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what are the new terms of career counselling?

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RE: what are the new terms of career counselling?

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In the modern era of demonetization, downsizing, new technologies and increased diversity have put employees in a situation of uncertainty. It has become a herculean task to maintain a single job for years. Many employees have to change their careers every now and then. Students and employees are now seeking for the career options which may prove compatible with them on long term basis. In order to help students and employees for choosing their compatible careers, career counselors play a crucial role throughout their whole lives. They review people’s talents with effective and profitable career options for their present as well as future career choices. Due to need of holistic approach towards best fit future jobs, the professional career experts help people by offering counseling sessions, improving interpersonal skills and exploring one’s interests and guide them to the facts of the job process. As the notion of ‘career’ also changes with time, it is necessary for all job seekers to work out on self-management and skill development on regular basis. Career counseling is now getting important to define client needs along with the type of interventions in various career fields.


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Holistic approach:

In the recent work environment, it has become necessary to have an appropriate approach towards career whether it's about a job change or any psychosocial issues. The increasing rate of unemployment and uncertainty of job puts the employees in a dilemma which can also ruin their career. It has become important to pursue ‘self-managed’ career which requires gaining occupational knowledge and also specific training to achieve high goals. Career counselors will help in developing various skills for gaining resilience and complete guidance for any particular work arena. Only a holistic approach provided by the counselors will help to deal all relevant aspects of an employee, a parent, a student or a community member.

Knowing about an individual:

Career counselors can help people in developing ideas about three major issues:

1)    How can be an individual categorized among various choices?

2)    How can work environment be categorized?

3)    How can employees and work environment interact with each other?

The complete knowledge of an individual such as his abilities, interests, personality, potential and goals will help him in giving a perfect positive approach towards a bright career. It will help people to assume what will be best for them, a satisfying work profile or a non-work activity. An open conversation between career counselors and clients will help to uncover the hidden talents of the clients which may lead them towards success in the field of their own interest. Only after knowing about true perspectives, people can pursue effective career development.

Understanding the need of career planning:

According to a scientist, Arthur Bachrach, people should do research for career planning in the same way as writers do for writing books. It is seen that along with traditional counseling, various kinds of linear and rational planning are also necessary to help people to be compatible with today’s practical work. It will also help them in making right decisions and a perfect strategy for future career plannings. Flexible thinking and open minded approach will help people in stepping the stairs of success.

Planned Initiatives:

Career counselors will help their clients to get ready for taking initiatives towards their career in a beneficial, logical and unexpected approach. It will help people to manage their own careers and open new doors for themselves all over the world in a long run. People tend to recognize their skills and adapt them in a productive manner. This can be a result of mutual planning of a career counselor and an individual. With this approach, people will develop creativity, recognition, and take advantage of new perspectives and turn them into new opportunities for future success.

Developing various skills:

In the contempary era, it has become important to be flexible and develop a risk-taking capability for bright career choices. Career counselors will encourage people to be flexible towards their goals and be prepared for instant actions.

“If you always know where you’re going, you may never end up somewhere else and vice versa.” ~ Gelatt                               

Various interpersonal skills and resources are also equally important for getting success in a modern economic environment. Due to increasing competencies in the job world, interpersonal skills are compulsory for teamwork and for getting reliance as per customer need. Developing transferable skills can help in gaining the potential to attract employers. Career counselors will also help in focusing on major concerns such as building networks, mentoring, web resources, cognitive abilities, intelligence, self-awareness, and self-management. These skills will also help people in promotions, high pay scale, and work satisfaction.

Career counselors help their clients to remain self-centered and identify their skills for the most beneficial type of new challenges. They also support in making a perfect strategy towards interpersonal skills in a decisive manner and help in gaining experiences and strengths for future job options and overcome various job hurdles in an effective manner for getting success.

RE: what are the new terms of career counselling?

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