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What can students do if they find their graduation stream not appealing?

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RE: What can students do if they find their graduation stream not appealing?

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When I was in college, there was a student in my batch who appeared to be quite intelligent in classes. He was the one who could solve toughest of the mathematics and physics problems. He was the one who could teach computer subjects without even studying them. I always thought he was going to be among the toppers and everyone else also thought so. It was only after the results of the first semester that we all realized that there was something not perfect. That student failed in 3 out of 5 subjects. In fact, all this continued for next 1.5 year when he was given an ultimatum by the dean that he should either clear the subjects or leave the college. Eventually, he left the college. As I got to know, he joined another engineering college from the first years out of parental pressure.


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This left me thinking what good was he doing in his life and how could taking admission in another engineering college could help that student. As I got to know from some other friends that he was taking computer graphics coaching along sides and was already making good money out of it. Probably, he decided to start his career without telling his parents and continue doing engineering for his parents’ sake.

However, there are still options for students who find their graduation stream non-appealing and they can still make a good career in the field of their interest.

Understand your problem areas

The first action plan that you should adopt is to understand your problem areas. You can see where you are lacking and what are the challenges that you are facing in your current graduation field. It is quite possible that they are solvable and instead of changing the field, you can get a way out in the same field. There are various elective subjects in all the graduation streams. You can select the electives according to your choice and then shape the career accordingly. However, in case you find the problem areas unsolvable, then you need to take expert advice in solving it.

Assess your strengths

When you are confident that the current graduation field is not right for you, then you need to immediately take some steps. You can take psychometric skill tests to understand what your strengths and weaknesses. This can help you introspect and make you aware of your skills and talents. This test can help you realize what career options can be suitable for you and how you can utilize your skills for those careers. You might be requiring improvement in some skills and this test will essentially help you go through the process.

Take expert help

Changing graduation steam Is not an easy step, you need to take an expert advice in this case. You should consult a career counsellor who can tell you the best way so that you don’t waste too much of your time and learning. A career counsellor can take cues from your psychometric test and can guide you the best possible career options according to your skills. He can further guide you about admission procedure and the amount of hard work that will be required by you for pursuing a new career. A professional help can support you to shape your career in a right way in accordance with your aspirations and skills.

Improve your skills

When you are going to pursue a new stream for graduation, you need to be prepared to handle the challenges that come along way. Firstly, only your inherent skills and talents are not enough to succeed in that field. You need to be prepared mentally as well as intellectually. You need to understand what kind of skills students possess pursuing that field. You can talk to students already in the same career or take help from the support centers of colleges and Universities. You can also take some coaching and small courses or study online so as to be aware of the updated information of the new career field.

Be mentally prepared to face the challenges

When you change your career field, there are greater expectations from you to do better and you will have to face many more challenges. The working pattern will be different. You will be interacting with new people and you will be focussing on a new career. But you need to be courageous to face all the changes and look forward to your promising career. You need to feel content that you are studying that is apt to your skills and aspirations. Also, you need to maintain your confidence and keep moving forward in your new career.

There are several challenges for a student who wants to change his graduation field. Although, it is always advisable to consider all the options before changing the career stream at this level, however, it is also not good to pursue a career which is not apt for your skills. One should take an expert advice in this matter and does not follow any kind of limited knowledge and information. Such decisions should be taken only after much consideration.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What can students do if they find their graduation stream not appealing?

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