Which among these have more scope and offers better carrer oppurtunity ? BBA or BBM?

Respected mam, which among these have more scope ??? BBA or BBM ? I am a commerce student without maths. I opted for informatics practices instead of maths in 12th and now I am interested to work in corporate sector. please guide me towards the right direction mam.

by Nikhil
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6 answers

RE: Which among these have more scope and offers better carrer oppurtunity ? BBA or BBM?

Vaibhav Bhutra
Vaibhav Bhutra
Verified Career Expert
Career Counselor/ Director at Educomp Vidyamandir Classes
  • Surat

Dear Student,
Greetings of the day!!!
As you are just on the cross road of your career decision, its bound to be confusing on the degree and program you choose. i would try and provide best of resolution to the query you have put up. First let me introduce myself, like you i am also a commerce student and have done my, MBA, CWA and FRM.

Lets first understand the details of both the program which you have asked for

BBA stands for Bachelor of BusinessAdministration&
BBM stands for Bachelor of BusinessManagement

As you can see both the degree provides you specialization in Business and their subjects and semester plan is more or less same, the only difference is due to the term used by different colleges and universities.

More or less all the subjects are same and the degree value is again same, the only advantage which you should keep in mind would be to take the decision in favor of good college.

If the name and faculties in college is good you would be able to learn more from them also just and BBA/BBM would not be sufficient and you should plan for doing and MBA from a Reputed institute.

It would also be suggested that you should do some certification from NSE, BSE and other like RAI in the are where you would like to make your career.

Remember its your seriousness and attitude which would make you successful !!!
All the best

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RE: Which among these have more scope and offers better carrer oppurtunity ? BBA or BBM?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Counselor / Subject Matter Expert in Microbiology
  • Meerut

Hello friend,

The BBA and B.Com subjects have their own beauty. I am writing about both the course and you will have an idea, which course to pursue. It is true that BBA as well as B.Com lead to MBA. However, while the B.Com can lead to a wide array of post graduate specializations, a BBA degree on the other hand can only lead to MBA.

The Bachelor of Commerce is designed to enhance the ability to learn as the students study variety of subjects; Accountancy, Business Administration, Finance, Economics, and Industrial policies. This course equips one with the analytical, communication and problem solving skills to effectively identify issues, sources information and to find efficient and practical solutions.

After B.Com the students can avail exciting and diverse post graduate opportunities like, MBA, Law, International studies, Designing / , Masters in Business Economics (MBE) Finance, Economics etc, which will set them apart from the crowd and prepare them for success in the global market place. The industry takes them at par with the students having professional degree like BBA, Hotel Management etc and sometimes at higher platform if some one is from a reputed college.. All most all universities and colleges in India offer B.COm degree, therefore, chances of getting into the course is higher.


BBA degree on the other hand, is a professional course and it is offered at few universities and of these only a handful of institutes that offer the quality course. Choosing the right institute is key to landing up in a good job. The BBA course is tailored in consultation with representatives from leading organizations, ensuring that you graduate with an industry relevant degree. Students get practical experience, read assigned materials, attend seminars and prepare an internship report.

Students are encourages to attend leadership training programs and conferences, including, but not limited to public speaking, group dynamics and problem solving and evaluating techniques. These skills not only help to fetch a good job, and also, the students remain at an edge over others while studying MBA. However, all this happens only when the students get into a reputed college.

After BBA, the students can get into marketing, Human Resources, General Management and Finance etc. This course, however restricts the students from other post graduate study opportunities.

Good Luck...

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RE: Which among these have more scope and offers better carrer oppurtunity ? BBA or BBM?

Ravi Thakor
Ravi Thakor
Verified Career Expert
Business Analyst at Capital Novus
  • Ahmedabad

Dear Friend,

Greetings for the Day, and welcome to the platform.

Business Administration and Business Management, both have their base in Commerce and are management oriented courses which have acquired prominence with the rapid growth of industrialization. It was this industrialization which led to the development of a scientific approach towards business. Though the nomenclature of BBA ( Bachelor of Business Administration) and BBM (Bachelour of Business Management) differs, both are professional courses, taught over a span of three years and are essentially the same, in terms of curriculum and core content. the core components include Human Resource Management, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, International trade and Business Law.

While BBM has been developed to make students comfortable with the management techniques that prevail in the corporate world, BBA acqaints students with the process of managing and supervising business and related operations of a company. One significant difference between the two courses which is noteworthy is that BBM provides specialization in a variety of areas such as Human Resources, Operation, Finances, and Marketing where as BBA does not meet all these criteria. After completing the course in either BBA/BBM, MBA is a popular option whereas students can also go for MS in Finance or Accounting which can further aid them in Joining Banking or Finance sector. They can also find Jobs in banks, retail sectors, insurance sectors, medical administration etc.

I would further suggest you, that if you are really interested in doing any of these two, then please go ahead and do either BBA or BBM but after completing one of these, please opt for an MBA, because since both are management related degrees BBA and BBM and adding a Masters Degree will give weight age to the Bachelor Degree as well as will give impact to your resume. If you have two degrees, I am sure you would be considered by the Corporate sector and would be doing a good job. Getting alone a single degree will leave you no where and the importance of the degree will be washed away.

I wish you all the very best and wish you a good luck for you future and your career.

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RE: Which among these have more scope and offers better carrer oppurtunity ? BBA or BBM?

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello My Dear Career Aspirant,

I am glad that came with this good question on and I am sure that the experts here will be able to help and clarify you appropriately.

Choosing between BCom, BBA, BBM is tricky since all the three are ultimately about the commerce and business management world. Such other type of courses have been introduced just out of need of spread.

In recent years due to the hype and demand for business management education, colleges and universities have introduced commerce related courses like the BBA, BBM, BMS, BFM, etc.

Choosing between BBM and BBA:

I would like to tell you one fact that the BBA course is now identified to be irrelevant by Universities across India and there fore there is closure of BBA course in many Universities. BBA course was introduced when there was a boom for MBA and the industry was demanding management aware students for their jobs. However now this scenario has reversed.
Like wise BBM course though closer to MBA syllabus, its not gaining wide choice from parents and students.

However there is no harm in choosing actually any of them from BBA and BBM since all are related to management field. There is no loss of any thing here.

If you have decided to enter into management field, then an MBA after your graduation is a must. In MBA, in a very little way BBM or BBA course will help you.

I would suggest that since you are already into commerce HSC level, I would ask you to remain in the commerce course by continuing your BCom course and become a commerce graduate. I would like to tell you that there is no comparison to the commerce course. BCom since ages and years has been a proven course as a fundamental course to launch your future careers. The things taught in the BCom course are fantastic and are not taught in BBA or BBM course.

After BCom you can opt for MBA and let me tell you that you will find Finance, HR, Marketing subjects easier in MBA if you choose BCom.
Please do not shift from commerce just for the sake of it.

I hope you will think over my advice.
All the Best!

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RE: Which among these have more scope and offers better carrer oppurtunity ? BBA or BBM?

Jayanta Ghosh
Jayanta Ghosh
Verified Career Expert
Chief Mentor at Waymark Learning Solutions LLP
  • Kolkata

BBA awards students with skills in Administration where as BBM makes the student capable with skills on management aspects .

BBM provides specialization in a variety of areas such as Human Resources , Operations , Finance , and marketing where as BBA does not meet this criteria .

Both of these courses have their own merits . BBA is better for students who are interested to do MBA after obtaining Bachelor`s degree . Those who wish to acquire knowledge in Management can go for BBM whereas those who are interested in administration can go with BBA . Anyway , both these courses can offer challenging jobs in the field of management .

Apart from this a BBA degree holder after successful completion can pursue MBA , which can offer enormous job openings to deserving candidates . The aspirants can find better job opportunities both in India as well as abroad. Side by side the specialization in specific areas of management is offered by BBM where it is not possible in BBA .

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RE: Which among these have more scope and offers better carrer oppurtunity ? BBA or BBM?

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur


This is a very unique question and infact a very important question. Lots of students tend to think BBA and BBM are generally equal. But the answer is BBA and BBM are actually different. This is the truth. I am a PhD Management and I have involved in designing curriculum materials for both these courses and it is only then I myself released they are not similar and actually both are different. I shall explain on this in detail here.

What is BBA?

BBA is abbreviated as Bachelor of business administration. The course will equip students to start a business and run it efficiently.It will further teach you on managing a business and daily administration. You will study about in depth business functions like the accounts, marketing management, finance, human resource management, business ethics, customer relationship management, entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility and many more. This course will therefore guide you to run a business as well manage the running business.

What is BBM?

BBM is abbreviated as Bachelor of business management. The course will equip you to manage existing business functions. This means you wont necessary start a business but you will be taught on managing the business only. As in the BBA course you will be taught subjects on accounts, finance, marketing management, human resource management, organisational behavior, corporate social responsibility, project management, operations management, supply chain management and so on. You will study the same modules as in the BBA except one or two modules here.

How are they different?

The only difference between the BBA and BBM is 'equipping a person to start and run a business'. If you see the abbreviation of BBA, it is administration. So this explains if you will know more on the administration side of a business if you are doing the BBA course where as you will understand about only running and managing the business if you are studying the BBM.

In sum BBA will help students to know how to start a business where as BBM will only teach on how to run an existing business.

Career opportunities with each of these course:

If you have plans to start a business after your studies, you should study BBA course but also please check if the course syllabus offers Entrepreneurship subject among one of the course modules. I have observed that lots of colleges in India offer BBA course without entrepreurship course. So please read the course syllabus before you sign up with a college. However you can also work in corporates with this BBA course.

The BBM course will usually not offer you in depth knowledge on starting a business on your own but is very suitable for working in the corporate.

BBA = starting a business / working in the corporate world

BBM = working in the corporate world.

So choosing either of one is good however it depends if you have plans in running a business or not. But as you have mentioned you would like to work in corporate, BBM is more appropriate though BBA will also equally help. Hope this helps. All the best with your admissions.

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RE: Which among these have more scope and offers better carrer oppurtunity ? BBA or BBM?

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