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What ‘new age careers’ aren’t well known among people?

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: What ‘new age careers’ aren’t well known among people?

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Adventure Tourism

People are becoming more curious about new places and new adventures spending quality time on their vacations. Adventure tourism operators guide and supervise tourists aboutexciting outdoor activities, up mountains, and on biking trips through forests and other adventure areas. There is a wide range of activities available in adventure tourism such as rafting, climbing, diving, fishing, canoeing, hiking and sailing. An adventure tourism operator will guide you through your whole adventure journey and educate you about various fun adventures that you could explore according to your interest and activity level.Other information such as you might need to know which kind of season is suitable for some specific adventure and sites, costs, time required etc. could also be attained from an adventure tourism operator.


  • Guide groups and individuals.
  • Gather all the needed equipment and supplies.
  • Build a positive customer relation
  • Demonstrate and instruct relevant skills and technique.
  • Establish positive customer relations.
  • Arrange meals for customers.

Animation Film Maker

Animation is the process of bringing images/pictures into motion by the use of animation software and technology.It is an illusion of movement formed by showing a series of still pictures in a rapid chronologicalsequence.Animation industry is at its peak in the last few years, it has been developing at a faster rate than ever making it more demanding on a global platform for movies, gaming, websites, advertisement and mobile media. Animators areresponsible for on-screen visuals that we see in animated movies. They work with drawing, sketches, and other graphics to convert them into animation.


  • Creating 2d and 3d models of characters, scenery, and props before utilizing CGI software to add movement.
  • Following given scripts to make sure that the animation incorporate seamlessly with the music cues and dialogue.
  • Editing the arrangement of the sequence of animation, refining everything, tweaking bits and adding more sound effects.
  • Complete projects within tight deadlines and budget restrictions.

Audio Engineer

An audio engineer uses machinery and equipment to record, synchronize, mix or reproduce music, voices, or sound effects. He or she can work in movie, music recording, theater, or video game industries. Audio engineers are also known as sound engineers or recording engineers. Audio engineers has to deal with all kind of technology needs to better sound effects and music. This career path offers a wide range of fields to work for; due to eminent need of sound engineers in almost every form of entertainment such as television, radio, concerts,theater, movies and studio recording. Metropolitan cities have a lot of job opportunities to offer for this profession even though a small number of them could also be found in working for small companies at other small cities.


  • To reproduce or record sound using audio tools and equipments.
  • Set up audio and equipment of mixing board for sporting events, drama shows or artistic production.
  • Adjusting broadcast equipment to ensure that voices are clear and comfortable to hear.
  • Ensure that recording tracks are free from any popping, static or cracking sounds.
  • Minimizing environmental sounds that could possibly interfere with a scene in a movie or with a television broadcast.

Aviation Management

Aviation managers plan and scheduleflights overseas aircraft maintenance and manages staff for airlines. They ensure that an airport and it's all departures runs efficiently and securely. They are expected to work for long hours because an aviation manager is held responsible for the failure orsuccess of the concerned organization. A pleasing personality, stamina and leadership ability is required to fit in this role. There is also a possibility for evening, weekends or holidays shifts since airports tend to serve outgoing or incoming flights during those times as well. Professionals in this career get to know about aviation law and policy, safety management, air transportation management, applied operations in airspace management and transportation.There are a lot of reputed airports at which one could get an appealing job.There is also a possibility to work at international airlines after getting educated from a well-known institute.


  • To manage the operations of the aviation department.
  • Directs and leads the work of others.
  • Keeping good communication with passengers and workers at airline.
  • Assignment and selection of staff to provide equal employment opportunities.
  • Frequent evaluation of employee performance for providing best services to passengers.

RE: What ‘new age careers’ aren’t well known among people?

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