my dream will come true ? So which courses are best for me after doing +2 medical for good future in

Dr.Ganapathy Vijayakumar
Dr.Ganapathy Vijayakumar
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Try to score more marks in Biology then you can get medical line

Then after completion of Basic degree in Medicine then you have to pursue Post graduate (Specilization)then go further Super-specialization then only you can settle in your life

If you are particular in settling soon think twice to choose medical line

In Medical line you should have passion then only you can shine in your profession

All the best

RE: I want my job in medical in science so my dream will come true ? So which courses are best for me after doing +2 medical for good future in

Sonia Agrawal
Sonia Agrawal

Hello dear student.....

First of all thank you for coming to meracareerguide and asking your query to us, it is always our pleasure to help and guide you in the best way we could, here you will get all sorts of expert advice you need to think about your future and career path.

First of all the important thing you need to do is to apply for entrance exams conducted both in state and national level for medical admissions, you can take admissions in the college if you are in the merit list and eligible for the seats available in the colleges providing the medical course. Both options are there to apply for the entrance exams offline and online you can go for any based on your preference and convenience.

Exams conducted are like Join entrance for medical AIIMs which is conducted for AIIMs collage for enrollment in it only which is the top most college of India for medical course.

But to clear the exams is not so easy, lot of patience and hard work is required to get through the entrance exams in the medical field. you need to do preparation at least one year for the entrance if you are good student other wise it may take more than that time to prepare and clear the exams. Even now a days student are starting preparation in the plus two itself to save time and year and again medical is a five year course and after that specialization course is also there to add more to your knowledge and scope for job and other perspective.

Hope you got the answer for the above mentioned query and now you know what you need to do to get into medical stream and will start working hard and will prepare seriously to clear the entrance conducted for the same.

Thank you

RE: I want my job in medical in science so my dream will come true ? So which courses are best for me after doing +2 medical for good future in

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

Opting a medical profession is a great idea which is always being a dream job for million people so take it seriously if you are willing to go ahead.

Why after 12th---- just after 10th one can initiate for medical career at 12th level there are two subjects botany and zoology which could be the core course along with physics and chemistry and math could be optional subject if you have plant to go for bio-engineering that is also a part of medical sciences known as medical engineering where maths and physics are relevant.

Keep your academic record upright which indicates your sincerity, and interest alive while walking anywhere in the educational field. Your result at twelfth level must be giving you self aspiration more than ninety percent will give you opportunity to appear in IIT-JEE wherein you will be given admission in any of the IITs at B.Tech level and eventually you will be graduated with biotechnology and thereafter you can opt out higher studies at MTECH an PHD level with the specialization of bio-medical sciences or bio-medical engineering. Being a research scholar you need not worry about the funding of your research, you will be qualifying scholarship before joining such prestigious graduation program, as it is mandatory to obtain only then you will be entertained by any reputed research organization. At the same time it will reflect your credential in research and technology.

Similarly you have another option to join medical sciences after 12th, CBSE, AFMC, and severa other state level of institutions which conduct the medical entrance examination (based on your 12th standard) for bachelor in medicine and bachelor in surgery -MBBS. If you make it then sophisticated technology based medical study could be possible in reasonable cost as you know these medical colleges have the govt add to support the excellent student's medical career. Accordingly you can go for higher studies like MS, MD or Ph.D in any specialized medical field, your performance and interest again will be prime factor for these studies.

Other options are also available for you, you can explore the abroad medical opportunity which can bring you to the advanced level of medical facility as compare to Indian medical colleges. Here same conditions are applicable as you read in earlier section, go for the available opportunity explore the possibilities and apply against them. make sure you are moving there through the genuine Chanel.

Good luck

RE: I want my job in medical in science so my dream will come true ? So which courses are best for me after doing +2 medical for good future in

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
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Dear friend,

thank you for your question, you want to make your career in medical science, it means, that you have an inclination in becoming MBBS doctor ? though you have not mentioned that. The courses in medical after +2 are many, such as biomedical sciences, medical laboratory technology, medical or clinical microbiology, forensic science, marine biology, fishery scientist and many more. You have to choose in graduation the subject of your choice. Let me tell you the subject which you can opt to make your career in medical sciences.
BSc Microbiology, botany and zoology; after this you may pursue masters degree in clinical or medical microbiology
BSc in microbiology, biotechnology, botany; after this you can opt for MSc in forensic science. This subject has lot of job opportunities in gobernment sector specially in crime related departments.
BSc in microbiology, environmental science; there after master degree in Environmental Science
BSc in zoology, microbiology, botany; therafter master degree in Marine biology or Fishery sciences.
BSc in pharmacology; masters in pharmacology
BSc or BTech in Biomedical sciences, MSc or MTech in Biomedical sciences.
Unorganised Sector
All these subjects has lot of job opportunities in government (university / collges / research inststitutes) organization as well as in private sector. The entry level in government sector is easy only by having a doctoral degree, that too after competiing with many other fellows.

If you wish to become a researcher or an academecian this you have to choose. The courses which I have mentioned, the fee structure is very low, compared to medical seat. After obtaining the degree in desired subject you may join as an academecian. As academecian you will be appointed as Lecturer, scintist or assistant Professor. Based upon your performance and potential you will be promoted. As you must be aware the position of scientist and Professor in society command good respect. Now a days due to to sixth pay commission, the salary structure is very good and a person easily enjoy a comfortable life.

As you have mentied you wan a high position, in university and institutes, after gaining some years of experience, you can become Head, Dean, Director, of the institution. Your hard work and great performance at subject level will make you a recognised person and you may also become the Vice Chancellor in university.

In nut shell, what ever you will achieve will depend upon your sedication, performance and hard work. Nothing is impossible, you can get your dream job of high position.
Good Luck...

RE: I want my job in medical in science so my dream will come true ? So which courses are best for me after doing +2 medical for good future in

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