10 Tips for a Successful JEE Main

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  The JEE Main is one of the most premier types of examination when it comes to the students who want to take admission in the IIT Universities for the Undergraduate Course in any particular Engineering Discipline. Putting your 2 years of continuous Hard Work, Efforts, and Knowledge at Stake and putting it all on test is another definition of the JEE Main Examination.

Also, this is the examination for which the students work continuously day and night for 2 years along with the management of their 11th and 12th college studies. The Joint Entrance Examination is an Examination that acts as a national highway for the students who wish to pursue their undergraduate studies in a good nationalized college or the institutes about whom we here as IIT and NIT. It means that through the JEE Mains Examinations a student is recognized as an apt candidate to get admissions in NIT, Government Colleges, and some Good Recognized colleges provided he procures the required marks as per his category. The students who successfully crack the JEE Mains Examinations with good marks are eligible to give the JEE Advanced Examinations and can continue their dream to pursue education in well-known IIT Institutes. The National Test Academy (NTA) is the institute that is responsible for conducting the JEE Main Examinations for the last 3-4 Years.

  The JEE Exams is made of 3 Subjects that is Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics of 100 marks each of which make the JEE Exam of 300 Marks with the most difficult aspect of negative marking. The JEE Exams consists of 3 Subjects that is Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics of 100 marks each which make the JEE Exam of 300 Marks. The whole of the JEE Main Examination is based on the factors such as Recall, Remember, Analyze and Solve. Also besides these, you need some useful tips which make your road to IIT a little easy. So here are 10 Tips and Tricks for a successful IIT Examination:-

  • First of all, do not take any unnecessary kind of pressure as passing this exam is not so hard and fast. So without any Over-burdening and Tension continue your studies without any tension.

  • Make a detailed synopsis of each subject with their Graphs, Formulae, Constants, and various other properties, and make sure that revise it every day once.

  • Make sure that you are well acquainted with the MCQ Pattern of the JEE Mains examination and practice at least 10-15 papers of JEE Main before appearing in the Examination with special attention given to proper circling of the correct option.

  • Keep a very specific balance between your 12th Standard studies as any of the studies can stress you out while you are preparing for the JEE Main Examination.

  • In JEE Main Chemistry make sure that you learn the Periodic Table, Avogadro’s Number, Atomic Radii, IUPAC Nomenclature Methodology, and various such other properties so that you do not mess up during the Final Preparation of the Examination which can burden you.

Jee Main
  • Basically, during the last 2-3 months of preparation, a student has to study like anything. This sitting can be of almost 12-15 hours. So for this start preparing from the initial days.
  • The only way to score the highest marks in mathematics is that practice 25-30 numerical on normal days and 60-80 problems during the last 3 months of study. Also, make sure that you have all the formulae permanently fixed in your mind.
  • It will happen many times that you do not get ample time to complete your JEE Main sample or Actual paper or some problems may come exceptionally tough, so in that case, the best way is to leave that problem and solve the rest of the paper which feels easy to you. This will help you to score the maximum marks.
  • Never try to burn the midnight oil for this exam as doing so will surely make you fail in the Final JEE Main Examination or you will just pass the exam with 5-10 marks or if the situation worsens you can end up getting negative marks.
  • After studying continuously for 3-4 hours, take a break of 30 minutes by taking a walk, watch TV, or chatting with your parents but keep in mind your break does not extend too long.
  Hope these tips help you for a successful JEE Examination. Good Luck!!
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