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What should I prefer after 10th - Commerce or Science ?

by Rahul Joshi
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RE: What should I prefer after 10th - Commerce or Science ?

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This one particular seemed to be a common dilemma for the students when it comes to choosing the right stream after 10th. Whether to opt for Commerce or Science is not that new a question that arises in the minds of many students. Let’s discuss the whole scene in detail exploring the benefits and requirements of each of the mentioned streams in your query.

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Different Streams after 10th

There are different streams available after 10th of which most common are Arts (Humanities), Commerce and Science. Some may prefer vocational courses but the here we have major three streams in which you can go further and set in a career. Yours is a query that asks only about the Commerce and Science from which one has to be preferred. The remaining one that is Arts/Humanities is a stream in which preferably study the subjects like, Economics, History, Sociology, Administration, etc.

Science stream after 10th

We often come across the saying that only talented and genius students go for Science stream after their 10th as there is a preset consideration that the Science is a difficult stream. Yes, we can say in that way that the Science is somewhat difficult with complexities if compared to the other streams but it is totally wrong that it has only been preferred by a very few talented and genius students. Every student who is ready to take effort can opt for Science stream. In the science stream, you will have been studying various subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathemetics and Biology. In India, we have Physics and Chemistry as compulsory subjects and you can choose one as a third compulsory subject from the Mathematics and Biology as choosing between these two has great importance. If you choose Biology then you will be in the career field like Medical, Bio-technology, Agricultural Bio-technology, Geology, Zoology, Forensic Science, Microbiology and Food Technology etc. If you choose Mathematics then you would land in Engineering and Technology field. Apart from this discussed majors, you have an option to go for plain science degree where comes the B.Sc. and M.Sc. thereby you can opt for the particular subject in Science stream and excel in it.

Benefits and advantages of choosing Science stream

The technological development and the innovations is a new hallmark of the world today. The science stream will give you more opportunities to prosper.

  • Science stream lets you become Smarter, progressive and intelligent.
  • As you invariably study the subjects like Physics and Chemistry you will develop the scientific knowledge and theory and the understanding of the world with the causes and effects.
  • Science has the potential of remarkable and progressive developments on many fronts which create infinite possibilities. You obviously become the part of this ever-growing chain of development.
  • You will get much more opportunities to learn new things right from Human body to space to universe
  • Science is all about discoveries which make you think creatively and lets posses the excellent problem-solving skills
  • You get the knowledge which will be applicable in literally every field that will make you secure in terms of career, practical life.
  • You can pursue your higher education from world class institutions in India like IITs, NITs,

Commerce stream after 10th

Commerce is a stream which has been considered as the ladder to a corporate and business world. The subjects taught in the stream have a direct relation with the finance and economic aspects. Economics and Accountancy which are among the subjects taught here will lead you toward the profession such as CA-Chartered Accountant, CS-Company Secretary, CFA-Charter Financial Analyst, as an Economist, and so on. The very business world is dependent on finance which is critical to every business the world over and the commerce will obviously take you to these lucrative professions. Generally, after 10th students have to prefer the stream for their Higher Secondary Education and Commerce is one of the streams to be opted for. Going forward in the Commerce stream there will be Bachelor degree and Master Degree in Commerce and even you can do research oriented doctorates. There are many professional courses like CA, Cs, CFA, etc.


Benefits and advantages of choosing Science stream

As we have already discussed, the career in Commerce and Economic field is the opportunity to become the part of the businesses at its core because without finance there nothing will happen and you will be at the helm to manage it.

  • The Economics as one of the subject in this stream consists of the relation between production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. You come to know how the Economies the world over run.
  • In the Business Study subject, you will essentially learn the operations of the organization and modern business enterprises.
  • In Accountancy, which contains some form of mathematics is actually related to the financial information about a business entity

I hope, you by now might have come to know the very differences and the career scopes in above-mentioned streams. For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What should I prefer after 10th - Commerce or Science ?

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