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What are the main work and responsibilities of a Biologist?

Can you guide me on this

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RE: What are the main work and responsibilities of a Biologist?

Preeti Taneja
Preeti Taneja
Verified Career Expert
Dy. Manager Education & Counselling, Welspun India Limited
  • Chandigarh

A career in biology can be immensely rewarding and exciting for people with scientific and research aptitude. Biologists learn how living things work , how they interact with one other and how they evolve. They may study cells under microscope, insects in a rain forest, viruses that affect human beings, plants in a greenhouse etc. The research carried out by them increase our understanding about the natural world in which we live and helps us address issues of personal well being and various other worldwide concerns such as global warming, environmental depletion , threats to human health etc.The main work and responsibilities of biologists are:-

Collecting and analyzing biological data about relationships among and between organisms and their environment.

Study aquatic plants and animals and environmental conditions affecting them such as radioactivity or pollution.Identify , classify and study structures, behavior, ecology , physiology , nutrition , culture and distribution of plant and animal species.

Plan and administer biological research programmers for government, research firms, medical industries or manufacturing firms.

Communicate the research finding to central and state government and general public

Program and use computers to store, process and analyze data.

Prepare environmental impact reports for industry, government or publications.

Representing employers in a technical capacity at various science conferences.

RE: What are the main work and responsibilities of a Biologist?

Mayank Kumar
Mayank Kumar
Verified Career Expert
  • Delhi

A biologist is a person involved in studying various aspects of a living organism.

Some great biologists in the world chose biology as a field to study and work upon because they were curious about the behavioural aspects of lives on earth. So, a freelance biologist usually spends whole day in designing and performing new experiments to study biology.
But if a person is a biologist by profession. The main work might include designing experimental studies to explore various aspects of biology that could help mankind either directly or indirectly.
If a person is plant biologist, he will work to trace out various developmental and physiological aspects of plants and some work for identifying strategies for improvement of agriculturally important crops.
If a person is animal biologist. He might be dealing with a specific branch of animal biology like Physiology, pathology, anatomy or behaviour.
So broadly the work of biologist is to design novel strategies to study biology and to perform experiments.
Most of the biologists, aside hard core research, also involve in various teaching activities.

RE: What are the main work and responsibilities of a Biologist?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar


A biologist work as technician, researcher, scientist, professor, doctor etc all are the synonyms of a job to serve for the biological sciences.
Biological job is very much 24x7 which depends on your experimental designing and required duration for a particular procedure / protocol. There is a defined route map to reach the goal of biologist, where responsibilites lie in the complex manner and henceforth a biologist becomes a regular customer of natural feeds.

For a lay man it is very important to understand about the responsibilities in terms of technical, scientific, ethical ets before taking it up:

1. Biologist always happen to be a student and learner -- to update the knowledge and contemporary development in the scientific world accordingly they publish their own data to make it public and therefor each and every scientist work together to contribute the valuable inputs.

2. A biologist / researcher maintains the continuity and follow the desciplined life to follow his or her experiment so that effort, investment of time and money and most importantly expectation get fullfilled and this attitude make them successful.

3. Before framing any conceept or poropsal for research they use to present in front of reverent senior research scientist and face the rigourous task to make it through with the great conviction only then you will be given any financial assistance to carry out the research work.
4. As we know the lab establishment and experimentation cost you and your country hugely so biologist has to be very good manager also so that financial budgeting is maintained and as per the defined heads they are bound to spend money. It is a huge responsibility for a scientist to manage the fund along with research and development. Biologist undergoes a stringent progress reporting based on the planed proposal and intelligently they execute the entire project within stipulate time of frame which is very important.

4. Accordingly a senior biologist known as group leader or program leader or principal investigator manages the research activity and financial deal of entire group member and correct the thesis at doctorate level, review the manuscripts, write the good proposal these are the real challanges to sustain in biological world. Failing to do anything out of the above listed points no point to be a biologist.

5. To do or to take these responsibilities you have to be good human being, need to carry modern temperament, ready to face the critics, be a critic for your student or colleague and then your academic niche decides entire journey of your biological life.

Good luck
Dr Manoj

RE: What are the main work and responsibilities of a Biologist?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar
In terms of responsibilities of a biotechnologist there is a broad discussion which includes the duty and responsibilites at day to day and long term plan. Peolple are always fascinated about the job of biologist inside and outside the laboratory what they do or how they do reflects the curious mind of scoiety.
Scientist from other background also participating in Biological sciences and evolving joint project under mutual colleboration that leads to the meaningful product or discovery or invention towards the society.

If you look at day to day life of a scientist it is a herculian taks whether you are student or researcher or scientist or professor all these are the positions defines at qualification, experience and credential of any individual type.

First one has to make up systemetic plan as per the mendate of research needs to be focused and after a self or group discussion start your experimentation according to your own optimized protocol or reference protocol take the help of technician if you are scientist, do yourself if you are a student or technician follow the guidance of your supervisor.
Follow the experimentation till the end which will be resulted with any data needs to be analysed with scientific parameters and mind again show it to your supervisor or mentor then maintain the same into the database.

Replication of any experiment is much imoprtant which avoids artifacts or default or error, once you reach the final stage you have to the job of documentation known as manuscripting or drafting in scientific or technical term. Final thesis either will get you degree award at PG or Doctorate level after a critical review or examination. Manuscript is published after rigourous checking and review by publication house / research journal ar national and international level of repute. Such kind of practice make you known at world level and then you will be invited at national and international level of scientific forum to discuss your research theme and you will be awarded by various prestigious award by gobt. of india, or any other trust or country.

In brief a scientist works day night 24x7 with full comitment, competence, and self motvation otherwise you will fail to keep the patience which is required to do the biotechnology in successful manner.

A discipline life to maintain the research tempo is essential, of course scientists are the human beings and need to avail the holidays to rejuvinate in systemic manner as per the provision.

I hope this kind of inputs will inspire and aspire you to join the biological club in future.

Rest you can discuss with me telephonically

Dr. manoj

RE: What are the main work and responsibilities of a Biologist?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Counselor / Subject Matter Expert in Microbiology
  • Meerut

Dear friend, you have asked an intersting question, I am also a biologist (microbiologist) and I am happy to answer your query. The biologist could a botanist, zoologist, microbiologist, biotchnologist, biochemist, environmental scientist, biomedical scientist, forensic scientist, agriculture scientist, veterinary scientist, marine biologist, nanobiotechnologist, Food technologist and many more subjects.

The main work and responsibilities of a biologist, where he or she is working, in government sector (university, college, institute) or private sector / multinational company or in non governmental organization (NGO). In university and colleges, the biologist has to interact with students, colleagues, seniors and clients. He is involved in teaching, research, guidance and other departmental or universrity related activities. Writing of research papers, review articles, book chapters or books also keeps a biologist busy not only in office but also in home.

As an academecian, the teaching is very important part of the job of a biologist. He may be involved in teaching graduate, post graduate, M.Phil and doctoral degree programs. The students do visit his office after class to get answer of their queries. The biologist also interacts with M.Sc, M.Phil and PhD students related to their research progress. He has to guide about conduction of new experiments, writing reports and other work.

Besides teaching and research the biologist is also supposed to write and win research projects. He has to write the research proposals to funding agencies for reseach grants. After winning the project, he has to start the work by recruiting the research fellows, purchaning of chemicals and instruments. Monitoring the progress of the project, report writing and submisstion to the funding agency.

The another main job of the biologist is to conduct or attend international or national confernces, symposium, workshops and trainings. This is the platform where the biologist gets an opportunity to interact with like minded people from across the globe. This is the opportunity to know the latest developments in science and also to make research collaborations with person or institute of your choice. To organize such evenets is also a prt of job of a biologist, this is important to get progess or promotion in the field.

In private sector, there is no teaching, but senior biologist also imparts trainings to other colleagues. The main work here is research and develelopmental activities. The biologist is supposed to work on the set protocol of the company. The report writing, publication of reseach papers are also part of the job.

In nu shell, the job of a biologist is very enjoyable.

Good Luck..

RE: What are the main work and responsibilities of a Biologist?

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