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What are the major responsibilities of an Air Hostess?

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RE: What are the major responsibilities of an Air Hostess?

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With a boom in the aviation sector. Jobs for the Air Hostess/ Flight Attendants/ cabin crew member have certainly been multiplied. Plus, with people changing their mindset, it’s no more considered a ‘WAITER’ job.

Foremost the duty of the air hostess is to take safety and assistance of the people on board. Next, comes the comfort of the passengers. Some flights don’t offer beverages or food during the journey, that doesn’t mean there is no job for the flight attendants. They still need to present there for the safety of the passengers.

To be an Air Hostess you have to be best in hospitality and public service, always booming with a positive attitude and a smiling face no matter what is the situation. Physically strong is the main demand because you sometimes have to give shifts for more than 10-12 hours, which sometimes feels better than 9-5 working hours. With great presence of mind and adjusting and a leadership quality, your job is smoothly handled and you put full focus on especially your job.

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During the training:

After a rigorous number of exams and interviews, when you finally get selected. It feels like heaven because it may seem easy but not everybody’s cup of tea.There’s a training course for 4-6 weeks generally regulated by The Civil Aviation Authority.

Things you are taught while the training-




  • Endurance
  • Issues related to the security of the flight and the passengers.
  • Passengers well-being
  • Decompression
  • Evacuation of the Aircraft in state of emergency
  • Situations in which aircraft land in water or there’s a fire in the engines or any part of the aircraft.
  • Medical Requirements.

Given these training sessions, can be too expensive for the Aviation Authority. Applicants selected as a member of the cabin crew are only given these training or there are other training courses for airlines which also help you to gain the required knowledge and the experience. Selected members of the cabin crew are tested on their performance by the other senior members of the cabin crew for a period of 3-6 months. Also, every 12 months every flight attendant has to undergo perennial training and are tested again, for the best performance.

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Main Responsibilities:

  • Before any flight, there always takes place a pre-flight meeting, where every member is allotted their positions of work as to what are the details of the flight, requirements of the passengers and details of the passengers with medical requirements and the number of babies on board.
  • Performing the pre-flight tasks, to check all the safety equipment is available, the cleanliness and tidiness of the aircraft are on point, seat pockets have the required information and are current and last but not the least the food and the stock is all available on the aircraft.
  • To welcome the passengers with a smile and ‘Welcome to the Flight’ and assisting them to their seats.
  • Important job is to inform the passengers about the safety measures and procedures
  • To ensure that every passenger’s hand luggage is safe and secure at a storied
  • To check the seat belts of all the passengers when the aircraft is ready to take-off.
  • After everybody is settled and the flight has reached a steady point, the duty is to offer refreshments and food to the passengers.
  • Giving first-aid to passengers in medical emergencies.
  • Time-by-time assuring that the passengers follow the instructions and the safety measures during an emergency.
  • The comfort of every passenger till the end of the flight is the duty of an air hostess.
  • Safely and by thanking every passenger to land on the ground is very important.
  • To check every passenger has taken their handbag and there is nothing left in the overhead chambers.
  • At last, the paperwork completion, where you are required to give the over-all flight report and give any suggestion or file a complaint about anything not on board.


It’s a very noble job but takes a lot of patience. Everyday meeting all sorts of people on every flight, and still taking care of each with the positive attitude. It’s a highly paid job with a lot of other benefits like free travel for yourself and discounted rates for the family and chance to travel around the world and explore new cultures and traditions.

 For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What are the major responsibilities of an Air Hostess?

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