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What are the roles for a journalist in today’s challenging time?

by Rohit Dubey
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2 answers

RE: What are the roles for a journalist in today’s challenging time?

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
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Hello Rohit, 

The answer to your question can be answered via this phrase, " a pen is mightier than a sword". 

The main role of a journalist is to keep people inforned about the various happenings through their writings. Whether it is sports or health or education or politics.

Eg. We know of advancement in the field of healthcare because of the effort of a journalist who meets the professional, interviews them and then through his art of communicating, communicates the message to us.

Do I need to write more.

Wish you good luck....

RE: What are the roles for a journalist in today’s challenging time?

Surabhi Dewra
Surabhi Dewra
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Journalists of the new millennium have a host of roles to play. Similarly, their responsibilities must also be given serious consideration. The media are capable of influencing, informing, or motivating a large number of people. Thus, these journalists can use their thoughts as tools to guide or persuade the masses. They use the media to communicate such thoughts and opinions. If a group of individuals is capable of influencing the minds of people, the responsibilities of this group must be clearly defined, lest this group should change the course of social and political events of a nation. It has been said that the poetry of PB Shelley was responsible for bringing about the French revolution (1789). Similarly, the newspaper started by Lala Lajpat Rai, Bhagat Singh, Sir Sayyed Ahmed Khan and other revolutionaries of the pre-independence era had motivated the masses to wage a war against the British rule in India. Many more examples can be quoted in this context. The reporters, TV journalist and content writers are not supposed to lead the society to a quagmire of crisis. Just one statement from a reputed press correspondent and the government could fall! Journalists are demi-gods today. Their views and features of journo cannot afford to be biased, whimsical, manipulative or rogue.

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There is a common saying, “Your freedom ends where my nose starts.” Hence we should study the roles and responsibilities of this special breed of humans not because it is morally bound to abide by these norms but because other humans would force this special breed to conform to these norms. Nowadays, morality, in the context of journalism is a matter of choice. The journalist has to ensure that his activities do not offend those on whom; he focuses his probing eye or camera. The targeted subject can retaliate if journalist ignores what he ought to do as a member of the mass media.


Roles of Journalists:

We can define some vital roles of the journalists of today, as follows:-

  1. Enlightens the society: The journalists of today keep the masses abreast of the latest news and events. They also inform the people about the current political, economic and social trends. Thus, through their reports and writings, they enlighten the society or nation.
  2. Make people Sensitive to burning Issues: Journalists, by virtue of their knowledge about polity and society, can guide the masses through their messages and content. They write editorials, guest columns, routine columns and features in newspapers and magazines. Examples: Tavleen Singh has been writing about issues of national importance in India Today for quite some time.
  3. Entertain the Masses: Journalists also give information regarding cinema, fashion, city life, and music to the masses. Examples: Somashukla Sinha walunjker interviews the celebrities and publishes except these interviews in Hindustan Times. Journalists also give important news through the audiovisual media.
  4. Elicit Opinions from the masses: Print media journalists, as well as TV journalists, keep in touch with their audiences through their respective communication channels. They ask questions about the burning topics from their audiences. These burning topics are addressed by them in their articles, chat shows, and other programs. The audiences are asked to send their responses to typical subject-specific topics being discussed. Their responses pour into the TV studios or editorial offices of the newspaper/magazines through SMS messages, fax messages, telephone calls and letters. Thus, the journo of today keep the masses involved in the processes of news making. Further, popular market research organizations like ORG, AC Nielsen, and MARG conduct surveys in collaboration with various media. Many of such surveys are conducted online. People respond either on a choice basis or through a few lines of text.
  5. Educate the Elite Audiences: Journalists associated with the economy, global polity, the sciences and technology write articles on these subjects. They inform and educate those readers and viewers who are keen to learn more about such topics and events. Almost every important topic is being covered by the print media, TV and radio. Technological advances are explained in nutshell on radio and TV. Magazines give data and facts about avant-garde technologies. Many journalists promote new gadgets/devices that are used by readers and viewers to enhance their productivity levels.
  6. Delineate the shape of the Things to Come: Journalists repeat the events of the present. In the context of the trends of the past, they view the events the present and give predictions about the future. Political manipulates and societal transformations are the two major areas in which, they almost always make predictions. Senior journalists are accurate, but the newcomers to the filed may find it difficult to predict the events of the future. This skill can be honed only after playing long innings in the field of journalism. In many countries opinions of senior members of the Press become the political statements of their leaders.

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RE: What are the roles for a journalist in today’s challenging time?

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