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In recent years, a career in artificial intelligence has grown exponentially to meet the demands of digitally transformed industries. In artificial intelligence, there are many jobs. According to the job site the demand for AI skills has more than doubled over the past four years and the number of job postings is up by 119 per cent. However, job seekers’ interest in artificial intelligence careers seems to have levelled off. This suggests that employers are going to face a struggle to fill these positions for many years. To take your first steps down the artificial intelligence career path, the hiring manager will probably require that you hold at least a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and basic computer technology.

Here are the top 5 career paths in artificial intelligence (AI)

1. Data Scientists

They need to work as AI data scientists and handle the social occasion informing and breaking it down. They interpreting large complex datasets by leveraging both machine learning and predictive analytics. Data scientists make use of AI in their operations. A data scientist’s job is to analyse data for actionable insight. They collect many data from the structure and unstructured sources. To become a data scientist, you need to be good in the statistic, data extraction, transformation, machine learning. It is one of the most highly paid jobs. Data scientists make 10,00,000 per year.

2. Big data engineers

They collect, store, process, and analyze the data systems. Data engineers work with people like a data warehouse, data platform engineers, data analysts, and many others. They find data sets and developing algorithms to help make raw data more useful to the enterprise. To become a big data engineer, you need to be good at analytical skills, data visualisation skills, programming skills. A big engineer A-data engineer job is very lucrative, and it’s a rewarding career that exposes you to technology. As a big data engineer, you can expect is Rs. 8,50,600 salary per year.

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3. Machine learning engineer

They work in IT and focus on researching, building and designing self-running artificial intelligence systems to automate predictive models. To become a machine learning engineer, you need to be good at computer science, advanced maths, statistics and programming experience in python, R or java. Machine learning is a good career path. According to a 2019 report by Indeed, machine learning is the top in terms of salary. Machine learning engineers with less than one year of experience earn around 500,000 per annum.

4. Product manager

They understand and represent users’ needs. They need to monitor the market and developing competitive analyse. A product manager should be an expert in recognising important issues that block the business procedure. Being a product manager, you possess the skill of identifying relevant problems that obstruct the business proceeding. AI product manager focuses on using artificial intelligence, deep learning, or machine learning to enhance. To become a product manager in artificial intelligence, you have to be highly strategic. And the highest salary of an AI product manager in India is around Rs. 25,27,389 per year.

5. AI Data analyst

This is another most popular and most progressive career option in AI. Their chief work is to perform information mining, information cleaning, and information understanding. They discover how data can answer the questions and solve the problem. Data Analysis has become one of the highest demand jobs around the world. And their salary is also high.

Smart Female It Programer Working On Desktop Computer In Data Center System Control Room. Team Of Young Professionals Doing Code Programming

We conclude these are the top career opportunities in artificial intelligence. A career in AI is very lucrative and promising than any other job is available these days.

By – Bharti Sharma

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