Jobs Opportunity Where You Get Paid To Sleep

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Who doesn’t love sleeping? It is a magical thing that provides various health benefits, from good physical health and mental health. Good sleep also lighten our mood and sharper memory. You will surprise to know that you get paid to sleep. In this article, we will discuss 5 dreamy jobs where you get paid to sleeping jobs. Read this article, maybe you can find a perfect career for yourself while sleeping. Here is an article on Jobs Opportunity Where You Get Paid To Sleep.

Bed And Mattress Tester

paid to sleep

Bed and mattress tester is a dream job for people who love sleeping. It is a kind of job in which people testbeds, mattresses, and bedding for companies during the development phase of new products. The company hires people to test out each product and paid them to sleeping jobs. However, their salaries may vary from job to job and company to company. A number of companies offer bed and mattress testing roles. Some of the companies are Sunno, Olivia’s, Sleep beauty, etc. There are plenty of job opportunities in bed and mattress testing where you can earn up to $80 per hour to $39,350 per year while sleeping jobs.

Sleep Executive

paid to sleep

Interior specialist companies pay sleep executives to test out how beneficial their curtains, blinds, and shutters are for an individual’s sleep and sleeping jobs. They were hired to sleep under fluctuating conditions. For example, light is produced at different intensity levels to test blackout curtains and see how each variant affects sleep quality. You have to wear a sleep monitoring device to infer how different variables affect your sleep and you must share your experience with each product that was tested. There main aim to find out how to improve sleep quality. These days many people are suffering from sleeping jobs issues so it’s important to find ways to help them to sleep better. The average salary of a sleep executive is $140 per day to $33,500 pro-rata.

Sleep Research Subject For Clinical Trials

paid to sleep

There are various hospitals, clinics, universities, and research facilities worldwide that can offer you money for clinical trials that involve sleeping. Your earnings depend on how far along you get in the process. The University of Colorado Boulder paid its participants $2,451 for two laboratory visits that can last for eight days, four days each. Sleep studies concentrate on various factors, like brain waves, respiration, and heart rate sleeping jobs. Their main motive is to find sleep issues and discover ways to fix them. In this job, you can earn up to $100 to $3000.

Exhibitionist Sleeper

paid to sleep

Exhibitionist sleeper is one of the strangest jobs out there. In the year 2019, New York artist, Chu Yun, hires 100 women of age between 18-49 years to take sleeping pills and sleep in the middle of the gallery while people walked around the exhibition to sleep for six hours sleeping jobs. They can wear anything in which they are comfortable and worked between 12 pm and 6 pm. As an exhibitionist sleeper, you can earn up to $10 per hour.

Environment Sleep Tester

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This extraordinary job was organized for a study by sleep standards. The purpose of this job is to determine how different environments affect sleep quality. This job involves sleeping in a different environment for five days in five-star hotels. Every night different environmental factors are carefully adjusted in an accountable way sleeping jobs. The individual has to write up a report about their sleeping experience every night and how each change involved their quality of sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How much can you make from these jobs?

The pay you may expect from these occupations varies depending on the position, your background, and your geographic area. But generally, you can count on earning between $10 and $50 per hour.

Q:What are the requirements for these jobs?

Depending on the position, these jobs have different qualifications. The ability to sleep well in strange environments, the capacity to follow directions, and the capacity to remain alert during the day are some frequent requirements.


Q:Where can I find these jobs?

These jobs can be found in a few distinct locations. You can look for positions on job boards online, get in touch with staffing firms, or ask your friends and relatives if they know of any.


Q:What are the benefits of these jobs?

There are a few different benefits to these jobs. First, you get to sleep! Second, you can earn some extra money while you’re sleeping. Third, you may get to travel or experience new things.

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