Tejaswi Kothari

What are the career options under Food Processing industry?

Can you please tell me detail about Food Processing industry and also please give me list of all the career options which comes under Food Processing industry

by Tejaswi Kothari
3 answers
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3 answers

RE: What are the career options under Food Processing industry?

Ashwin Kumar
Ashwin Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Psychology Trainer and Counselorat Wintraining
  • Chennai

Dear Tejaswi,

The Food Processing Industry is expected to grow from Rs. 4,200 billion today to over Rs. 15,600 billion by 2022, a CAGR of about 11%. For the projected growth, it is expected that human resource requirement would increase from about 8.5 million today to about 17.8 million in 2022, an incremental human resource requirement of about 9.3 million persons till 2022.

Please have a look at some popular career option under Food Processing industry :

RE: What are the career options under Food Processing industry?

pulkit rathore
pulkit rathore

Hi Tejaswi thanks for showing interest in food processing yes it has lots of great opportunities which you can take and also you can take a good exposure if you do a course in food processing there is a scope for you to get a good job in any food company because they look for those people who are familiar in the relevant field

. QUANTUM UNIVERSITY ROORKEE is a decent university which is providing BSC{HONS} IN FOOD PROCESSING i am giving you the link below-www.quantumuniversity.edu.in

RE: What are the career options under Food Processing industry?

Obuli Sivananthan
Obuli Sivananthan
Verified Career Expert
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  • Salem

Food processing is the study of processing the raw ingredients to make it as the instant making packed food with some food preservatives.


Right now the industry is booming up as around 60% of middle-class people consume packed food as a daily routine, need of food processing technology is vast in demand.

Career options:



Research Scientists

Senior Food Technologist or Head Engineer in Food Processing Plant

Production Manager – Confectionery

Assistant General Manager / Senior Manager Food Processing

College offer this courses: (south India)

Karunya University Coimbatore- 641114

NDRI, Bangalore

SRM Institute of Science and Technology 
Anna University, Chennai


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