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What is the future for Sales and Marketing as a career field?

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RE: What is the future for Sales and Marketing as a career field?

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Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing are that part of an organization that defines the net worth of an organization by planning a strategic layout in order to increase the corporate value and profit by selling most of the products and services that are created within the scope of the organization. This helps in order to create a brand value of the organization by affecting the mass reach of the product as well as the parent organization that created the respective product in order to effect the net sales followed by the net worth of the organization. Sales and marketing department can be taken as a commerce-oriented division inside the organization with the approach to maximize the brand value and create a more stable approach to meet the demand and also increase the demand curve of the commodity as per the business development requirement.

Functional Areas in marketing

In the present scenario there are a number of positions open in the marketing and sales field. Most of them involve the respective traits like direct interaction with the people and one to one marketing as well as branding, that involves good communication skills and pitch perfect personality. These traits are necessary to land in a good job at marketing and sales department of the organization. The Sales and Marketing department also provides a number of creating and interesting areas to work under its spectrum and are as follow as:

  • Brand Management
  • Product Management
  • Internet Marketing
  • Business Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Sales and Representation
  • Business Development
  • Marketing Communication
  • Non-profit Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Product Reach
  • Sponsorship management
  • Sports MARKETING
  • Advertisement Campaigning
  • Finance Services

These are a few available positions that can be pursued in order to look forward to a future in sales and marketing. But these are only a few mentioned, in actual the stream of sales and marketing is very vast and is developing at a faster rate in which the chances of having a new position open is totally possible with high possibility and making the sales and marketing as one of the most effective fields in modern economy.

Available positions in the marketing and sales

Taking the questions on a more operational level, the positions are the key roles and responsibilities of a person inside an organization and the sales and marketing department offers a number of key roles that can be looked forward to in order to have a good future in this field and are as follow as:

  • Account Director or supervisor
  • Account Manager or Senior Account Manager
  • Account Executive
  • Junior Account Executive
  • Marketing Manager and Assistant Marketing Manager
  • Copy Editor
  • Brand And ProductManager
  • Copywriter
  • Event and Trade Show manager
  • Event and Tradeshow coordinator
  • Manufacturer’s Representative
  • Direct Consumer Sales
  • Corporate Sales
  • Sales Management

These are the following available positions open in the field of sales and marketing and can be looked to forward in order to work professionally inside and corporate environment and in order to learn more and grow at a faster and a better rate. All these positions are available are up to present day scenario and are on a very vast and generic basis, it is possible that on moving from organizational standards these positions may vary.

Skills required for the marketing and sales field

As mentioned above the job of the sales and marketing person is very hectic and involves lots of direct communication with suitable parties in order to increase the business or create a better marketing reach. Due to all these there are a key roles and skills that are mandatory and are as follow as:

  • Creative
  • Analytical Thinker
  • Good aptitude
  • Good communication
  • Energetic
  • Motivated
  • Presence of mind
  • Outgoing
  • Flexible
  • Enthusiastic

These are the few skills that are necessary in order to become successful in the field of sales and marketing as this field involves lots of field work as well as attentiveness to a greater extent. It is important to have all these skills in your profile.

Market aspects of Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing are one of the most interesting fields that are offered by the modern world and the market has the great potential. Almost each and every industry requires a talent for the sales and marketing division of the company as this department directly has the potential to affect the sales and revenue of the industry. Also taking in context this field also works in order to create a potential difference that can directly increase or decrease the brand value of the company and hence has a much larger area of impact than any other division.

RE: What is the future for Sales and Marketing as a career field?

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