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It’s all about campus selection! How to get selected for top companies in one go?

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RE: It’s all about campus selection! How to get selected for top companies in one go?

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Getting selected in Campus Interview is everyone’s dream while pursuing the higher education. So the term Campus has been in vogue and has gained importance these days. Let’s discuss your aforesaid query in detail. 

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The outcome of all the years spent in the college, studying, assessments, labs and practical’s, exams and the hell lot of assignments are measured by one simple parameter, called as campus placement. Campus placement is the activity controlled by Training and placement office of a college or institute during which multiple companies visit the campus in order to hire and provide pre-placement offers to students. During this phase students qualifying as per companies requirement sit for an elaborative procedure of multiple rounds and perform in order to get offer letter from the companies. Also, the parameter of a track record of placements is important in order to calculate the quality of an institute. The Campus placement considered as Judgment day for all the students and hence it is important to perform well and get as many as call letters possible in the campus placements.

And because of this, we are here to debunk the few secrets of performing great in the campus placement. But before moving forward it is important to understand the multiple rounds that are mostly part of all the campus drives and the technique to ace those rounds. Here are a few rounds that are part of campus placements:

  • Written test: This is mostly the first round of every process. In this round, simple and basic questions from the multiple sections of quantitative aptitude (basic math’s ), logical reasoning and problem-solving and English and optional desired skill based section are required to be solved in order to check the mental ability and problem-solving approach of a student. This is usually a screening phase, and it is important to clear that phase.

In order to prepare for that round, work on basic math’s and topics like time and distances and solutions from an old math’s textbook, or refer to a competition practice websites to solve multiple mocks of desired companies. There are multiple sources available online and can be easily referred in order to clear this round. This round is mostly mandatory and to perform well in this round proper time management and study is required.

  • Group Discussion: After the selection of students from the test, in recruitment procedure of multiple companies, group discussions are used. In this round, a topic is given with a time limit of a few minutes is provided in order to discuss on that topic and reach a common conclusion. Important tips to this round will be as follow as: 
    • Always maintain the decorum of group, never shout or go against anyone directly
    • In case to oppose someone, always start with “I would like to add my point of view…”
    • Always stay optimistic and positive
    • Participation is must, so as politeness
    • If possible be the ice breaker. Start the group discussion to create a better impact
    • Always end the group discussion with a common conclusion if possible
    • Always keep a track of time.
  • Group Interviews: Apart from Group discussions, group interviews are also considered in multiple companies as a more time efficient criteria to shortlist candidates. In this method, a group is interviewed together by a panel in order to check for the more analytical and necessary skills of a candidate. The main idea behind group interviews is to judge someone relatively or with respect to another one. Important points that need to be kept in mind during a group interview are” 
    • During introduction be accurate and interesting, for example, never explain everything about yourself, Always end with hint of next topic that you want to be part of discussion
    • Always be less competitive and more skillful.
    • Try to become more team spirit and a team
    • Always value your skills over others importance.


  • JAM: JAM or just a minute round is round in which a minute is provided to speak on an improvised topic that is given on the spot. In this round, communication skills and confidence is checked at most. Apart from the consciousness and concreteness of a candidate is also tested. In order to perform well in this round, never feel either over confident or less confident, an accurate confidence will make you perform well in this round. Also apart from that if possible frame the sentence you are about to say in your mind first and then speak, but do not consume your whole time in the framing process Focus is also important in this round and hence a high focus will lead to a better performance.


  • Field Oriented interview: Field-oriented interviews or Technical interviews are the rounds in which personal and academic level of a candidate is checked. In this round, field oriented questions as well as a discussion on projects done is made, which is important to showcase all your skills. In this round technically you have to sell yourself and make your value in the company. Some important tips for this round are:
    • Always prefer a technology or area of discussion as your favorite rather than answering anything for the question “what is your favorite subject? Or what should we discuss?”
    • Always showcase all your projects and technologies in the most interesting way.
    • In the case of any negative answers, answer then confidently or show the doubt in that question.
    • In the case of not been able to answer the following question, try to get the answer from the interviewer, to show your adaptive nature.
  • HR interview: HR interviews are considered as the last round of campus placement in which a small discussion about your personal background and your working nature is checked in order to know your beneficiary position in the organization. The only advice for this round is yourself and stay positive in every case, and ready for changes in order to perform well in this round.

In order to perform well in campus placements, the above mentioned points that had to be followed in order to make an effective impact and get better results. For more information, you can talk to the Career Exerts at CareerGuide. Hope this helps you!

RE: It’s all about campus selection! How to get selected for top companies in one go?

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