What to do after and b.ed althought I am havin air hostess diploma als and working in aviation sector from 5yrs

As I had completed my in 2003 and done b.ed ( teaching) in 2011 through correspondence . and presently I am working in aviation sector because in 2006 I had completed my aviation course, but still not satisfy about this job. and now my age is 32yrs I have no option to get government jobs ,one more thing when till 30th age I tried to give government entrance to get these jobs but always failed , now I am confused which way I have to follow for bright future with good position with these qualification and excellent salary package , which course I have choose MBA , M.SC or others. please guide me . I am now blank. what can I do ..

by Anamika
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2 answers

RE: What to do after and b.ed althought I am havin air hostess diploma als and working in aviation sector from 5yrs

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
Verified Career Expert
Counselor at Adaptive Minds
  • Mumbai

Hey Anamika,

Firstly you have an excellent qualification of Science and Teaching to support you ahead in your future.

Preferably, now here, you would have to sit and decide where exactly your interests lies in.

Just simply adding qualifications whether a Post-graduate study or an MBA would be useless, unless and until you know where exactly your interests lies.

Best would be to do a self introspection, and based on your interests and your strengths. Or lese best would be to opt for an Aptitude tests.

Anyways few career options that you could think of based on your qualification would be:

Since you have done a B.Sc, your basic knowledge in terms of Science functionality would definitely help you further in:

  • Medical Lab technician: You could opt for a masters in this particular area. Thereby you would be qualified Pathologists, mainly into the examining department

  • Medical writing: Earlier this field was directly open to only Pharma Graduates, but since pharma graduates opt for other departments, they prefer any student with Science knowledge. There are institutes that provide certificates in this course. So just with a B.Sc degree and a certificate course which is for 6 months or less depending on your grasping capacity, this real is open for you

  • Hospitality Management: A 2 years Postgraduate management course. This course would help you to join the Hospitality industry, especially hospitals and mainly into the management department. Here your role would mainly be in terms of supervising everything right from staff timings to availability of emergency medicines to inventory.

  • Nutrition and Dietetics: This would be a 2 years course, mainly your qualification of science would be an advantage in this field. Here you can either work in hospitals or health fitness institutes and at the same time practice on your own.

  • Teaching: Your B.Ed qualification makes you eligible to join schools immediately as a teacher. But please note that these days Permanency is the biggest issue. In that case, you could opt for international schools. The advantage here is, that they have their own qualifications, which you can undertake and at the same time in the same school you are employed as a Trainee or helper teacher. Other option is you can appear for NET/SET and then apply for being a lecturer in a college of your choice.

  • MBA: A general MBA program, whereby you can specialize in HR or Marketing or Finance, depending on your choice. But here be careful of the choices you make, since it involves 2 years of study as well as investments.

  • Computers: You could opt for courses like web designing or graphics. This is a course which will help you in terms of helping people to set-up their own private firm, by building their websites or their visiting cards. Another course in this area includes " Digital Marketing", which involves everything from scratch to end. Right from building a website to promoting the site etc.

Please note that do not run behind money. It will automatically follow, you with the right qualification and most importantly if you are satisfied in the job you are doing.

Hope this answers your query.

Wish you good luck..........

RE: What to do after and b.ed althought I am havin air hostess diploma als and working in aviation sector from 5yrs

Prathamesh Kapote
Prathamesh Kapote
Verified Career Expert
Founder And Director At Canvas Career
  • Nasik

Welcome to!!! Pleased to hear from you.
As you have mentioned Anamika in your query you have completed your B.Sc and also B.Ed and as you have said that you have completed your Air hostess Diploma and holds a Work experience of 5 years in Airhostess field.

So considering all the things, you have not mentioned with which subject you have completed your B.Sc; so definitely you can go with the M.Sc doing specialisation as per your area of interest. As you have completed B.Ed and once you complete your M.Sc you can join the teaching field in schools or you can even apply for Lectureship in government and private colleges by giving the NET (National Eligibility Test) or SET(State Eligibility Test). If you clear NET exam you get a chance to become lecturer at National Level College and if you apply for SET exam than you can get into State Level Colleges; the salary packages for the NET and SET candidates is very high and is as per the Government salary norms. While on completion of your M.Sc you can join the career options related to your field.

Now considering your Air hostess training alongwith 5 years work experience in Air Hostess field;its a very handful work experience that you are holding. So if you are planning to do MBA it will be an added feature for your career. There are two types of MBA i.e General and Specialised MBA. So i will suggets you to go with MBA Specialisation. Considering your 5 years work experience you have two options in which you can do your MBA specialisation i.e Hospitality management or you can go with Travel and Tourism. On completion of your MBA in any of the respective subject you have a very good career options alongwith with good salary packages.
Here are the Career insights of the respective MBA's:-
1.MBA in Hospitality Management-
On the successful completion of MBA in Hotel Management you can join various 3 star/4 star/5 star/7star Hotels .While the Hospitality students have a good scope and demand alongwith high salary package in foreign countries like Singapore,Honkong,UK etc. While you can also start up your own Restaurants or Hotel.

2.MBA in Travel and Tourism-
On the successful completion MBA in Travel and Tourism you can join various Travel and Tourism Companies like Thomas & Cook ,Veena World etc. like arranging tours/tour management etc. They offer a good salary package. While you can also start your own Tour Company and can do its expansion at national and international level.

So going with an MBA will be boosting option for you. And the 5 years Air hostess experience is the plus point for you.

Hope find the information useful.

Feel free to get in touch again.

Thank You

Warm Regards,
Prathamesh K.

RE: What to do after and b.ed althought I am havin air hostess diploma als and working in aviation sector from 5yrs

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