Divya Jain

What are the career options for economics post graduates?

Hey I wish to know whether there are abroad opportunities in this field for work and studying. Also choosing economics is a lucrative option or not if one wishes to go abroad?

by Divya Jain
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3 answers

RE: What are the career options for economics post graduates?

Preeti Taneja
Preeti Taneja
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  • Chandigarh


Thanks for choosing CareerGuide.com!!!

The liberalization of the Indian economy particularlyof the financial sector widened the career opportunities for economics students. Economists use statistics, mathematical analysis and economic theory to conduct studies concerning issues such as unemployment , inflation , industrial productivity , farm policies and international trade. The various fields of economics are agricultural economics, financial economics, business economics, econometrics, developmental economics, labor economics, industrial economics & rural economics & rural development. The various career options for economist are :-
Banking & Finance

  • Commodity Broker
  • Bank Management Trainee
  • Financial analyst
  • Economic forecaster
  • investment banker
  • loan counsellor
  • securities analyst

Govt& Public Sector

  • Claims examiner
  • Foreign trade analyst
  • Tax auditor
  • Public administrator
  • Legislative assistant
  • regional / urban planner
  • financial planner
Education & Communication
  • Professor
  • Technical writer
  • Education & Communication
  • Professor
  • Technical writer
  • journalist/ columnist
  • teacher
  • information analyst

  • Market research analyst
  • Retail buyer
  • staff training & development specialist
  • insurance underwriting trainee
  • management consultant
  • strategic planner
  • business administrator

Job Prospects

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RE: What are the career options for economics post graduates?

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
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Thank you for choosing CareerGuide.com!!! and writing to us. I appreciate your interest in Economics and it is definitely a well established field of opportunity in India. Economics is relatively well developed through out the globe and you can certainly choose to study abroad for a post graduate course in economics. But I wouldn't also say that India is less developed in this system. But the opportunities available abroad are comparatively more to India. For example, studying abroad have options to specialise a degree in quantitative Economics itself where in India students get an opportunity to only study this subject as an elective/ major in their MA Economics program. Like wise the concentrations available with in Economics are in variety abroad compared to the number of choices that Indian institutions provide.

Choosing abroad really requires you to analyse if you want to study a specialisation in depth that is exclusively not provided by Indian institutions. As I mentioned above, if you want a degree like MA/ MSc Quantitative Economics, MA/ MSc Econometrics or an MA/ MSc Health Economics then for this reasons choosing to study abroad is considerable. In case you want to do only MA Economics and are not bothered about specialisations then studying in India itself is considerable.

Again work opportunities are better for Economics subject all around the world and it does include India too. Considering India's play in the global economy there are many job opportunities that India could throw in for you in the field of Economics. It is been a fashion for students to get a specialist route in Economics like the Agriculture economics, food economics, health economics, Tourism economics or the trade Economics. Not all these specialisations are theoretically taught at most universities in India but are adopted at work where as abroad universities offer specialised degrees in these lucrative modules. If you are serious about studying MA/ MSc Economics abroad, I can recommend some top universities world wide.
  1. Harvard University USA ( www.harvard.edu/)
  2. LSE UK ( www.lse.ac.uk/)
  3. Massachusetts Institute of technology USA ( www.mitadmissions.org apply International Applicants)
  4. University of Chicago USA ( www.uchicago.edu/)
  5. University of California Berkeley USA ( www.berkeley.edu/)
  6. Stanford USA ( https://www.stanford.edu/)
  7. Cambridge university UK( www.cam.ac.uk/)
  8. Princeton USA ( www.princeton.edu/)
  9. Yale university USA ( www.yale.edu/)
  10. Columbia university USA ( www.columbia.edu/)

If you consider studying in the USA and Singapore, a GRE General test and an IELTS/ TOEFL is required. If you study else where an IELTS test is required. If you require any further help please write back. Good luck.

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RE: What are the career options for economics post graduates?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
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  • Meerut

Dear friend, thank you for asking this question through CareerGuide.com The subject economic has great scope in India and abroad. There are many career options available for an economist both in governmental sector as well as in private companies.

Basically an economist use economical concepts, theories and analytical techniques to provide advice and practical information that will aid managerial level planning and decision making tasks.

Economists are employed by local and central government economic Consultancy, major companies, banking sector, financial institutions, utilities, higher education establishments and investment organizations.

The nature of job an economist is;

providing economic advice and recommendations

monitoring and forecasting Indian and foreign economic performance

make presentations related to economical aspects pertaining to a particular sector

analyzing and interpreting complicated numerical and financial information

undertaking relvelant research and writing reports


The career options depends upon :

1.the academic qualifications

2.The subject specialization

3.Number of years of experience

5.Place of work (governmental or private sector)

6.Additional qualifications (required mainly in academic sector)

The academic qualifications is very important, since you are having post graduate degree in economics, technically your eligible to get job in governmental and private sector. But a person holding a doctoral degree will have an edge over you. This is all due to severe competitions and the academic performance index (API) specially in government (academic) jobs.

The subject specialization is also very important, for example

Macro economics

Micro economics,

Which are further has many streams, such as

Agricultural and natural resource economics,

Behavioral economics


Computational economics

Consumer economics

development economics

Developmental economics


Experimental economics

Financial economics

Green economics

Basically there are three types of economists:

Business economist

Governmental economist

Academic economist

The business economist work in manufacturing, mining, transportation, communications, banking, insurance, retailing, investment and other types of organizations. They also work in trade associations and consulting organizations.

The government economists work in central, state and local governmental departments. They serve in wide variety of positions and involving analysis and policy making.

The academic economists are employed in colleges, universities and research institutions. Here they are employed as lecturer, assistant professor, assistant scientist. They are involved in teaching and research and guiding master degree and doctoral degree students. In government as well as in private organization, the economist also work as (in India and abroad)

Financial adviser,

Loan Manager, officers

Financial analyst

Financial examiners


Good Luck..

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RE: What are the career options for economics post graduates?

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