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Information technologist is the one who does the application of computers into the stores to retrieve, manipulate data and transmit, often in the contexts of a business or some other enterprises. They actually help the businesses and offices to remain competitive in today’s technology-oriented world. They perform to keep the database and computer security duties, which helps to run a business more efficiently. Information technologists are the ones who can sum up huge bundles of data into a simple computer data file. They not only program but they also troubleshoot the conflictions that arise in data. Find frequently asked questions on career related to Information Technologists answered by renowned Career Counsellors of India, and to know more on what, why and how's of becoming Information Technologists

Information Technology is a domain and not job. So the question "How is the typical day of an Info Technology"is not valid. Yes, your question "How is the day of a Software Enggg" hold good.This will differ from compan to company based, product top product, and many morefactors such as the processes followed by company. At some places, developers interact directly with end user (customers) while for a product development company (launching new product) - usually you dont work with customers directly. And there are many more differences - you will notice.If, instead of askin

Hi Harsh ,A BA has to exhibit expert level domain knowledge to win the confidence of the end-client. Since you are already working as BA, I suggest you try to build an expert level domain know-how and look for certifications / education in those areas ( which is typically demanded by the end client) whose Business poocess you look after.Certification in Project Management is also desired. Regards,Sumit Basu

Dear Friend,First of all, dont be confused because confusions will lead to you some more confusions and at the end of the day yopu will not have any robust solution for your problem. So consultations are good to come to a one final decision but again if there are 10 people to guide, there wlll be 10 different opinions and who is saying right again will be a big confusion, so dont get confused, based on all of the answers, decide what you want to do.Further, according to me, PTU's licence has been cancelled last year sometimes, so I dont know weather they had been able to regain it or not, but

Hello My Dear Career Aspirant,Good to see that you are a graduate and aspiring for a career in information technology / computers. DIT course from NIIT is a good course, but would like to know did NIIT give you any placement assistance after completion of the DIT course?I am glad that you decided to approach for seeking guidance and advice to your career query. I am sure that the experts here will be able to guide you appropriately.I think you wish to ask that how you can proceed in your career now.NIIT:NIIT is really a good computer education Institute and its courses are reco

Hello There!   I am glad that you have atleast the rough idea about what can be suitable to you and you feel Information Technology can be a good career option. I am glad further that you make the right decision of approaching for seeking guidance and clarification to your career query.   Since you are in the commerce field, you can definitely go into information technology sector by doing relevant industry and job oriented courses in information technology.    But you have also asked which is the best line to go. My dear, you can decide which is

Hello My Dear...   Congratulations for passing your BTech degree in Information Technology. Actually it is a little late to ask this question and generally the right time to ask of think about the future is when you have entered the last year of engineering. But any ways, it is not late though considering better late than never. Since now you are a graduate in engineering in information technology you are eligible for IT jobs in BPOs, software companies, hardware companies, etc.  Based on your BTech in IT, have you got any placement support from your college through wh

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Hello Bitan, Looks like you are interested in Genetics. Please note Genetics is basically an interaction between the genetic molecules that helps prevents and develop new systems and it is spread over many areas. Right from Humans to healthcare to Animals to plants to ecological system.   Here you would have to take a call, which field or subfield are you interested in. Are you interesed in studying the genetic interaction in humans, so that you get answers to genetic disorders or finding out solutions to health issues, or interaction of medicines on genetics or ways to prevent extinction

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Hello, Thanks for Asking..!! Firstly, you need to find out your interest & then work hard to start your career in that direction. It's never too late to start career. If you want a secure future , then you can also prepare for government job exams, as it is one of the best career option with good job securities. you have 6 years working experience which is really good if you want a job in the same field. Best of Luck :)

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Hi, In India, at present day scenario, IT (Information Technology) is considered to be the fastest growing sector and is scaling up at an exponential rate. Due to this, Information technology sector is considered to be one of the best sectors in India, and creating a number of opportunities in the field of software development, software management, network analysis, consulting, innovation and research, solutions-based services, decision making and behavioral services etc. The list is so long and choosing right skill and organization will help you to grow faster and lead to a prosperous future

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Hello Dear Aspirant, Why not? You must do the Cloud Computing Course/Training if you are interested. Cloud is the next but will be a new norm and will surpass the all the present mode of storage technologies. Cloud Computing seems to be becoming day by day a necessity and the rate of development of this technology has got the unprecedented speed and if it  goes this way we will be having in near future our life overwhelmed by this new but necessary technology.   Take Here - Psychometric Career Tests including Ideal Career Test   Nisha, you should have mentioned here a

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Dear Aspirant, I would not suggest a Diploma in Export and Import since it will give very very basic level of information about International Business. I would strongly suggest you to have a long term perspective and pursue MBA International Business. If you can manage to do MBA International Business from a premier Institute or a good reputed Institute with good placements, then there is no need to MIB from abroad. Always remember, International Business depends on the country's foreign trade policies and regulations, there it is bound to be different from country to country. Best wishes

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Dear Ananta, Your query is too generic, so giving a specific answer would be difficult. The major institutes abroad are Arizona State university, Stanford University, University of California, university of Florida, Massachusetts institute of technology, university of Michigan, Princeton university, Columbia university, duke university, university of Pennsylvania, university of Pittsburgh, the university of Texas, university of notre dame etc. This is just a list of institutes offering different courses at different places. To streamline, it would be better if you can decide upon the location

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Hello Wasim For selection in every we;; known company, there’s a procedure that includes various steps like telephonic interview, group discussion, technical round, personal interview, background verification, etc. At least one or two of these steps are conducted. It seems none of these have taken place before making a job offer in this case. As rightly suggested by Dr. Anand, check every detail like available vacancies and official email address on emcore website and send them an email about your query. Do not go for any visa process unless and until you get it cleared from the emcore w

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Dear Aspirant, As far as the Welingker Institute is concerned, it is very well recognised, famous and has very good industry connect. Which part time post graduate degree are you speaking about? Please specify so that I can advice you appropriately. You can give me a call through this system as well and we can discuss. Choosing specialisation is critical and should not be done randomly. What are your interests and which graduate are you? Your specialisation in post graduate may or may not depend on your graduation stream. Kindly specify this too. Doing part time MBA from Welingker is a good op

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