If one fails in 11th science, can he still join merchant navy

Sir, My son wants to join merchant navy. He passed 10th cbse by 68%. He has great passion for merchant navy and he is trained by private acadamy for similar training. But recently in 11th [ssc pattern] he is scoring very less in science [physics and chemistry]. I am afraid he may not clear 11th this time. I wish to know if he does not pass 11th in first attempt and still clears 12th in one additional year of break, can he still join BSC nautical science from reputed institutes if his marksheet shows 60% above but with a break of one year.

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3 answers

RE: If one fails in 11th science, can he still join merchant navy

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Sir/Madam

Yes he can join Seafarer just after 10th, then based on 12th he can upgrade his cadre where diploma and degree in engineering are the requisites and thereafter many other criteria are to full fill to be merchant navy. As you know the naval officer needs tough mind set to maintain the social and isolated life style.

Certain backup is required in age processing like physical and mental fitness unmarried-ship is the primafacy and disciplined life is utmost at that level. In general it has been observed that young people has susceptibility to many factors and therefore these coincide in that isolated life or a group of navels where people feel discomfort and eventually they leave the job and at the end they do not get any benefits out of that, spent time, until and unless you are not chronically ill.

Before joining a core group of naval, family or parents of aspirants must be awared of the facts that you are sending your child to grow up in an isolated conditions though he or she will play a role of sacrifice by showing the courage in such stringent conditions. Give a detail follow up report to your son and must explain the rigorous training before joining it. As you stated that he is well known and had training by skilled professionals then things must have cleared in his mind. At the same time he is lagging behind in his general studies which must not be suffered due to the destined approach. It is kind of symptomatic which needs to be curtailed in advance otherwise he will start to fail in so many socioeconomic dynamics once he joins the life of naval.

That is why i will suggest him to go another course of training in psychometric of human behavior at variable circumstances so he will be treated accordingly and he can work out on the different aggression and temperament in response. There is a provision in the defense to provide such emotional wash out on daya to day life.

Now please look into the different degree and diploma courses available in marine technology, architecture, nautical science at bsc and btech level which makes him specialized assign maker and recipient for the further posting at officer level.
It is so wide and interesting field which is available at the outscurt of general social life, strange field is there for excellent people who secures the society with the brilliant approach.


RE: If one fails in 11th science, can he still join merchant navy

Ravi Thakor
Ravi Thakor
Verified Career Expert
Business Analyst at Capital Novus
  • Ahmedabad

The Merchant Navy is a non-combatant commercial fleet, which deals with transporting cargo and occasionally, passengers, by sea. Its fleet is therefore composed of passenger vessels, cargo liners, tankers, carriers, as well as other special types of vehicles. A career in this field is full of adventure and long voyages to exotic places. Above all this, the excellent pay and promising promotional opportunities make the career lucrative and exciting in spite of all the hard work life and long absence from family and home.

The main positions open in the merchant navy are for navigating officers, radio officers and marine engineers. They are usually employed by shipping companies on a contractual basis, which is generally of six to nine months' duration. Earlier a career in this field was considered purely for men. Women were not generally known to take up jobs in Merchant navy but the past few years have seen a positive change with many women taking up jobs as ship doctors and radio officers.

Educational qualification:The minimum eligibility for courses in Nautical science and Marine engineering is 10+2 or an equivalent examination with physics, chemistry and mathematics. He should also pass a medical fitness testfor sea service under standard norms and with eyesight 6/6 with no colour blindness.

Candidates wishing to enter the navigational and engineering fields of Merchant Navy need to complete a Bachelors degree in Nautical Science or Marine engineering, before they can gain admission to the field.

Selection:Candidates are selected for the B.Sc. Nautical Science degree of TS Chanakya, Mumbai; and the four-year Marine Engineering degree course at Marine Engineering Research Institute (MERI), in Calcutta and Mumbai, known as DMET, through the Joint Entrance Examination conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), which assesses the candidate's knowledge of physics, chemistry and mathematics. The examination is followed by personal interviews/counseling, where the interviewers assess the degree of alertness, and awareness of the external environment, in the candidates and their suitability for a career in the Merchant Navy.

The entry level for a fresh Marine Engineer (ME) is at the rank of fifth engineer or junior engineer and a Nautical Science graduate is as a Deck Cadet. Promotions depend on further examinations conducted by the Directorate General of Shipping (DGS), the quality of experience and personal merit. On successfully completing these examinations the candidate receives the 'Certificates of Competency' needed for promotion to the respective classes. This examination is conducted by the Ministry of Surface Transport, in association with the Directorate General of Shipping (DGS) Mumbai, for determining the promotion prospects for the officers.

Direct entry to Merchant Navyis also possible - students who have completed their 12th with PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) are eligible to join as Deck Cadets and a student holding a bachelor's degree in Mechanical/ Electrical/ Technology Engineering could also join the Merchant navy as a Engine Cadet/ Fifth Engineer/ Junior Engineer.Direct entry Deck Cadets are required to undergo basic pre-sea training arranged by the recruiting company itself and the direct entry Engineering cadets are preferred to do a Pre-sea course of 9 months duration in Marine Engineering conducted by the MERI.
Institute name
Offered course
Web address

International maritime academy maritime engineering naval architecture nautical science
Diploma in nautical science
M.S.C naval Architure
M.B.A In shipping and logistic
M.B.A in shipping and maritime insurance management
M.B.A in H.R management
M.B.A in International Business

International maritime institute
Diploma in nautical science Maritime
Graduate Mechanical Engineering
HND nautical science

Southern Academy of maritime Studies
B.E maritime engineering Nautical science
Diploma Nautical Science
TME for Graduates

Maharashtra academy of naval education and training in marine engineering in nautical science

RE: If one fails in 11th science, can he still join merchant navy

Alok Agrawal
Alok Agrawal
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  • Bangalore

Hello sir/madam,

It is a very important stage of life of a student to decide about his or her career path, first of all I will tell please guide your son and tell him to work hard as these two years will decide his future and its very critical for him, make him understand its importance. I think no one is a weak student only two things are there either one is talented and can learn and grasp things very fast and one is slow and need time and hard work to learn and succeeds. Your son is in the second category so make him work hard and guide him in his career path, he will definitely come out with flying colors.

Now coming to your question I would like to highlight the eligibility criteria's for a person to do marine engineering which will help you to decide better, they are as mentioned below:

  • Firts he/ she should pas twelve standards exams, repeat or does not repeat not matters alot passing fairly is important.

  • Second is he/she must have PCM subjects in his twelve standard that is physics, chemistry and maths.

  • Third is he/she should have a descent score in twelve standard exams that is minimum sixty percent 60% is must. For almost all the entrance exams conducted for a marine engineering course this is the standard percentage.

  • Fourth is students need to submit all the certificates at the time of admission.

  • Fifth criteria is the minimum age group is 17- 25 years for the marine engineering course.

  • After clearing twelve standard exam he/she needs to apply for the course and sit for entrance exams.

Those all who are meeting the above criteria need to apply for entrance exams conducted by colleges to go for the course.They can apply for the entrance in the month of January itself.

The exams are conducted in the month of April and may. Both the online and offline process for applying is available based on your convenience you can choose the process you want.

Hope all above details answered your query very well and now you can decide better for your son and will guide him in all manner you could for his better future and career.

Thank you

RE: If one fails in 11th science, can he still join merchant navy

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