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Why should we select law over other professions?

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: Why should we select law over other professions?

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Well, law forms a vital component in the successful integration of people; it can impress a person with its inbuilt readiness to change itself in accordance with society. One can choose law for this reason amongst several other reasons. One very convincible reason for choosing law is that with the power of knowing law a lawyer can practice law independently without having to listen to any boss and his earning capacity can be defined to ‘Sky’s Limit’.

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Law field it always challenging, may it be intellectually or otherwise, the way you work hard on and off the field and the various people you get to deal in your day to day work related activities, may it be police, judges , clients or their families, some of them may be innocent, harden criminals, habitual offenders or authoritative personalities. This is true in the case of a corporate law firm, a litigation firm, an attorney’s chamber, government office of a judge, law officer, public prosecutor or any other post or rank you are working in, a person in law field gets to work with an almost same set of people. Often the career in law gets challenging and sometimes adventurous.

Nonetheless, the field of law is certainly rewarding. This is so for various reasons, one might get to work in the field of charity, now a days there is a trend of opening Non-Governmental Organisation or work for the already existing organisation which most often takes up a social cause and works on it, for example working for the education of the children from poor families or working for the old age homes of the age old people having nobody to look after them. This field is rewarding in another sense when a person in law field undertakes the work of legal awareness or of providing free legal aid. You may also be asked by a court to be a legal officer in a particular case, in which court itself appoints a lawyer and pays for the work done in that particular case.

A lawyer also receives rewards when he takes part in any billion/million dollar deal going through lot of documentation, verifying, vetting, analysing and advising on various issues related to a particular deal, or perhaps sometimes small victories at court from taking adjournments to trying a case by examining and cross-examining witnesses, or may be by suggesting your colleague in winning his case to an extent of coming up with a new provision, idea or case law which helps the partner of the firm or your senior would give a great sense of victory which in turn gives you satisfaction. Regardless of anything else like your role, the amount of participation or the amount of hard work, a lawyer gets a feeling of accomplishing something by performing the given task or job or a case in its entirety by following high-level professional standards. Ultimately, what you see is the sign of relief that your client gets, a happy face getting out of troubles just because of you is all priceless.

Unlike other professions, you do not have to live with other person’s bossism; a lawyer can always have his own office and work independently. A lawyer can assign his cases to his colleagues or his juniors and takes off from the work in case of emergencies and urgencies. Another benefit of being a lawyer is since a lawyer knows all the laws, no one can fool him or repress him unjustly, a lawyer always has the power to fight for his own cause into the courts of law, without having to seek anybody’s help. That’s where we find the biggest advantage of this profession, imagine a situation where in you are a lawyer yourself and your family gets caught in legal cases, at such situation you yourself can fight such cases, by properly keeping track of it or get it done from your colleague if he is an expert on that matter.

As mentioned earlier, the beginning may be tough if its litigation but even that is made easier by litigation law firms, may require a lot of hard work and patience but most of the times people into law field get to earn very good pay, respect earned is all complementary. May it be a job of a lawyer, a public prosecutor, a judge, a legal associate, a partner, an owner of a firm or any other legal officer working for the government or for private sector he gets to earn handsome salary. There has also evolved a concept of LPOs in India which is becoming popular these days, LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing) is an organisation who hires law graduates to do work of some lawyers in other countries who have outsourced a part of their legal work and get paid very good salary, usually legal systems of UK and USA outsources their work. As it is said sky is the limit when it comes to earnings in legal field, because judges of high courts and supreme courts get paid very well next to the top executive officers of this country, although some of the famous lawyers at high court and supreme court earn more than the President and Prime Minister of India. Speaking of pay packages at firms it all depends upon the type of firm a lawyer is working for, which is, for example, good in case of corporate law firm and not so good in case of a firm dealing with legal aid work. If we look at top 20 best-paid careers in the UK we find a legal profession in that list. And if a graduate is from any of the top colleges in India or from National Law Schools, he/she may get packages which are way too better than the packages received by IT professionals.

Speaking about areas of interests, we can say that there is a vast variety of specialization available in this field. This gets very clear when a student gets to study subjects ranging from criminal law, environment law, contract law, international law, insurance law, property law, arbitration law, family law to any other subject of civil or criminal law. In short, a person get to study about everything man does or is concerned with because the ultimately human behavior is well regulated by laws rules and regulation and we have a law for anything and everything thus we study everything. This doesn’t mean that a lawyer has to study each and everything, most of the times lawyers have their particular field of specialization like a criminal lawyer, a contract lawyer, an insurance lawyer etc.

Thus if we look at this fascinating and all the more interesting field one will definitely get fond of working in this field. Failures here do not break a person but instead make a strong lawyer for they teach him not to commit those mistakes again to avoid failures.

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RE: Why should we select law over other professions?

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