What should I take in class 11 ? I am confused between science and commerce.Which one has more career options(must be specific to field)?

Science or commerce? most of my friends and other intelligent students I know have chosen science. I am one of those 90% scoring students. And so everyone around me is advising me to take science. But I dont think I would be able to manage the science stream. And then when I start to consider commerce I am confronted by the fact that I dont have a business mind. Now I want to know the career options in both these fields. The career options must be specific to that field i.e. the career must only be available to those students who have taken its respective option. For eg- A career in doctor is only specific to the science students.

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3 answers

RE: What should I take in class 11 ? I am confused between science and commerce.Which one has more career options(must be specific to field)?

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello My Dear Career Aspirant,

Your question is so so perfect and so clear and I very much get a sense that you are an extremely talented and disciplined and well organised person who can articulate his / her thoughts and convey them precisely without any confusion and barrier.

I very much appreciate that you approached with your concern to us at I very much liked your approach towards career of being a very specific to the field professional.

In my more than seven years of career counselling experience and some years of teaching experience where I have interacted with thousands of students like you, your career query is really unique and I have never come across a student so clear in his / her thoughts about this career.

Choosing a career stream after SSC:

Arts, Commerce and Science are the three streams typically which are chosen by students.

You say that you have been scoring 90% and above average in your exams and there fore you see many students having such marks go into the science field. You have also found out that commerce field requires business mind.

My Dear Student, your both the above observations are very correct, however not every body is applicable to the above assumption or notion, since of the fact that actually every body of us very unique in our own way. This unique ness if found out and if a career is chosen based on this, then one can create wonders in the world of career for him / her self.

Choosing between Arts, Commerce and Science has never been very simple, however it can be made simple if you dig into your self and introspect your self.

Your subconscious mind telling you that you cannot manage the science stream is a strong indication and there fore I suggest you not to go against your gut feeling and inner voice, no matter what others say. Doing so will definitely land you in trouble in future, where you will not be emotionally connected to it.

Psychometric Test is an Answer:

Psychometric Assessment Test is an ideal answer I would give to a problem which you have. Choosing a Stream Suggestor Psychometric Test from will be the most best, fast and convenient ways to know for what career field you are really made up for. This test is downloadable and can be done all by your self at your home.

This test will highlight your strengths, weaknesses, passion, interests, likings, abilities and will suggest you which stream will be suited based on your personality and findings of this test.

Best Luck

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RE: What should I take in class 11 ? I am confused between science and commerce.Which one has more career options(must be specific to field)?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

Thank you very much for approaching, as your query related to your endeavor is our our objectives. I am also in the questioning mode and trying to raise the fundamental question from our society and its representatives (educated parents, academicians, legislative and other so called dignitaries) why our young generation asks this type of question after more then sixty years of independence??? This universal question reflects our fear psychosis, our insecurity, lack of self confidence, poor academic background and after all our upbringing in immature and so-called intellectual society those are claiming that we will be super-power soon???? How come? as long as we will face this type of question-What should I opt in career, how I will get job, which subject will be better for me???? These reflect our mental status and threatening remarks of our uncontrolled situation in the nation. More then eighty percent of population is in the same striving condition which could be fatal. Due to such symptomatic situation we are developing different aptitude to study a particular course, job etc and consequently we are attempting a career in vague.

I am sorry I have shared with you because I trust you and expect an answer from you if you understood then I wish this country will get the light of hope and our generation will never ask such question.

Based on above background try to follow the certain paths as below:

Develop a habit of self study and introspection which have been lost due to the future insecurity (a natural problem for all of us) and repeat your studied materials once again whatever language you know just try to translate the moral of the story in all the sense -sciences, humanities, maths and commerce all---

This exercise is a crucial step which requires orientations, concentration, acceptability-grasping power, and self motivation. Try to understand the genesis of any subject where you are talking about sciences and commerce and giving reference of third party those have no role in your academic life. Studying a subject is not a claim of insurance policy and teachers andinstitutionalheads are not the insurance agents those will promise you thebenefits just after thematurity of course or program -like commerce pass out will be given this job / science pass out will be given that job---these are all the bogus discussion. Since I am trying to convince you that please do not trap your present rather focus the on the foundation. All subjects are equal in academics no students are brilliant and intelligent by birth this is the concentration and self skill which make them successful. That is all.

RE: What should I take in class 11 ? I am confused between science and commerce.Which one has more career options(must be specific to field)?

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur


Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. I sincerely appreciate your thought that you want to put your education into real value and not get into some rapid course that may stand irrelevant to your education background and career interests. And to mention, I also need to appreciate your communication and excellent writing skills at this age. Hats off on that. I hardly get to meet a few students who articulate well in writing and yes, you are one of them for sure.

Your basic confusion is oscillating between Science or Commerce. Do not ever assume that the bright and intelligent minds only choose Science and the poor minds choose Commerce. It is a stereotypical assumption that our society has built up and never push yourself into such beliefs. Having said that, never think that being a bright student you are right to only choose science stream. Choosing a stream requires aptitude and passion for that stream. Like we say Doctors choose Science stream because that is the only group that will lead them to be eligible for an MBBS admission. I want you to clear up your mind and think what you personally aspire for YOUR future? This will give you some sense of clarity in thought. Simple, you already pointed out that you are not with a Business mind and for this reason, you cannot study Commerce. Like wise what thoughts crop up in your mind when you think of Science? Why do you think you cannot manage with Science, and thinking so please list out the reasons.

And the next thing I would like to tell you is, please do not assume that only Doctors or Engineers need to study in Science group or only business aspirants need to study Commerce. All these groups are of much more in reality and hardly a few recognise that.

To say, a Commerce degree can also lead you into Commerce, accounts, finance, Company secretaryship, and yes definitely the Economics. If you are not a business aspirant, you can comfortably choose only to study Economics.Yes, brilliant minds are also into Economics if thats what stroked your mind just now. If you choose any other subjects apart from Economics that are listed above, you will be some how linked to business and management. And I also want to clarify that Business and management are extremely different and not just the same. Lots of people dont understand this. Business is involved in forming and organising by one self and such persons who engage in these work are known as entrepreneurs. Where as management is extremely different, it is involved with only managing people, source or resources. Management is a part of the business but not the actual business itself. For example, as a manager you can lead a team of 10 employees and that is known as management but could it be known as a business? The person whos mind that run this organisation is known to be his business. Like wise, ask yourself if you are unlikely with business or management. If your mind still stays away from management, then only choosing Economics is apt to you in Commerce stream at 11th. If you are okay with management then you can study BCom or the CS.

Next with the science stream, why do you think you cannot manage with science? List down the reasons and see if there could be any corrective measures to help you overcome the obstacles. For example, some students think they cannot manage science only because they hate lab experiments, where as some reason out that they hate drawing and record writings. If you have similar perceptions, then science may not be good for you as a career in science will eventually need you to engage with lab or drawing in your career.

Finally spend a few minutes to sit on the psychometric assessment on this website. This test will give you some clarity to understand if you really want to study science or commerce. Hope thois briefing helps. If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us back. Happy to help. My best wishes to you.

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RE: What should I take in class 11 ? I am confused between science and commerce.Which one has more career options(must be specific to field)?

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