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Im weak in maths but I want to go for science stream. is it k?

i have just answered my exams...

by Sahil Sharma
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4 answers

RE: Im weak in maths but I want to go for science stream. is it k?

Preeti Taneja
Preeti Taneja
Verified Career Expert
Head Guidance & Counselling at Project Wisdom, CSR initiative of Canam Consultants Limited, Chandigarh
  • Chandigarh

To make a career in science stream you are not required to be good in maths. You can study physics , chemistry and biology upto class 12th and after that puruse career in any of the following fields :-

Biochemistry & Microbiology-
Microbiologist study bacteria, viruses, moulds, algae, yeats and other organisms of microscopic size.
Biochemists study the chemical composition of living organisms with an aim to understand the complex reactions involved in reproduction, growth, metabolism and heredity.
Biochemnists and microbiologists can work in fields such as food, pharmaceuticals, medicine and agriculture etc.

Most courses in these two subjects can be studied at both graduation and post graduation level. Each university follows its own method of admission but a good academic record is required for selection.

Biology ( Zoology & Botany)
The two main branches of biology are botany and zoology. botnay is the science that deald with plant life whereas zoology deals with animal life. botany is linked to other areas such as horticilture, agriculture, floriculture and forestry and zoology is linked to animal husbandry , fishery science and pest control.

Most courses in these two subjects can be studied at both graduation and post grasuation level . to make a career in forestry one has study bsc - msc forestry and sit for indian forest services examination conducted by upsc .

teaching , government serbices and research are the main openings.

One can also study forensic science , oceanography as well.

Medicine & Para medicine is also one of the option available to students who studies PCB at 12th

RE: Im weak in maths but I want to go for science stream. is it k?

Dr. Ashwani Rana
Dr. Ashwani Rana
Verified Career Expert
Asst. Prof. & Student Counsellor
  • Jalandhar

Yes, for sure you can pursue your studies in science stream by taking PCB and then appearing in PMT, perform well, get a seat in a particular branch and be a doctor or else you may go for para-medical science stream at any one of these institutions - AIIMS, New Delhi,......................Lovely Professional University, Phagwara,.............................Christian Medical College, Chennai

RE: Im weak in maths but I want to go for science stream. is it k?

Priyanka Kaul
Priyanka Kaul
Verified Career Expert
Psychologist/Career Counselor in Careers360
  • New Delhi


You can go for B.Sc incase you like science subject. There is no math stress in it. You can even go in Biology field.

Good Luck.


RE: Im weak in maths but I want to go for science stream. is it k?

Chandan Kumar
Chandan Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Career Counselor & Founder- BuildUrCareer Educations
  • New Delhi

No worries if you are weak in Maths.

You can go with PCB, there is various courses available in Biology like, Micro-Biology, Bio-Technology, Bio-Chemistry, Medicine and Para-Medicine.

Apart from this you can opt BAMS and BHMS also.


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