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Information technologist is the one who does the application of computers into the stores to retrieve, manipulate data and transmit, often in the contexts of a business or some other enterprises. They actually help the businesses and offices to remain competitive in today’s technology-oriented world. They perform to keep the database and computer security duties, which helps to run a business more efficiently. Information technologists are the ones who can sum up huge bundles of data into a simple computer data file. They not only program but they also troubleshoot the conflictions that arise in data. Find frequently asked questions on career related to Information Technologists answered by renowned Career Counsellors of India, and to know more on what, why and how's of becoming Information Technologists

Information Technology is a domain and not job. So the question "How is the typical day of an Info Technology"is not valid. Yes, your question "How is the day of a Software Enggg" hold good.This will differ from compan to company based, product top product, and many morefactors such as the processes followed by company. At some places, developers interact directly with end user (customers) while for a product development company (launching new product) - usually you dont work with customers directly. And there are many more differences - you will notice.If, instead of askin

Hi Harsh ,A BA has to exhibit expert level domain knowledge to win the confidence of the end-client. Since you are already working as BA, I suggest you try to build an expert level domain know-how and look for certifications / education in those areas ( which is typically demanded by the end client) whose Business poocess you look after.Certification in Project Management is also desired. Regards,Sumit Basu

Dear Friend,First of all, dont be confused because confusions will lead to you some more confusions and at the end of the day yopu will not have any robust solution for your problem. So consultations are good to come to a one final decision but again if there are 10 people to guide, there wlll be 10 different opinions and who is saying right again will be a big confusion, so dont get confused, based on all of the answers, decide what you want to do.Further, according to me, PTU's licence has been cancelled last year sometimes, so I dont know weather they had been able to regain it or not, but

Hello My Dear Career Aspirant,Good to see that you are a graduate and aspiring for a career in information technology / computers. DIT course from NIIT is a good course, but would like to know did NIIT give you any placement assistance after completion of the DIT course?I am glad that you decided to approach for seeking guidance and advice to your career query. I am sure that the experts here will be able to guide you appropriately.I think you wish to ask that how you can proceed in your career now.NIIT:NIIT is really a good computer education Institute and its courses are reco

Hello My Dear Piyush,   I am glad that you decided right and approached for seeking guidance to your critical and important career query. A BBA student wishing to join IT sector is not new thing especailly when around you we see many people in IT sector and so called earning big salaries with so called great companies.   You say that you wish to join IT sector for better career? My colleague Ms. Aparna Venkatesan has exactly pointed out the critical factor behind your decision.   My Dear Piyush, I would strongly suggest you to re-think you

Hi Jayesh.. It is completely up to you to choose which stream you have to choose for your higher studies. Because, you are the person to learn the things and to make  a career in that field. The available options for you to pursue a masters course in information technology are MCA, MSc Computer Science, MSc Information technology etc. You can pursue your courses in leading institutes like Lovely Professional University, Bharateey Vidyapeed University etc.