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What should you reply when your interviewer asks you “What has been your major disappointment”

by Ashveen Brar
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2 answers

RE: What should you reply when your interviewer asks you “What has been your major disappointment”

Surabhi Dewra
Surabhi Dewra
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Hi Ashveen

Here the motive is to show that how much you can learn from your mistakes. Don't give them a piece of an incident that turned out to be not just a disappointment but a disaster. Use a mild incident.

Here's an interesting piece to tell you why!


A person decided to be honest and told interviewers about his greatest mistake. He once sacked someone but got some of the procedures wrong. The employee took them to law and it cost the company 50,000 pounds. He of course did not get the job!!

RE: What should you reply when your interviewer asks you “What has been your major disappointment”

T K Home
T K Home
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Here you may admit the mistake if done in the past in the professional job but also inform the interviewer how successfully you have benefited the organisation with your quality of services.

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