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I'm working in an IT company at present as a Marketing Associate, But I don't see any growth or any thing that I can learn to benefit from.

Provide all details please

by Ashish Tiwari
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2 answers

RE: I'm working in an IT company at present as a Marketing Associate, But I don't see any growth or any thing that I can learn to benefit from.

Sonia Agrawal
Sonia Agrawal

Hello dear friend,

First of all thank you for coming to meracareerguide and asking your query to us, it is always our pleasure to answer and help guide you or any one coming in the best possible way we could. Here you will get the best suitable option available for you through the help of all the years of experience of all the experts.

Coming to your question that you are working a IT company as marketing associate and not finding there anything fruit full and learning for you. My dear friend first thing is every day has its own lessons to learn and you can see that learning's help full in near future. Definitely if you working on some thing learning is always a part of it.

second thing is if you will tell your company name than we could relate better, now as you having experience of marketing in IT sector you can switch to good companies like TCS, infosys and such kind of professional companies where you can learn even more than what you are expecting, and being related to the same line you will get more preference in case some opening of such type is there, just always keep a watch on the openings and vacancies in the IT field for marketing profile. according to me there are so many vacancies for marketing in every line these days and more recruitment is there of marketing profile people only. So try properly, definitely you will click some where in a good profile and company as well and will enjoy your work there.

Hope you got the answer for your query mentioned above and now you are clear that always there is a ray of hope in every thing and every where just you need the right perspective to see it and grab the opportunities coming your way. If one door is open always one more door will be there some where just try to find with a positive attitude, confusion will lead you to failure and sorrow. so keep a positive attitude towards life and career and see the positive points in every thing.

All the best for your successful career and have a bright future in coming years of life

Thank you

RE: I'm working in an IT company at present as a Marketing Associate, But I don't see any growth or any thing that I can learn to benefit from.

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
Verified Career Expert
PhD Management And Organizational Psychologist
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Thank you for choosing Meracareerguide and writing to us. I completely understand your frustration but I also appreciate your responsibility towards your future as it is evident with you approaching counsellors at this platform. Do not worry as it does happen with lots of people. May I ask you in which company are you currently working and what are your current qualifications? I assume being a Marketing Associate, you must be at an entry level position at the company right? May be your company has a culture to not give challenging assignments for employees at the basic level so you cannot be blamed on that. Most of the companies have this policy to only offer routine work to entry level associate jobs and only when people move up the promotional positions in their career either with qualifications or experience, they get to work on challenging assignments that would offer something back to learn.

I advice you to pursue any of the following strategies to get work with challenging responsibilities and also offer you to learn a lot.
1. If possible change your career to a branded company: It might be possible that a few companies that doesn't stand branded will give its employees a tough time to learn at work. This may be because the company itself might not have challenging assignments but only has to do outsourced projects. If you can move to some other company like Ford, Hyundai, P&G, Nestle, Loreal, TCS, IBM or many others, I am sure the company's brand itself will bring in challenging and knowledgeable assignments for its people. See if this is a wise option for you. Also do not quit your job until you get an offer in hand.

2. Network - Try networking with people as much as possible. While you talk to people, you can also get to know if there was some person who experienced the same difficulty and what strategies the approached or implemented to overcome such issues. Also when you network you will get to know if there are high growth scope else where, as people may pass it on to you by word of mouth.

3. Upgrade qualification - If you prefer sticking into your own company, then try upgrading your qualification. You can either quit work and start studying an MBA degree at a reputed Bschool or even so a part time PG Diploma at any of the IIM'S. You can visit Hughes education website to know the part time Marketing diploma degrees offered by some of the IIM'S. This will give you promotion at work and will also ofefr you something to learn.

4. Internal movement - Finally talk to your hr asking if there is any internal vacancy. Dont tell them you are fed up with the current work but tell them in a more polished manner that you are looking out to diversifying your career and will be pleased if you can be moved internally into some other teams where there is lot of scope for learning.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

RE: I'm working in an IT company at present as a Marketing Associate, But I don't see any growth or any thing that I can learn to benefit from.

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