I want to know that is M.Sc(IT) from Punjab Technical University is valid

I did M.Sc(IT) in distance mode fromPTU.I want to know that am I elagiable to get job in MNC companies.if no then what should I do .How can I establish my carrier .i m hopeless when I did search about this ,its all confusing somebody says that u could get job and somebody says u cant get job.plz guide me

by Rashmilakhotia
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4 answers

RE: I want to know that is M.Sc(IT) from Punjab Technical University is valid

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear friend

This is the common concern amongst sudents those have not dne proper study and teachers also responsible upto the certain extent where they fail to address the main objectives of a course work rather busy in discussing the fear factors about unemploybility. Though we know the philopsophy of life and also suggest others how to opt a career in placement oriented subject. My friend these types of gossip waste your time and energy and nothing else.

Still you have time to think about your decesion what you have taken by opting IT from a good university as you have done the distance program which has equal potential like any in-campus course work. The difference is how you were involved and did you justify the course and do understand the modules what have passed through the proper examination pattern. As far as employement in relevent sectors is concerned it is very important that how do you understand the inputs at that level and in fact your degree and subject can bridge the gap between the employers requirement and your expected delivery. Though aspirants think in opposite direction and start to develop the inapproriate thought and look for the dependecny on the employers for establishment and salary purposes.
Let me tell you that if you have greater understanding of your subject and have the ability to evolve certian original formula and hypothesis what you want to address at your proseptive employer side and eventually both parties will be beneifted mutully. Just think in that way it will omit the script of doubts, irrlevent statement what you are getting from others regarding your strength and other negative points.

Moreover you want to pursue higher study then go for that either you do it while doing job or explore the scholorship available nationally and internationally.
Higher education is always helpful and make you more desrving candidate for any job.
I am not going to provide you the list of MNCs, PSU, University private as well as govt, Academic-indsutry interface those are available online for the deserving candidate just a click away from your computer know better then me. All these are meaningfull if you take your earned degree seriously.

Good luck

RE: I want to know that is M.Sc(IT) from Punjab Technical University is valid

Sugant R
Sugant R
Verified Career Expert
Career Counselor/ Subject Matter Expert in Management
  • Bangalore


M Sc (IT) you did from PTU is surely a valid degree. However, distance education degrees are not treated as equivalent to regular degree by recruiters of large organisations/ MNCs. The way forward for you, would be to start your career in a start up or a small organisation. For ex., you could join an organisation that does web design or is into training and after gaining 3-4 years experience, you could move into a larger organisation/ MNC - by which time, these companies will not bother much about your basic qualification, since you are applying as an experienced professional.

The other alternative is - You could also join a job in a large organisation/ MNC in a job that requires a lower level skill, but for which the companies are not able to fill positions - like Field Engineer/ Desktop support Engineer/ Technical Support Executive - both voice/ non-voice or even in call centre/ or as Sales or Customer Support Executive. Initially, the companies may not take you on-roll, but on third party rolls or on contract basis. But it is still worth it.

A few years experience is all that is required for you to overcome the stigma of distance learning degree.

All the Best!

RE: I want to know that is M.Sc(IT) from Punjab Technical University is valid

Priyamvada Agarwal
Priyamvada Agarwal
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Career Consultant & Trainer
  • Kolkata

Officially Punjab Technical University is not valid. Its licence has been cancelled by the UGC last year so am not sure if your degree shall be recognised or not. For more indepth knowledge about the PTU degree i suggest you do a complete checking and get it all written in case if they say that their licence is still valid.

Whereas its concerned about the recognisation by MNC's, some MNC's will recognise it as abroad universities still recognises it. So i suggest you dont need to say things upfront, go for an interview and see the reaction. In case if the companies reget it dont get disheartened explain them how you were duped.

These days MNC's more than degrees the compaines look for skills and practical experience. You need to make your CV in such a way that your strengthens get highlighted and that leads to success.

Best of Luck.

RE: I want to know that is M.Sc(IT) from Punjab Technical University is valid

Ravi Thakor
Ravi Thakor
Verified Career Expert
Business Analyst at Capital Novus
  • Ahmedabad

Dear Friend,

First of all, dont be confused because confusions will lead to you some more confusions and at the end of the day yopu will not have any robust solution for your problem. So consultations are good to come to a one final decision but again if there are 10 people to guide, there wlll be 10 different opinions and who is saying right again will be a big confusion, so dont get confused, based on all of the answers, decide what you want to do.

Further, according to me, PTU's licence has been cancelled last year sometimes, so I dont know weather they had been able to regain it or not, but that is not your problem. If you have received your degree before their lincence got cancelled, than it is as valid as any other University Degree, second if the degree is valid no matter you did that course by attending colleges, classes or by distance learning, so dont worry about weather you will get a job or not. If any company refuses to give you a job just because you did a distance learning course, than let me tell you my friend, you have legal right to go against those companies, cause legally no organisation or corporation or company can deny your potential only because you have a distance learning degree.

I am an advocate bu profession and I, myself have more than 6 diplomas in different areas while I was studying LLB, and all of them are distance learning diplomas cause I neither could afford the fees not could afford to attend the classes, but because I wanted to do it for my bright future, I did that and I dint think at that point of a time that weather I will get a job or not, because that is just pointless. Just think, if distance learning is of no use, than why would universities offer such courses???? Let me tell you one more thing, it is not only the Indian colleges, or Universities who offeres distance learning coureses, there are foreign colleges and universities as well offeres distance learning courses and value of such courses are in demand in Indian companies, so if they can except foreign distance learning degree than why not Indian???

First and formost you need to check weather you obtained your degree before the licence got cancelled or after??? If you got it before it got cancelled, dont worry and logically and legally you should get a job, if some company says something else just to not to hire you than its a different story but as far as your degree is concerened, legally you should get a job. But, if you have got a degree after the licence got cancelled, than there is a problem, because the importance of the degree will be nothing because it has been issued after the licence got cancelled, so it has no importance and legally as well you cant do anything about it.

I hope I have made it clear to very well. Just have confidence in you that you did it right and the same will reflect while you are giving an interview.

I wish you all the very best nad I hope you get what you want very soon.


RE: I want to know that is M.Sc(IT) from Punjab Technical University is valid

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