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Where do we see Physical Therapist working? What does the Physical Therapist exactly do?

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RE: Where do we see Physical Therapist working? What does the Physical Therapist exactly do?

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That one person whom we think of in times of temporary disability, injuries and pain is a physical therapist. The role played by a physical therapist is very important. It is he who can help improve the motor movements of a person. They can be instrumental in preventing disabilities and can actually help a person who is bedridden due to injuries and ailments get back on his feet.

Here’s how one can become a physical therapist!

Before we discuss the places where we can find physical therapists, it is important to understand how you can become a physical therapist. There are a number of specialised courses in a number of universities and there are also plenty of online courses available which candidates with the right qualification like bachelor's degree in a subject of required discipline can pursue. In addition to the right qualification, it is equally important for the individual to have good grasping power and observation skills and needs to have good stamina and motor skills if he or she wants to become good physical therapists.

The three step approach of a physical therapist:

A physical therapist will treat patients of all age groups and hence will adopt a line of approach which is comfortable for the patient. But the basic three steps that the therapists will follow are:

  • Diagnosis of the problem and the line of treatment
  • Restoring the physical functioning of the patient
  • Preventing the symptoms and disability from striking back

Where do we see Physical therapists working?

There are a number of places where physical therapists can work:

  1. Hospital:

Every hospital is going to need a physical therapist. But it is not just the orthopaedic department where they can work. They can be found in the surgical department, ICU and emergency department, geriatric or the elderly patient ward, oncology and cardiac departments.

  1. Physical therapy clinics:

These people can work in physical therapy clinics which are owned by the government or private entities. Here they will mainly work with orthopaedic patients who have problems like back pain, neck pain etc or post-fracture treatment etc.

  1. Rehabilitation centres:

Here the physical therapists will work with a team of other specialists like occupational and speech therapists and will work in helping the patient regain complete health.

  1. In schools:

Physical therapists have a very important role to play in the school for disabled students. They help these children overcome their physical limitation and lead a more normal life. Physical therapy is a part of the syllabus of several schools for disabled students.

  1. As sports specialists:

Physical therapists can work in Athletic training centres and as sports specialist. They help the sportsmen use their full potential and at the same time help them understand how they can prevent injuries. They also help the athletes and the sports person to recover from their injuries.

  1. Incorporate companies:

Several big companies hire physical therapists for the fitness and wellness of their employees. They are involved in training the employees in taking good care of their body. They have an important role to play in the lives of workers who are involved in heavy physical labour, manufacturing and warehouse work.

  1. Home bases physical therapist:

Physical therapists can also work as private consultants and can treat the patients who cannot move at all or are too old.

What does a PT do?

To put it in a nutshell, a physical therapist is a specialist healthcare professional who is actively involved in helping patients regain their physical movement and functioning. They help the patients get back to their normal lives. These people treat patients of all age groups. Their function is much more than just exercise sessions. They are motivators who help a person get back to his normal physical and mental state. In the case of patients who are suffering from a permanent disability, they can help the patient regain at least some mobility so that he or she can lead a better life.

This is definitely a very good profession. It is one which involves interaction with a number of people. It is a profession which involves bringing a smile on the face of patients who have lost all hope and self-confidence. The salary and perks of physical therapists are pretty good. All you need is a qualification, observation skills and the burning desire to help a person overcome his physical disability. You have the scope of working in big hospitals or you can have your own private clinic or even be a part of a corporate company. The scope is unlimited for physical therapists.

RE: Where do we see Physical Therapist working? What does the Physical Therapist exactly do?

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