Aparna Negi

I have a lot of interest in english and economics but my parents want me to do something with accounts tell me what should I do

I hate accounts but acc. to my parents there is no scope without accounts and therefore want me to give bank papers after 12th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I don't want that...

by Aparna Negi
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3 answers

RE: I have a lot of interest in english and economics but my parents want me to do something with accounts tell me what should I do

Sirisha Ravuri
Sirisha Ravuri
Verified Career Expert
Career Guide, Success Coach,founder at Citrines
  • Mumbai

Hi there!

What field should I take after 12th? This is the most common question in the mind of all students your age. It is a very valid question and I am glad that you are thinking in these lines rather than just following what everyone else is doing.

There are certain things you must understand. First and foremost, what you do after 12th is not based on what the best market is or what the best career path is. Because honestly, there is no 'best' career path! There are only 'best for you' career paths. So, your focus should be on trying to figure out what is best for you personally.

Let me tell you a story: There was once a painting competition held. Half the participants were told that whatever they paint will be bought by the people coming to see the competition. The other half were told that you will get no monitory gain out of this, just paint the best you can. Guess what happened! The half that painted for themselves without any gain had done much better paintings than the half whose paintings were to be sold. Why did this happen?

Simple principle - When you do anything wholeheartedly for your own enjoyment, you will do much better in that than anything or anyone else! Remember this when deciding your career path.

Try and figure out what you enjoy doing most. Try to think and decide what you want to be doing everyday 7 years from now. Based on that, work backwards and see what courses you need to take to reach there. Your confusion at this stage shouldn't be between eco and eng hons. You are at a stage in your life where this crucial decision starts the path to your future. Decide well. Decide based on what you are passionate about. If you are not sure what you are passionate about, contact me, I can guide you. Or get help from another career guide. But make sure that you take a well informed decision - not just based on how viable a career option is, but also on how much interest and passion you have for the particular field.

RE: I have a lot of interest in english and economics but my parents want me to do something with accounts tell me what should I do

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
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PhD Management And Organizational Psychologist
  • Hosur


Thank you for choosing CareerGuide.com and writing to us. I am glad you approached us to take the right decision suitable for you. In my opinion, I always vote for any decision that stems from our own heart. We know ourselves better rather others knowing about us, even it could be parents or siblings. As said, do whatever your heart tells you to do. But does it not seem necessary to tell your parents that you are going to pursue something you love to do? Unless you tell them, they wont be feeling convinced.

First and foremost please ask yourself what interests you in English and what with Economics. you have given names of two subjects you like but can you narrow it down to say which subject you love the most? I advice you to explore your personality first. Please take the 'personality test' available on our website here. It help you to understand your personality more better. You can also sign up for a career report based on your personality. I advice you to do this so that once you obtain your career report for your own, you can get more clarity. It will also help your parents understand what personally suits you well and with this information they could support you the best all your life.

As said please take the personality test and obtain the career report. Next ask yourself where you want to see yourself in next five years. You can draw a flow chart mentioning what you can do with an English degree, an Economics degree and an Accounts degree. See what keeps inspiring you as you draw the chart for each subject. This will put you more inclined and drawn towards the subject you love. Above all it is very necessary for you to sit down with your parents and hold a healthy chat. You need to develop and demonstrate effective negotiation skills right form here. Talk to them openly about your love for your favourite subjects and why you wanted to study them. I am sure if you behave maturely, they will be definitely convinced with your decision.

I wish you very good luck for your future endeavours.

RE: I have a lot of interest in english and economics but my parents want me to do something with accounts tell me what should I do

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Verified Career Expert
Founder & CEO: Discovering Careers India
  • pune

Hello My Dear English and Economics Aspirant,

I am very glad that you appraoched CareerGuide for seeking guidance and clarification to your confused career concern. Please let me tell you that choosing a career option after HSC level is that way very simple but we make it confusing and difficult unnecessarily.

Firstly just relax and when you relax you will find out for your self what you are actually made up for for your career.

I understand from your query that you have interest in english and economics both. And there fore I assume that you are from the commerce field till your HSC level. Your parents are forcing you to do something which involves accounancy, etc. My Dear Aspirant, commerce field without accountancy is abnormal. There fore when you have opted for commerce for your HSC level, you should have realised that without accountancy you will not be able to go any further in any commerce related course.

In my more than seven years of career counselling experience, I have come across many students who hate accounts and want to just avoid the subject accountancy, taxation, etc since they find it boring.

Here, I would like to strongly suggest you to firstly find out the exact reason why you hate accounts? Is it because you really dont like the subject or is it that you do not wish to spend time and energy in practice and really hate mathematical subjects all together or is it that you are becoming a very choosy person for your career?
If you can honestly answer these questions, you will get the answer.

Your parents are in a way right in asking you to do accounts.

However its also very important to have an emotional connect with any thing you do for your career, since if one does not have it, what ever you do will not be enjoyable and will a burden for life and ultimately a reason for unsuccess.

English and Economics just because you have a liking cannot be combined in any course for career.

There fore you need to introspect that which one one to choose from.

I think a psychometric assessment test can really help you in this immensely. You can do it at your home all by your self. Its available with us at CareerGuide.com in downloadable format.

Best Luck

RE: I have a lot of interest in english and economics but my parents want me to do something with accounts tell me what should I do

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