What subject to take after 10th? I am confused

I m poor in maths but average in physics nd chemistry.i wnt to take maths bt it is harder.i m confused

by Yashika
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4 answers

RE: What subject to take after 10th? I am confused

Dr. K.V. Anand
Dr. K.V. Anand
Verified Career Expert
Career Guide, Educationist, Author and Clinical Psychologist
  • Palakkad

Dear aspirant
Nice of you to post your query at CareerGuide.com.
We help you choose the right career.

If you see yourself poor in maths, then it is always better to pursue a career which is outside the scope of mathematics. Average in physics and chemistry also same thing.

But let me remind you, you have just reached 10th standard. Your intellect has started functioning flawlessly now. I should ask you to ask yourself . Is this your potential? Can't you score more in maths, physics and chemistry if prepare well?

Every boy at your age has some sort of societal and circumstantial compulsions so they perform somewhat bad in their 10th exams, but they improve multifold later. I think that may be your case.

To perform maximum as per your ability, you need to be serious and passionate about life, career and future. Once you become serious about these three, you start functioning and perform well.

I advice you to take a career aptitude test so that you shall be able to understand your attitude and skills (aptitude) well. Once understood, you can choose your future plans of education and career.

Good luck.

RE: What subject to take after 10th? I am confused

Rohit Gala
Rohit Gala
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director & Counselor at Svastrino
  • Mumbai

Hey Hello!

Thanks for writing to us for securing you career. I will help you in this query and get your issue on track so that you can move ahead confidently.

As you want to choose the subject option after 12th it seems that you want to opt for science and as per the understanding.
So if you find math difficult you have to go with that subject as that is a important subj which you should never miss untill 12th. Then you can surely opt for medical where math asa whole will be majorly out from your studies.
Until then you have to work hard in your math and make it a point that you atleast get some where coser to your career by not scoring very low in your math.

So what ever you do jsut try and do some real hard work to get set of your math fear.
To avoid math fear try and learn vedic math which will solve your issue of calculation and will help you to play with numbers. It will also solve your basics on math which may be weak due to which you are finding difficulty to solve math.

so the best suggestion is to learn vedic math and fight your fear.

RE: What subject to take after 10th? I am confused

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Verified Career Expert
Founder & CEO: Discovering Careers India
  • pune

Hello My Dear,

The word confused is very common among students and therefore I would not like you to become worried. You are among the common students and do not feel as if you are experiencing something out of the world. I am happy that you decided to approach CareerGuide at the right time for getting guidance to your career confusion.

Choosing a stream after SSC is not that simple and this is where expert opinion is required, however apart from expert opinion, you also need to think within your own self what you feel.

Before deciding to choose a stream I would want you to really ask yourself that are you really afraid of maths or are you avoid maths due to fear or are you not practicing enough to get a good command over maths? Answering these questions by sitting calmly at a place and looking within your own self and mind, will give you an indication of why there is a dilemma that has arises in your mind.

If you are not concentrating and taking effort towards maths even though it is manageable, then you should focus and concentrate on it and join the science stream after SSC.

If you are really feel honestly that you are afraid about maths, then you may join Commerce however in commerce field there is also a requirement of knowing maths but that maths is not complicated like it is in the science stream.

If you don't want this much maths also, then you may choose Arts field after your SSC.
What I want to tell you is find out the reason why you don't like maths and based on my advice above, decided which stream to go for.

Best Luck My Dear.

RE: What subject to take after 10th? I am confused

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru

Dear aspirant

Glad you approached counsellors at CareerGuide.com at the right time. First of all please do not worry that you are unable to choose the stream that suits you. You are already clear on your strengths and weakness on the subjects that you have mentioned. May I ask you why you think you are poor in maths but still your mind tells you to take maths in 11th and 12th class? As a counsellor I have very well seen this type of confusion with most students as common. To be frank is, you are interested in the subject and the fact is you have not given enough time to this subject to learn and practice effectively. As you have not devoted good time to study maths, that well reflects your low scores in maths and this is the reason you say that you are poor in maths. You are identifying yourself to be poor in maths seeing the scores you get but actually internally you have a perception that you like maths and you want to study it. This led you to choose maths for 11th and 12th. Hope you get some clarity now.

Before you explore the right subjects suitable for you, I highly advice you to take a psychometric assessment test that is available on this Mera career Website portal. Taking the test will help you understand your personality type and the type of careers you will be suitable to work. This test will give you more clarity and i am sure you will understand what you want after taking the test.

Finally if you think you like maths but are afraid to take pure maths then opt for business maths that comes in Commerce/ economics group. Maths in this group will be a bit easy compared to the maths that you will study in pure science group. Taking this group will also save you from studying physics and chemistry. Before everything i highly recommend you to look into the syllabus of each subject that you may study in Pure science group and the commerce group. If possible go through the chapters from the text book to have a feel if you like to study them. If you are comfortable in studying pure science and love to study these subjects, then please go ahead but please make sure you need to be put extra effort to get good marks in these subjects as you are presently average with them. If you dont want to struggle much then you can choose commerce group itself. Pure science group is very demanding in terms of time and commitment and understand the seriousness with the subject.

Finally, correlate your answers with the psychometric testing. If your test results explicitly advice your personality towards commerce subjects then with no doubt pursue this group. Please write back if you require further support.
Thank you so much.

RE: What subject to take after 10th? I am confused

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