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What are the job opportunities after completion of Irrigation Engineering and the top institutions to pursue the course?

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RE: What are the job opportunities after completion of Irrigation Engineering and the top institutions to pursue the course?

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A career in the Irrigation engineering is one of the top choices among the civil engineers. In the country like India where there is a death of the irrigation resources due to the paucity of the rainfall in most the parts, hence it becomes very useful to have the adequate and sensible network of the irrigation system in the country to maintain the food security and thereby the growth and development of the nation. As apart of the civil engineer, irrigation engineering mainly deals with the irrigation of the lands through the most smarter, economical and commanding way. Hence it is very necessary to have the huge talent in this regard, innovations, and knowledge of the engineering principles to enable the sustainable and robust network of the irrigation system in the country.

India is a country whose economy is dependent on the agriculture, and the ultimate factor which is required for the good agriculture is the robust irrigation system according to the region. Unfortunately, we are water deficit country so the requirement of the talent pool as irrigation engineer is on the top agenda of the government. This is only the reason most of the civil engineering graduates applies for the post under the irrigation department of the states since the seats and job vacancies are higher in the irrigation than any other department.

In this article, we’ll talk exclusively about the various degree available to the irrigation sector, top colleges, job opportunities mostly government sector and the salary expected from each job.

What Do You Mean By Irrigation Engineering?

The irrigation engineering is defined as the application of the scientifical principle or says the engineering principles to supply the water to the fields at regular intervals with the minimum or no wastage of the water. Irrigation engineering also deals with the maintenance of irrigation networks like canal, pipes, watersheds for their effective functioning.

Some New Emerging Branch Of Irrigation

The World is moving towards the sustainable development, and hence India too. One of the key concepts of the irrigation in the sustainable agriculture is to have the watershed method of the irrigation.

Watershed engineering is the newly developed method of the irrigation and is abroad concept similar to the canal irrigation.

Subjects You Have To Study in Irrigation Engineering As A Part Of Civil Engineering

  • Irrigation management
  • Irrigation methods
  • Design of conduits and pipes
  • Critical velocities and speeds of water in pipes
  • Slope and gradients
  • Prestressed concretes cisterns
  • Alignment and layouts
  • Soil profile of India
  • Water assessment methods
  • Dams design
  • Spillways
  • Regulators design
  • Watershed design and management
  • Micro irrigation methods
  • Tenders and contracting process

Top Colleges For Civil Engineering

  • Indian Institutes of technologies IIT’s
  • National Institutes of Technologies NIT’s
  • SGSITS, Indore
  • Loknayak institute of technology and sciences, Patna
  • Ambedkar college of science and technology, Nagpur
  • Tata memorial institutes of sciences, Mumbai
  • SavitribaiPhule university, Pune
  • Fergusson college, Pune
  • Anna university, Chennai
  • Kalinga institute of technology, Bhuvaneshwar
  • GeetaInstitue of technology, Panipat
  • NIT Kurukshetra,Kurukshetra
  • Khalsa College, Amritsar
  • Raja Ram Mohan Roy college of Engineering, Kolkatta
  • KSR institute of technology, Hyderabad

Job Opportunities In Irrigation Engineering

Government Job

  • Assistant Engineer

Irrigation engineering has the vast potential to provide the government job. State Governments conducts the state engineering service exam for the post of assistant engineer,juniorengineer, and Sub Engineer. These are the jobs which are highly respected and offers the good salary and perks.the young engineers who want to join the irrigation department,this exam offers you the wonderful opportunity.

  • Canal Engineering

Canal engineering is one of the famous jobs among the civil engineering jobs. There are certain works like canal drawing, layout, lining, and dredging have to be supervised by the canal engineers both in the private as well as government sector.

  • Executive Engineers

Executive engineering is one of the highly respected posts which one receives after attaining the good experience. It is one of the top most post under the irrigation department which offers the wonderful salary packages and ultimate supervising power. There are two procedures to get this post one is through thedirect recruitment process and one is through promotional basis.

One can even promote to the level of superintendent engineer and even chief engineer on a merit basis in theirrigation department.

  • Site Engineer

Site engineer is one who looks after the construction work and the management work In the construction site. This post is very common among the private construction companies working for the irrigation department. It is also one of a good job for the young and desperate graduates who wants to join the field projects.

  • Ready Mix Concrete Engineer

Ready mix concrete engineer is one who is responsible for the transportation of thedesired grade of concrete to the construction site at a particular time. This job is a business-centric job which enables engineers to make decent and interactive money.

  • Foundation Engineer

Foundation engineer is the engineer who is responsible for the designing of the foundation for an immense loaded dam type of structure. Foundation engineer works along the most experienced ones in a team with unparalleled salary packages.

Concluding Remarks

Irrigation engineering as a branch of civil engineering is gaining huge momentum recently. Those who are aspiring for the government job in irrigation sector must be well prepared right from the beginning of the technical career. One must make right strategy by getting a top college of civil engineering, effective guidance, and synchronized extracurricular activities.

RE: What are the job opportunities after completion of Irrigation Engineering and the top institutions to pursue the course?

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