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What kinds of positions are available for LLB degree holders? How do they differ from each other?

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RE: What kinds of positions are available for LLB degree holders? How do they differ from each other?

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Law is a very diverse career. When a student does his graduation in law, it does not necessarily mean that the only option that he has after graduation is to become a lawyer. This course, as said by Prof. S. Shantha Kumar, has a Unique Selling Proposition. A law graduate can adorn position in any of the three organs of the government, namely, the Legislature, Judiciary and the Executive. The law students, nowadays, do not just have the traditional career options with them, but also many modern opportunities have opened their gate for them. They are not just given theoretical knowledge from the book but also provided with practical knowledge by taking them to the court.

Moot Competitions are organized all around the world which gives practical experience to the students and helps them enhance their skill and analytical power. All these advancements go a long way to building the personality of the student so that he may have a diverse career option ahead of him. The gateway to enter into law schools after 12th is by giving law entrance tests such as CLAT, CET and the equivalent. The student may opt for a 5-year integrated course or a 3-year course after graduation if he so desires. 


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Every law graduate has an option of practicing as an advocate in court. The individual practice has a lot of benefits. The person can handle his affairs as a businessman, that is, according to his own terms and conditions. Even though starting and running one’s own practice is a difficult task, still, the benefits derived out of practice are far more than what they may get out of jobs. Taking up a job in the legal department of a company is yet another option which is available for a law graduate. There are many companies that offer direct placements to the new lawyers.


One may have an option of taking up the job either in a public company or a private company. Private companies offer relatively high pay than the Government Companies. If a person is looking for a secure job, then he may go in for the latter. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. The major advantage of Government Companies is that theywork for the benefit of the employees while the private hubs work for the benefit of the employers.


Another option available after graduation for lawyers is to clear the exams conducted by Public Service Commissions and become a judge. This option is good for candidates who are willing to give some more years of their life studying and gaining extensive knowledge in the field of Law. Judges have a huge responsibility on their shoulders because one wrong decision taken by him can change a person’s life forever.  Students can apply for exams in various states of the country if they fulfill the precondition of knowing the local language of the state in which they are applying. After gaining some experience, the law graduate can also become a Solicitor General, a Public Prosecutor and can also offer services to the Government and the Ministry.

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Additionally, Lawyers can work as teachers in various Universities and can share their knowledge and experience with students. This can either be done through Colleges or by opening their own private institutions. Generally, people with a Master’s degree in Law (L.L.M) opt for the teaching profession. Working with certain NGO’s is yet another option which can be adopted by the graduates who believe in social work and have a soft corner for the needy.


Working as a reporter in newspapers and television is yet another attractive option available to them. There are a lot of news channels and agencies which require a person to a professional degree such as alaw to get advice on legal matters and also to deliver such news which is related to law and order and cannot be easily understood by a journalist who has no knowledge in the same. This is a new option available to graduates and has a good potential for growth in the future.


Therefore the different roles that a lawyer can play in the society can be summarized as under:

  1. Criminal Lawyer: Who specializes in penal laws such as CRPC, IPC, Evidence Act, etc.
  2. Civil Litigation Lawyer: who specializes in civil laws such as excise and taxation laws
  3. Legal Analyst: who analyses laws pertaining to the sphere of the company and its operations
  4. Document Drafting Lawyer: Who specializes in drafting documents agreements, terms, and conditions, etc.
  5. Legal Journalist: Who covers crime beats, legal proceedings in courts, etc
  6. Legal Advisor: Who gives consultancy to corporate bodies regarding their legal obligations and duties
  7. Government Lawyer: Who works with the government and in close coordination with the police
  8. Judge: Who offers judgment after competition of legal proceedings


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Law is a very high paying profession but the payment one gets depends to a large extent on the caliber, analytical skill, and wit of the candidate. The college from which the person does his graduation is yet another factor which is considered.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!


RE: What kinds of positions are available for LLB degree holders? How do they differ from each other?

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